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Advance SEO Course in Vikaspuri

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Course Duration 3 Weeks
Modules 15+
Video Course Yes
Session Recordings Yes
Internship 3+ Months
Job Assistance 100%
Tools 50+
Provide Laptop Yes

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Rs. 6,999
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A very warm welcome to the best SEO training Institute in Vikaspuri- Expert Training Institute! We are a renowned name in this domain who has been putting efforts to impart quality education to the learners from over 10 years. We are mentored by Mr. Udit Khanna, an expert in the Digital Marketing field. He has immense experience and knows about the concept of SEO course inside out. His sole objective is to flourish the career of the learners. Today, he is at the top level in the domain owing to his hard work, positivity, knowledge, and institutional approach. The ETI - SEO institute in Vikaspuri is the right place for you if you aspire to enhance your skills with the Search Engine Optimization Course. All ETI trainers always stay truthful to themselves and towards their work, ensuring that each of our students get what they have paid for. ETI also provide Digital marketing course which is the full course of internet marketing which includes SEO course.


How SEO Came into Existence?

It is the increasing use of technology and handheld devices, and hectic schedule of the people that has moved most of the businesses online. Unlike earlier times when people used to visit the supermarket to buy products or avail services, these days they don’t have that much time to go for the shopping to the market. In such a case, they look for convenience where they can order anything right from the comfort of their couch.

World Wide Web is the key....

The internet is the key to all their problems as it has served as a way out for online shopping. Businesses can operate digitally where they can sell their products and services to not just to the local consumers but to the global audience.

These days shopping for the international products have become easier with just a few clicks. The online buying and selling of products and services is a plus point for both consumers and sellers but it has increased the competition for the businesses on the internet. There are several brands dealing in the same product or service category. It becomes difficult for every brand to get the customers and sales. This is when Search Engine Optimization comes into the picture.

Overview of SEO & the need of SEO course

SEO is a process by which any website gets ranking in the search engine results page. It is basically a set of guidelines that defines the right practices to optimize a website and its content. Not everyone is proficient with SEO therefore they look for SEO specialists who can perform all the necessary activities that will make their website rank higher. So, we are here to prepare the future SEO experts with the high-quality Search Engine optimization course. For promotion they also provide seo services to customers for high ranking in google

Enrolling for the SEO course in Vikaspuri at ETI

Learning Search Engine Optimization Course from Expert Training Institute unfolds many benefits that you won’t get in any other SEO institute in Vikaspuri. From a great engagement and interaction with the trainer, full-fledged SEO training to unlimited query sessions and doubts classes, you’ll get everything here. Apart from these facilities, we have many other advantages in our bouquet such as:

  • Reasonable fee: 10,000 INR; includes GST
  • EMI Facility: 3 months and 7 months
  • Flexible Batches: Weekdays (Tuesday to Friday), and Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Small Batches: 8 to 10 Students
  • Laptops: For easy Module practicing
  • LED Screens: For Live Classroom SEO training sessions
  • 1-Year Course Validity: For free of cost repetition of module or whole SEO course
  • Lifetime Query Assistance: For doubt clearance at any point in your lifetime
  • 100% Placement Assistance: Support for getting a job in the field of SEO
  • Internship: Assistance for 3-month internship in any good company

These are our USPs, which make us the most trusted and preferred SEO course training institute in Vikaspuri.

What you’ll learn during SEO Training in Vikaspuri?

We offer a comprehensive, full-fledged, and explicable SEO training at our institute with the help of 12advanced modules. These modules leave no stone unturned when it comes to knowing in and out of Search Engine Optimization. We are sure that you will be able to perform all SEO tasks by yourself after finishing the course. Here is an overview of the topics covered in our SEO course:

Fundamentals of SEO: This is the first thing that you will learn during the SEO course training at ETI in Vikaspuri. In this, we’ll tell you the meaning of Search Engine Optimization & its importance, how it is done, its best practices, etc. This information will further help you to better understand other modules.

Black Hat SEO: It is a type of Search Engine Optimization that is done to gain positive results quickly. Google does not support such type of SEO. We’ll let you know about the black hat techniques and its working during SEO course. By learning this module, you will understand what is the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO, and also what is the right way to optimize your website.

Keyword Research: Keywords are the main aspect of SEO. These are the search terms for which any business wants to rank on Google. In this module, we’ll help you learn the best ways and tools to find the right keywords for any business. You will get to know about keyword researching using UberSuggest, Google Keyword Planner, and Google AutoComplete. The SEO course is incomplete without the “Keyword Research” module, so make sure you focus on it during training.

Google Search Console: Google Search Console (previously famous as Webmaster Tool) is a free tool that helps to make your SEO strategy successful. It is mainly a tool for website performance analysis. In this module of SEO course training, you will get to know about how to configure it and use it for the best SEO results.

