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E-commerce SEO: Why You Need to Get it Right for the First Time Itself


What’s really happening when an e-shop is set up? Expertise of SEO professionals is not sought in the early phase and when things do not seem to work as they should the experts are expected perform some sort of magic to get the Google see their website to help them reach their target audience.

It’s pathetic to think and act in this manner because it’s wasting too much time, efforts and budgets, not to mention the depression of seeing the website (thus business) not doing well.

You just cannot ignore SEO

When it comes to maximizing sales and revenue from your e-venture, SEO becomes critical because they are the only ones capable of knowing as well as introducing SEO tactics in the website early in the making to achieve high organic ranking build upon a solid foundation.

And this is not possible in later stage, at least not without good many rounds of frustrated team meetings on “why on earth the website is not picking up?”

Website design (or redesign) undergoes many steps like having information architecture in place, finalizing website structure and design, planning content organization and working on content publishing strategy.And hard work on all these steps would go waste if SEO is not integrated in each of them, due to no search engine visibility thus loss of website traffic and sales.

And there’s more.

SEO is not a onetime effort but a constantly evolving necessity. A long spell of high search engine rankings doesn’t cue towards permanence in any way. New competition and evolving search engine makes it all the more important to keep an eye on what is working ‘now’ and tweaking SEO strategy accordingly.

Your team works just better with an expert SEO consultant

The job of SEO consultant is not only limited to tweaking keywords and helping with the page ranking; she can just transform the whole team (and with it, the customer experience of your e-commerce website. He works as a cementing agent in the efforts put in by your team members on information architecture, web designing and development, user interface designing, as well as content marketing.

Keyword research and analysis is all well and any average SEO person can do that but it takes an expert to use the collected data in getting solid insights to help the business connect with its customers.

You get to know:

  • the problems most troubling your clients
  • the solutions they are seeking
  • their expectations on delivery options for the solution(s)
  • best ways to connect and communicate with the potential clients

And the above list is not comprehensive as you might have guessed by now.

The clarity offered by the SEO expert helps you even better your offerings, eventually leading to soaring profits through polished online marketing efforts.

What your SEO can contribute to your web shop

  • Help you project sales figures, profits along with ROI with appropriate keyword research and analysis, merged with other data analytics, can help you forecast sales, profits and ROI.
  • Aid in prioritizing your necessities in a list sort of way so that nothing gets ignored.
  • Make sure that everything is done from the very beginning itself eliminating costly mistakes.
  • Come up with a website after working on trends and shifts of coming months so that nothing is required to be done hastily.
  • Build upon founding strengths to make your web shop’sgrowth & productivity even better.

And all of this works for the best when integrated during the initiation of the making of e-commerce website. Starting from selecting e-commerce platform, performing website designing and coding, undertaking the website structure and content production, your SEO has to be a part of every decision you are to make with respect of the ecommerce site.

Do ‘SEO-friendly’ platforms / CMS eliminate the need of SEO what so ever?

The term “SEO friendly” only indicates that it’s really easy to integrate all the SEO factors (like optimising URL slugs, introducing necessary tags, custom meta descriptions, etc.). There exists nothing like readymade SEO and required specialized attention, a custom approach for your web shop only.


Do it right for the very firsttime and then keep on doing that. That’s the surefire way to e-commerce success.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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