5 Best Ways To Improve Conversion Through Instagram Marketing

“5 Best Ways To Improve Conversion Through Instagram Marketing”  –  Instagram is one of the most used Social Media platforms in recent days. Instagram is not only for Marketing, but Instagram has also become very easy and Simplified. A Lot of revenue has been generated in the past few years on Instagram.

First, keep track of how many followers you have and What your audiences are interested in Instagram Insights allows you to analyze even when there is a drop in the Followers Count and try to increase followers on Instagram.

Many Instagram features are available to make the best use of instagram for effective business promotion. Irrespective of any Social Media platform. Millions of the Brands are using Influence Marketing for conversion purpose. Social presence and Good engaging posts get the maximum response rate.

Find the Best 5 Best Ways To Improve Conversion Through Instagram Marketing:


When millions of Instagram Users are using it actively across the globe, it is quite hard to Compete. Be it any Brand or product the level of competition is higher than before. It is essential to stay active and get the users to notice your Instagram account and the Brands of yours. Know some of the ways to use Instagram for Marketing in an efficient manner. 

1. Make A Strong Instagram Branding Awareness

Instagram is the best visual platform for capturing the attention of the audience. A wide range of opportunities is available for Branding. About 700 Million users are using Instagram actively. Daily it is essential to post frequently with the most engaging content. Upload only the best photos by picking the right niche which you are good at. Building Strong reputation on Social Media is possible only through user engagement rate. 

1.1 Create The Best Profile

Profile Picture for your account will be the first thing that any Users will notice. To show your profile is unique and they are trustworthy have the best Bio of yours along with that of your best picture. Even in your Bio if there is any possibility try including the names of your Brand. 

1.2 Post Creative Videos

Get creative with your videos and try promoting your Brand with the help of the videos. If possible post short videos which would be absolutely a great video for audiences. Many latest features like Boomerang and Slow motions are used by Brands in a creative way to promote their products. 

1.3 Show Variations in Your Post

To get more of the user engagement rate on Social Media, it is essential to post pictures and videos of different niches. Keep the tone and pitch of the posts to make your users engaged with it since it would look more authentic. To increase the response rate get right with that of the variations of the post you have to show. Make the features useful and added changes would help in getting more Followers

1.4 Partner With Other Influencers

There are a lot of tools to connect with Influencers. Getting connected with your Influencers will help you get more followers. When you partner up with other Influencers, you get a number of Followers and visibility for your product too. Influencer Marketing is one of the best Strategy to be more competitive. 

1.5 Use Instagram Stories & Hashtags Efficiently 

Make Use of the Instagram Stories along with that of attractive Hashtags to grow your Fan Following Base on Instagram and Facebook. Reach a new set of an audience using your Instagram Stories. Use the features like polls and stickers for still more gaining a new audience. Utilize the User Generated Contents also to make use for more Conversion for your Brand. 

2. Take Advantage Of Instagram Features And Updates

It is essential to keep in mind that all the Brands are taking advantage of Instagram since it is a very competitive medium. Using all the features and the updates for Brand will help you in staying in the Competition. When many Brands are competing with that of yours, it is required to give unique and captivating posts so that your Audience will remain engaged. When your posts are interesting it is easier for the audience to stay connected with your Brand very frequently. 

2.1 Try Using Hashtags In Different Ways

Use Hashtags for easy promotion and it will create an effect of people sharing it and getting to know more about your products. Sometimes the Hashtags could be trending and which may bring more visibility and credibility for your profile. 

2.2 Play With Filters & Editing Apps

Instagram has a lot of filters and over millions of people are using the filters for their pictures. Play with the filters and try using most of the filters and pick the one that you think would be best suitable for yours. 

2.3 Post More Of Live Videos & Stories

Posting Live Videos will help in getting more Followers and visitors for your Instagram profileMost of the users are using live videos not only for personal purposes but also for promoting their Brands. Videos may make your Brand visible to a wide range of audiences if they are of highly engaging content. 

3. Know The Strategies To Stay On Top Of The Feed

Analyze the Strategies that are used by your competitors so that you will get an insight into how unique their posts are. Knowing about the strength of the Brands helps you in staying on top of the feed. When your post is at the top of the feed, then the user Engagement rate also increases. Make your users engaged and respond to you through comments or feedback. When your Followers are taking some time to convey about your Brand and it’s products, it helps you to improvise.  

4. Team With The Influencers Of The Same Niche

Depending on the traffic for your site will not improve your conversion. It is essential to get the maximum reach among the users. Understand the Influencers and get to know them whether they are of the same Niche of yours. First, give them the reasons why they want to connect with you and your clear insights about your Brand. 

5. Understand From The Best Posts Of Your Competitors

All of the Business has lots of competition, first, analyze who your competitors are. Research about the strategies that your competitors are using and find out the possibility that you can use for your Brand and your products. Analyze how your competitors are using the technology for their Brands and taking it to the audience. Keep track of the Social Media activity of your competitors. 

Here are a few ways for more exposure among the audience:

1. Run Contests: 

Running a contest makes more user engagement among the audience. Have a list of your active audiences and connect with them regularly. Run contests and giveaways for your followers for more response rate. 

2. Quality Videos:

Create Videos which are Insightful and you think will be useful for the audiences. Shoot your videos in 4K or other cameras which shoots it very clearly. Instagram Videos must not be too long and too short too. Whatever the niche that you have picked post the videos that you think would be more captivating. 


For Business Conversion, you have to be updated with all the features of Instagram and the strategies used by your competitors. Conversions are crucial for your Brand and gaining that is possible with more engaging posts. Increase your Conversion with the help of Instagram features and strategies. 


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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