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Why Digital Marketing Is Still Important In 2020

Digital or internet marketing refers to the act of marketing products or services using different digital technologies and tools available today. This can either be through the Internet, mobile apps, websites, display advertising, and a lot more digital platforms.

Over time, technology continues to advance at such an exponential rate, which is why digital marketing is still considered important in the year 2020, and the years to come.

In the last few years, studies show that over 87% of consumers start searching for products to purchase online. It’s definitely a huge market size to not be a part of, and ultimately, the sole reason why companies should start investing more in digital marketing. To give you an even more precise view about this, here are more reasons why digital marketing is still important and relevant in the new year:

Your Customers Are Online

Avoiding digital marketing just because you think you’re not ready can actually cost you a lot. In this day and age, with technology being widely available in all parts of the world, consumers are already most probably online. Right now. Today. At this very moment. There is a possibility that they might already be looking for a business like yours, the only problem is that you’re the one who’s not online.

If customers can’t find you easily on the Internet, chances are, they’d look for someone else. This precisely explains why digital marketing is still important this 2020, and in the years to come. You can simply tailor your business’ website design into one that is user-friendly and responsive to help customers know more about your brand, products, and services. They will most likely expect your online presence as they may be looking for reviews or client testimonials to base their purchases on. Make sure you establish a good online reputation because once these prospects have made their decision to choose another business over you, then they may never come back again.

Your Competitors Are Online

Aside from your customers, of course, you also have your competitors to bring into the equation. For a business to thrive, one must pay attention to what their competitors are doing and learn from it. Today, more than merely someone to beat, it’s essential that businesses treat their competitors as people who have something to teach.

When you observe what your competitors are doing, you will eventually have an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Most likely, whichever type of business you have, your competitors have already established an online presence. From this, you get to take into consideration the type of content they use, are they blogging or not, do they use graphics, audios, and videos, and a lot more. Now it’s just a matter of racing your way onto an effective and responsive website that presents a clear message.

Traditional Marketing Costs More Than Digital Marketing

This is most especially true for small or startup businesses. Most startups can’t afford a radio, TV, or billboard ad campaign as a way to promote their products or services. However, many companies (whether big or small) can afford different digital marketing techniques that can help reach out, engage, and interact with their target audience.

You can take email and social media marketing as fervent examples. All you will ever really need are email and social media accounts. On top of that, you will only be required to invest at least a dollar to gain back thrice as much. Besides that, free and organic search still dominates web traffic, and it is way ahead of paid ones. Digital marketing encompasses a wide array of techniques and services, and under this, you can cultivate your SEO skills, boosting your online visibility. Come to think of it, all you’re ever going to need are computers and an Internet connection!

It Offers A Multichannel Approach

Your potential buyers could be anywhere online and on the Internet. Email marketing. Facebook and Google Ads. Social media promotion. SEO. Web design. The list can go on. With digital marketing, you have multiple channel options and approaches available. Any small business can use these to reach an audience and get them to purchase products or services.

With a lot of options in mind, you can ultimately try to find which ones are perfect for our business. In turn, it eventually helps increase and improve your engagement and interaction with your customers whenever they’re online and using whichever platform they prefer.

Customer Wants And Needs Change Over Time

It’d be pretty hard to determine your customers’ wants and needs with traditional marketing. Fortunately, [effective] digital marketing helps businesses learn more about the online purchasing habits of their customers through search history and past purchases. In turn, companies can provide more tailored and customized marketing offers to better encourage the target audience or customers to buy from them again.

Since customer wants and needs change over time, businesses must take advantage of digital marketing for the purpose of research. Digital marketing tools like Google Analytics, SEMRush, and Survey Monkey – just to name a few – are channels you can use to identify changing trends and demands. Also, you can ultimately use social media to view what your customers may like and what kind of posts they react to.

It Offers Measurable Return On Investment

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is highly credible and targeted, allowing businesses to measure what’s working and what’s not. This only means that you can start by investing small in online marketing. From there, you can try to see and evaluate the results first before going all-out on our budget. Once you feel like it’s not helping, then you move onto the next. No need to become more invested in things you have no assurance in growing.

Wrapping Up

2020 can possibly be the last digital marketing train car you can catch. As technology continues to evolve at such an exponential rate, so should your marketing techniques and strategies. This year, and the years to come, will be the peak of the digital age. Are you ready to get left behind, or are you willing to adapt to these changes while there’s still time?


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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