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What Is PageRank Of Websites?

PageRank a link analysis base algorithm; it is a calculation of a number of links; it is a determination of the quality of links a page has and also it is a very important part of the bigger Google Search algorithm. The rank determines how a page appears on search results.

Calculation of PR 

The number of backlinks and their quality is determined by assigning PR to web pages. A higher number of quality links will get high PR; little links but with high quality will get satisfactory PR and low-quality links will get poor PageRank. The calculation is made by Google Search and PR is assigned to web pages after determining their link quality.

Google takes each link as a vote and for this reason it considers backlinks in assigning ranks to websites/webpages. It can be said that Google relies on outside sources for information on websites. It looks at others when it comes to ranking websites.

Importance of PageRank

PageRank is important as it reveals the value of web pages. In other words, it builds reliability. Websites with high PR gets high ranks on SERPs and get a high flow of traffic from high searches.

Flaws in PageRank

PageRank came into being before Artificial Intelligence hence it relies on a technical factor that is backlink. Over the years, SEOs have found ways to earn quality backlinks from high authority domains. Google Bomb and Googlewashing are classic examples of PR manipulation. Similarly, Link Farming is also a way to accrue high-value backlinks in a hassle-free manner.

Increase PR

The one and only way to increase PR of a website/webpage is to get as many backlinks from high domain authorities as you can. And you can earn quality backlinks only with quality content. PR is still relevant but you shouldn’t try fooling Artificial Intelligence of Google Search with cheap tricks.



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