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Audit your competitors backlink presence through analysis

Audit your competitors backlink presence through analysis

Applying the saying ‘keep your friend close and enemy closer” in digital marketing you complete the first step for your client and that is competitor’s backlink audit. The competitive analysis gives you the opportunity to make a sharp eye on your competitor’s site to find out whats valuable backlink mechanism that they may be using to outrank you organically.

Backlinks remain the diamond standard of SEO currency and acquiring backlinks is like winning a war. Sites must acquire some links of their own to build up their organic keyword rank before strike diamond. There is a huge evolution in link building over the past decades, you can learn all this in details by joining any digital marketing course in Delhi. Here are the ways of conducting an analysis of backlink and the areas where your site can earn benefit by using your competitor’s backlink.

There are a lot of tools for competitive analysis to choose from My favorites include Ahrefs, Majestic Site Explorer, SEMrush, and Moz’s Open Site Explorer. (You should use multiple backlink analysis tools for a holistic analysis.) Now observe what yours and your client’s needs are like boosting up of domain authority, promoting content, or ranking of specific keywords.

Evaluation of your trust and citation flow will identify your quality and quantity of backlink portfolio. Both metrics use a logarithmic scale of 1-100, the latter being the highest. Trust flow evaluates the quality of your inbound links while citation flow evaluates popularity in quantity terms. The building of domain authority and trust:

To identify your competition you can make a google search of a service offered by your business. And these various ways can be learned in any digital marketing institute in Delhi. Now, Scrape the top 10 researches and input them into a spreadsheet and this will provide your top competitors. Plus you can also make a search related to your domain name and you will get wanted results.

Ahrefs offers the easiest method under their ‘Competing Domains’ tab and SEMrush has a similar tool. You can also look at competing for web pages, as well the “content gap” between them and the competition. Check manually those top competitors pages that if they specialize in your niche or having same operating formats. Now you can set up weekly backlink alerts that will report on all backlinks acquired by competing URL. Moz’s Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs Site Explorer, and Majestic offer a complete list of all referring URLs and options to export them into a spreadsheet.

Sort through each domain’s URL profile to find:
1 Opportunities for links from branded text URLs.
2 Domains that links multiple times to a single domain.
3 Shared links between your competitors through Ahref’s link intersect tool.
4 Last is dead links.

There are a lot of digital marketing schools in Delhi, where these techniques are taught very simply. Branded anchor text links can provide opportunities like resource pages, directories, citations, guest posts, testimonials, and case studies. Purchase of a SERP scraper tool will definitely speed up the process and make filtering for competitors backlinks easier. Now place all your filtered backlinks into one column and sort them according to your desire or need. This process will ultimately involve a lot of manual research to find out great leads.

Through Ahref’s URL Profiler you can pull all of your client’s URL into one document and can begin an extensive content audit. This is necessary because it tells you that with which type of content your clients engage the most and which finally results in keywords research and scaling your brand. Create a backlink profile of their highest trusted and linked to pages in Ahref and put a filter of ‘one link per domain’ to filter out all spam links. Ahref provides a very great and useful tool for discovering competitors broken links. Begin searching all those links and start fulfilling their need by your content on them.


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