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How the end of First Click Free of Google will affect publishers?

Google is removing its controversial search feature known as the First Click Free, which allows viewers to view content that would otherwise be behind a paywall. First Click Free required publishers to provide minimum 3 free articles, forcing some websites to give up more free content than they may have liked. And this is going to change now.

Google is replacing First Click Free with ‘flexible sampling‘ to encourage more subscription. Flexible sampling will give the right to publishers to decide how many pieces of content they want to give away if any. A model, known as metering allows the people see a pre-determined amount of articles before a paywall kicks in. Google prefers monthly metering rather than daily stating that it gives more flexibility for experiments to publishers. Ten articles per month are the preferred idol starting point. Not allowing users to sample any content is highly disinclined. According to Google, providing some form of free content is the basic need to be successful online.

How subscription process became simplified?

Google is going to simplify sites subscription, saying that more people would subscribe if it were easier to do so. Google says that subscription to any site has become easy and quick as a simple click by utilizing the company’s existing identities and payment methods. The user will be able to access content from a site across all over the Google services just after subscribing it once.Google is still working on the improvement of sign-ups until a feature can be developed to suit the variety of sign-ups because every subscription model is different. Google is also working on machine learning components so that right offer can be provided to right user at the right time.


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