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What Was The Need Of New SEO Starter Guide?

The biggest SEO news is coming from Google. The largest search engine recently introduced a new SEO Starter Guide for websites and web-based businesses. It isn’t the first starter guide from Google but first in seven years. Earlier there was a PDF starter guide and also a Webmaster Academy to teach SEO. The PDF guide is removed and the academy discontinued after the launch of new starter guide.

It is called revamped guide as it is an updated version of existing guide and tutorials. The new guide has different section addressing basic as well as advance SEO issues like need for optimizing websites; adding structured markup data and tips for making sites more mobile friendly.

Here’re the highlights of the revamped guide

SEO expert

Google starts the guide with highlighting the need for hiring professional SEOs. It is clearly mentioned on the very first page of the site that it is worthwhile to hire an SEO expert instead of trying doing things in an unprofessional manner. But Google doesn’t stop here and goes further with links to resources like how to hire an SEO and help center articles. It also answer the question when is the best time to hire an SEO? Google says earlier is better and the reason Google gives for early hiring an SEO is that it will help the site become search engine friendly from start.

Mobile friendly design

Since this guide is coming after seven years of the last guide, the revamped guide is more on mobile-friendly design than its previous version. Things have changed a lot in seven years; mobile is now a basic search device and also Google has included mobile-friendly as an important part of its algorithm.

While the previous guide suggested separate mobile pages for websites, the new guide reflects the present need of mobile search. Seven years ago, mobile was basically a calling device and web browsing was a secondary function. But today web browsing has become the primary job of mobiles. The new guide details best practices for creating mobile-friendly sites accessible from all handheld devices.

Link building

The webmasters are asked to be careful with their link building strategies as Google has become quite strict with pseudo link building tactics. When a site shares a link with others, it confers some of its reputation to others. A brief description about the best link building practices is given in the revamped guide. Webmasters can use the comment section for adding links because these links can be controlled withnofollow” attribute.

The above mentioned are some of the important points of the new revamped guide. The guide has been made public for the benefit of webmasters. Presently it is available only in nine languages but soon it will be available in sixteen more languages.


Google took seven years and many updates before preparing the new SEO Starter Guide. It is an updated version of previous guides and it was expected as Google has made key changes in its algorithm and the previous guides have no mention of those changes.


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