Advance On-Page SEO: On-page or On-site SEO is a technique that involves optimizing a web page of the website for top rankings in SERPs and getting organic traffic & leads. Our SEO training will help you to know about the competitor analysis, initial website analysis, and speed analysis of the website. Other topics that we’ll cover in this module include HTML & XML site map, Robots.txt file, internal & external linking, and 301 and 302 redirections.

Advance Off-Page SEO: Off-page or off-site SEO is a technique that involves website optimization indirectly via link building, guest blog posting, social bookmarking, forum posting, etc. You will learn all the off-page SEO practices that will help in improving the site’s ranking on Google and other search engines. Our SEO course includes a detailed explanation of advanced off-page SEO. In order to improve the way of search engine crawlers to read and list your website on search engines, you have to insert schema to the HTML code of your website. We’ll teach you about adding schema, make good snippets, etc during SEO course training.

Google My Business: By listing your business or company on this free and easy-to-use platform- Google My Business, you allow your users or potential buyers to easily visit your physical outlet or office. It’s an easy way to share relevant data about your company to the visitors. You have a flexibility to edit the posted information. In the SEO training, you will get to know how to use this amazing platform.

Private Blog Network: A private blog network is a collection of websites that have high domain authority and from each of one these websites you have created a back link. Generally, they are developed on the expired domains that have great back links previously when they were working. This module explains to you everything about PBN network.

SEO Tools: Search Engine Optimization has become easier with the help of several SEO tools. These tools are great for both on-page SEO and off-page SEO as they let you find the best keyword for creating engaging and optimized content. Furthermore, they help in analysing the quality of your current SEO strategies. This module is imperative to SEO course training and thus needs you complete concentration.

SEO Algorithms: Search Engines consider SEO algorithms to rank a website. Therefore, they play an important role in website ranking improvement through SEO. Google keeps on updating its SEO algorithms frequently so website owners follow ethical steps to list their website on the top of the SERPs. The better your website is optimized as per the latest algorithm, the more chances exist for higher organic rankings. In short, we can say this module of our Search Engine Optimization course is as important as “keyword research” module is.

DISAVOW Tool: It is a tool that is used to remove the inbound links in the website to prevent it against penalization by Google. In this module, we’ll make you learn how to use this tool effectively and how you can recover the websites that have been already penalised by Google. This will further help to improve the SEO results for a particular website

We hope you have got brief information of the course modules with the above descriptions. Through this piece of content, we have explained to you the need of SEO course, important, and things you will learn at ETI, so take your time and decide whether you should enrol for this course or not.


