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10 Hacks That Can Skyrocket Your Content Promotion

Once you have your content in hand, you strive hard to make it a success in marketing it. This will help you improve your clients’ content performance. You begin by researching about your competitors and their industries. Thus having relevant and useful content is the primary priority. Having good content is one thing. Promoting is yet another. Content promotion is important for 2 reasons. You are focused on managing the content that you have created and want to write more articles. The second reason would be that skipping content promotion is risky as it does not reach the intended audience. You are depriving your business from reaching its audience intended. This one is a must.

There has been a recent study conducted by

">Content Marketing Institute, as many firms and organizations across America have started to approach content marketing in a different way. the results turned out to be positive. According to study, at least 45% of B2B content marketers believe that the content marketing of the company has improved. They have been creating perfect content and that’s the word out there. Finally they fine-tune their content marketing strategy to yield positive results.

So it seems the morale of the industry has finally bettered. Here in this article we talk about 10 absolute hacks that will help promote content without having to look for answers. Here are some pointers that have been presented through trial and error so that you can start using them right away.

1. Mentioning the industry influencers

Starting a conversation – Talk to some of the experts and question them with a quote when you send them the next content piece. Try and contact someone whom you have already made connection with or have collaborated with. You should try and nurture a relationship that you are already into, instead of a new connection.

If you don’t have an already existing industry expert on your friend’s list, then try and reach out to at least 10 people and 10% of people or at lesser will respond to your message. You may also take time to answer you back. Go to their twitter handle and LinkedIn page, and send them an email to these experts with a direct message. This email should explain reasons as to why they should think spending time answering your questions.

Creating a small new survey with various poll experts – Survey! Survey! Survey! ItFa is one of the best ways to get the word out for your new article. Thus creating a short survey will do the job for you. If you don’t have a short survey, then you can make one in Buzzsumo. This way you get the chance to ask all the important questions without writing a lengthy message. The best way to spread the message is by writing it on Twitter. Create any survey at any platform, Type form is one such interactive online form service. it is quite easy to navigate through platform and helps craft your survey.

Ask for any contact information that your experts can spare, so that you can let them know which piece of content is good to go. Spread the results through a short twitter post all amongst the experts who took part in it, tagging all of them. Take the time to answer questions and share their expertise with you.

2. Create your video that supports content

Videos are known to get at least twice the engagement than any other form of content. According to the industry leader, Animoto, audience would like to watch a video and learn rather than read about it or the product. Videos have features like autoplay, which helps them go viral quicker. Here is some advice on how to make your video stand out in front of a larger audience so that it reaches a larger group of people:-

Pay attention to your video when you record them on ipad or iphone. The quality of the video matters more including the quality of the audio as well. Use a lapel microphone, for additional audio recording. Use Voice Record Pro that will help you record high quality audio. Invest on a tripod that helps take a video that provides no shaky hands. This will prevent any kind of unstable video footage. It doesn’t cost a whole lot and helps improve the quality of the video. Add animated content to your video to make it stand out. People are quite interested when it comes to watching videos. Put some efforts into your design work, that will help you make it stand out in the crowd and enhance a higher views. Most people will remember your video.

Animation is a great studio design work. Freelancers can help you get that done. You need to describe, exactly how you want the design to be done if you want the exact video ordered. If you are in proper collaboration with your freelancer from the start then you are in good hands. Your freelancer will help you save a lot of money and time. You must know how long each video should be for different social media sites. Create shorter videos for twitter and face book. After all no one has the time to watch a lengthy video on face book and twitter.

3. Using GIFs

If your budget is low, and you cannot afford to spend enough on resources and time while producing a video, then the GIF is the best option you have. GIFs are the right match to give your content that kick for use on both social media and through email marketing. GIFs are not always effective for marketing campaigns, so one must use them responsibly after analyzing the behavior of your audience.

4. Use lead magnets

This is an awesome technique that will help you get prospect. But if you are not using it, then you will be seriously missing out on this. This will help you increase the targeted leads that can be collected on this page when your content is published. If you are looking to attract new clients, you need to get creative and find the right information that is relevant to your subject in exchange of your for the contact information of the prospect. Here are some of the best lead magnets:-

Webinars participation: begin with a topic that suits your content. Continue with the discussion. Invite any industry expert that you know or can find to the discussion. Interact with the guest lecturer of the webinar by asking them to take part in the discussion.
– Additional info: whitepapers, e-books, case studies or success stories. They are some of the great resources that can help strengthen the credibility of the brand.
– Templates usage that are easy to use and share: templates are effective, use templates. It could be a letter, email, pitch letter or a landing page.
5. Using paid ads on Twitter or Face book

This is also a great way to promote your ad Paid ads are great feature. If you are looking to advertise on social media, try and build a custom audience from start either through the use of BuzzSumo or Follower wonk. You can send this message or make your ad visible to all those clients who are interested in your product or have expressed interest in your product. You can manually do that with your promoted post. Set up ad promotion on Face book to target your fans and followers on Face book who are interested in your product or service.

How to find the right audience? Well, set your filters and ad settings right! That’s the way! here is an example – if I wanted to promote my own article which is about content production in the ad’s settings, under the interests’ section, then one needs to mention a parameter for people who likes tools for all content marketers or have some kind of content marketing listed amongst their interests.

6. Setting up a remarketing campaign

Only a meager 30 % of the audience would like to or care enough to share their contact info with you. They are usually not for sale to third parties. Rest will just skim, delete or close the tab in order to get back what they were known to be doing previously. You should still have a second chance where your remarket the whole thing. Landing page and banners that are relevant to the content of yours is essential. Ask them to join a webinar or invite them into the content page. Keep a script ready in order to exclude clients who already exist on your list from the remarketing campaign. No need to bother them.

7. Content should be in regular newsletter format

Schedule regular small posts that are ready to be posted at all times any times. Make a newsletter if you want to keep on top of content that you have created. If they in case missed your post on Face book, then you can learn from the new newsletter.

8. Creation of LinkedIn and face book groups

Promotion in private groups is a great way to get your act together. It’s about letting certain or a particular group knows or a targeted group knows why they are private. Do some research and start promotion on these groups. If you already know who these members are, then create a list for your convenience.

9. Why a preview image is important for Face book and Twitter accounts

A picture adds credibility to your account. It speaks a thousand words. You must use a picture that will grab the audience’s attention with in just a few minutes. You must also know all the ad rules and ad guidelines if you are planning to advertise on social media channels such as Face book and Twitter. The preview is the backbone that can make or break ad’s overall performance.

10. Try and break this news or share this whole content with online communities

Social sharing is also quite effective as you can share this on social sites including site such as Reddit or Quora. Question answers and social media aggregation sites are effective as well. 2 advantages include that you will be able to build links and this will increase visibility, as a result increase the traffic on your website. 50% of traffic overall comes from articles that have been shared or from online hub marketers.


Content promotion might be slightly intimidating, but it is worth it. Delivering this particular content into the hands of the right audience is your responsibility. It’s never easy. Try all these 10 easy techniques or hacks for content promotion and you will reap the benefits later down the road.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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