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What is Click Through Rate?

What is Click Through Rate

Click-Through-Rate is used to determine the number of visitors who performed a specific job like signing up for email, clicking on an advertisement and participating in a survey. It is the ratio of clicks from the total number of visits. As a metric of online advertising, CTR is used for determining popularity or success of a digital marketing campaign.

Why is CTR important?

Its importance lies in is objective. It is only the CTR that can tell how many visitors are converting into customers. Every website wants its visitors to perform a definite task that could be as easy as clicking on a link or filling an online form. The visitors that complete the task make the CTR of the website. The metric is used to determine quality of ad copy, design and landing page. It helps in improving website traffic.


How to build CTR?
CTR depends on factors like quality of ad copy, design, call to action and landing page. For best results, you need looking into each element and also trying improving the element. For example, you can use power words like the sale, free and exclusive to attract eyeballs and encourage visitors to click on the links. Similarly, you can use other ways including using extensions to increase visibility and inserting symbols to get attention.

What is a good CTR?

While you would want to achieve 100% CTR but it seems a difficult job to achieve. You CTR depends on the nature of business, competition and behaviour of your targeted audiences.


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