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FAQ 1. What kind of practical experience will I get in this Course?
Our SEO course will give you practical knowledge of the necessary concepts of Search Engine Optimization, including On-page and Off-page SEO. We’ll give you an opportunity to work on the live projects under the guidance of our trainers. This will surely give you exposure to what kind of work you will be going to do on the job.
FAQ 2. Do you offer placement assistance in this Search Engine Optimization course?
Yes, definitely! We offer 100% assurance for job placements once you complete your SEO course from our SEO institute. Furthermore, we’ll assist you in getting prepared for the interview so you can know about your conceptual clarity. We work to make your practical base stronger so you can be an asset to any company.
FAQ 3. Do you provide any free trial SEO class for student satisfaction before joining the Course?
Yes. We have a provision of two free demonstration classes for those who want to enrol for the SEO course at our SEO institute. Additionally, for a demonstration, you will be allowed to join the regular on-going lectures.
FAQ 4. Can I offer SEO services as a freelancer after completing the course?
Yes, of course! In order to provide freelance SEO services, it’s imperative to have first-hand knowledge of SEO. Once you know how to practically implement each and every aspect of SEO, you can be an independent provider of SEO services. Through our SEO course, you can attain practical knowledge of SEO techniques.
FAQ 5. I am not an Engineer and don't know Programming. Will I be able to do this SEO course?
Yes. For Search Engine Optimization course, you won’t need any Programming knowledge as it is a certification course that is solely based on the skills and creativity. You just need to have the basic computer knowledge to get started with this SEO Course. We’ll train you on how to shortlist keywords, use different SEO tools to optimize a website, and SEO algorithms.
FAQ 6. I am a Web Developer/Designer with 5+ years of experience. Why should I learn this SEO course?
Being only able to design or develop websites is not enough as it’s important for any business to get exposure online. Every business person wants to have more leads and sales, which will help them to achieve their organizational goals and this is only possible through Search Engine Optimization. You can be an all-rounder expert who knows how to design and develop a website along with optimizing it. The SEO course will enhance your skills, improving your career opportunities.
FAQ 7. Who should do Search Engine Optimization Course?
There is no eligibility criterion for joining the Search Engine Optimization Course. Be it students, working professionals, homemakers, retired people, new entrepreneurs, and business persons who have the willingness to learn SEO course can enrol for it. With this course, you can improve your career opportunities, start your business, or improve the sales potential of your existing digital business.
FAQ 8. How can I trust that Search Engine Optimization is the best course in the Industry?
First of all, you must know that Search Engine Optimization is a way to enhance the performance of any website by optimizing it as per the search engine guidelines. Website optimization increases the chances of ranking on the topmost position on the search engine results pages, which will then bring organic traffic to the website.
As you know that these days almost all businesses have started operating online due to better sales opportunities, all business owners need a website. Now, until it’s exposed on the search engines, no one will get to know about its presence eliminating the sales probability. Therefore, to make a website visible online, SEO is needed. In this way, it has a wider scope in the future and website owners are looking for a certified SEO expert for improving their business that makes SEO course the best in the industry.
Q 1. What is SEO? What are the kinds of SEO methods?
Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of improving the quality and amount of traffic on a website by enhancing the exposure of a website/webpage to visitors across the internet. Basically, it is the enhancement of unpaid outcomes and doesn’t include direct or paid traffic. I have learned about all the techniques of SEO during my SEO course training that is On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.
Q 2. What is Webpage SEO? Does it differ from internet SEO?
Webpage SEO is nothing but is an attempt to improve the ranking of a particular webpage on search engines whereas internet SEO is the process of optimizing the whole website. Internet SEO is much more complicated and time-taking activity than Webpage SEO.
Q 3.Is it possible to rank your website in one day?
Search Engine Optimization is something that involves a lot of research on different factors and an SEO specialist has to make several attempts to create a good SEO plan. So, it’s evident that website ranking in just one day isn’t possible. From keyword researching to image optimization and content development, it includes many elements that an SEO professional has to take care of.
Q 4. What can you intend by the expression “traffic”?
Web traffic is defined as the number of visitors who visits a web page. It is measured in “sessions” or “visits” and it the easiest way to analyse the effectiveness of online business to attract the audience. During my SEO training, I understood that website traffic is crucial for increasing brand awareness but it’s not the only way to keep up the performance of any website.
Q 5. Do you know the several methods of creating traffic to a web site?
Yes, I have learned about various methods to generate traffic for a website during my SEO course training such as:
1. By participating in relevant SEO campaigns
2. Keeping the content of the website updated
3. Ad posting
4. Adding new attributes to the websites
Q 6. Is it possible to adopt different strategies for SEO at the same time?
Yes, precisely. As SEO is an important aspect of improving the website ranking but it’s not the only approach, we can always use a combination of strategies for the best results. It’s good not to rely on just one as there are several approaches that can improve the website ranking without cutting the edge of each other.
Q 7. What can you intend by the word “Backlink”?
When any website owner gets his/her website URL linked with another high-authority website then this is called having a backlink and the process is termed as link building. Backlinks are created to improve SEO and are one of a kind off-page SEO methods. This brings relevant traffic to the website. In my SEO course, I was taught about the best ways to create backlinks that are relevant and high-quality from the SEO perspective.
Q 8. What is the importance of keywords in Search Engine Optimization?
Keywords are the phrases that visitors use to submit a search query to find any information, product, or service. These search terms hold great importance in Search Engine Optimization as they help in website ranking improvement. This is why the search engine’s guidelines for SEO include having keyword-rich content that means the content must be optimized with the right keywords. This will increase the probability of your website ranking on the top of the SERPs. I have gained a deep knowledge of keyword researching through the SEO course.
Q 9. What is link building in SEO?
Linking building is a technique in which we promote our website back links in other webpages with high domain authority. Basically, you have to look out for the websites of your same niche to make the high-quality backlinks.
Q 10. What is On-site and Off-site SEO?
On-site SEO is a collection of techniques that are implemented on the website or directly on the web pages for improving the ranking of the web pages. On the other hand, Off-site SEO includes those practices that are not directly implemented on the site rather it’s indirectly optimized through link building, blog or article submission, etc. I have been explained all the On-site and Off-site practices during SEO training.
Q 11. Why SEO is important for new websites?
Search Engine Optimization is crucial for improved visibility and searchability. The new websites need higher exposure so people get to know about their business. New online business owners face high competition as there are already other brands in the market, which are offering the same product or service to the clients. SEO is crucial for increasing brand awareness amongst the target audience.
Q 12. Do you know about the kinds of meta tags in Search Engine Optimization?
Meta tags are the short snippets of text which are used to describe the content of a page. They don’t appear on the web page itself, but just in the source code of the page.
There are four types of meta tags, including
- Description
- Meta Robots
- Meta Crucial tags
- Name tags