How Google Works?

Google works like a resource center for Internet users and for websites, it is a traffic controller. Its primary job is to index websites in its database and rank each site according to its algorithm.

Let’s see the indexing process from close

Step 1: Google crawls every webpage with the help of spiders that are also called robots. These robots visit each webpage available on the web and determine its usability according to Google algorithm.

Step 2: Each webpage is assigned a rank called Page Rank like 1st, 2nd and 3rd and so on. The websites are further classified into top ten sites of 1st page. The classification is done according to the algorithm.

Step 3: Google Search finds websites matching with the search intent of the users. Its objective is to provide the best results and to achieve this objective Google adheres to its algorithm with regards to websites. It strictly follows the norms set for indexing websites according to their design quality, presentation and popularity.

Tools Google uses for indexing

Robots/Spiders/Crawlers: A crawler is software that reads content and it can read billions of pages in a day. The software visits each webpage and reads all the page has to offer.

Keywords: Google knows keywords. A keyword could be a single word or a group of words denoting things available on the web. These things could be businesses, individuals, products, services and anything.

Algorithm: Google has developed a process to read and rate websites. Also it keeps updating the algorithm to strengthen its indexing process to provide best results to its users.

Google as teacher

The largest search engine tells websites what it wants to look in their webpages. It guides and advises the sites so that they can improve their content and presentation. Google works for the benefit for all.


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