5 Hacks For Better Instagram Marketing for Mobile

Instagram has emerged as the most powerful social channel. Being a sensible marketer, you can utilize the popularity of this channel for your branding and increasing your audience. You need to create and adopt a strategy to spread the word about your brand and business on Instagram.

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You can make the most out of this social channel for branding and marketing by following some fabulous ideas. Your creativity, know-how of creating impressive ads, some technical expertise, and a good sense of timing to post your ads on Instagram would play a vital role to bring success. It would be wise to make effective use of a free video editor from reliable online platforms. You can choose from thousands of royalty-free video templates and edit it to include your business information. 

Mobile users are playing a big role in data consumption today by using it for various social media platforms including Instagram. Thus, in this article, we would discuss the top 5 hacks for better Instagram marketing

Let us go through the Top 5 hacks for better Instagram marketing:

  • Switch to an Instagram Business Account:

When you are planning to use Instagram for your business development endeavors, it would be better to get a business profile on Instagram. You would need to follow some simple steps in your account settings to create your business profile on Instagram.

This move provides incredible benefits to your marketing efforts. You can create and post advertisements without any need to use the tools from other social channels. So, it would be easier to post ads at regular intervals.

The viewers can access your business information right from your Instagram profile page just like your website, to get in touch with you. Easy and instant access to ‘insights’ on Instagram would be another significant benefit for you. Through these statistics, you can gauge the success of your campaigns in terms of the impact and reach.

Thus, creating an Instagram business profile helps you to integrate your marketing efforts bringing many parameters on a single page. You can easily create and post ads and know precisely about their spread in the audience.

  • Create Engaging Ads that Encourage Viewers to Buy from You:

To become a successful marketer on Instagram, you should consider the ads you post as golden opportunities to communicate with your audience in a result-driven approach. You need to be creative while sharing the USP of your brand with the target audience.

Instagram is a more mobile-specific channel, and you need to design your ads accordingly. Taking the aid of an Instagram video editor from reputed online services would be a perfect step to make your ads complement the screen size. You can select the most appropriate video template as per your sector and edit it to add your information like website URL, contact number, and so on.

Apart from spreading awareness about your brand, these ads must include an impactful call for action. You must encourage the viewers to follow the next step to place the order, subscribe to your channel, send an inquiry, and more to do business with you instantly.

  • Use the Perfect Hashtags to Spread Popularity:

Choosing the correct hashtags in your posts and using them in the right amount to avoid over-optimization are the key factors you always need to remember while designing your ads and posts on Instagram. This is a significant factor to attract an audience searching for the keywords and phrases related to your business.

The hashtags used in your posts would make them visible to people searching for these specific terms. Yet, you should not over-use the hashtags to avoid complications. The terms related to your business and even current affairs, important days to celebrate, are a few ideas to design the best hashtags to include in your Instagram posts.

  • Wisely Utilize User-Generated Content and Shout Out:

The most effective way to attract an audience is to post images and reviews from your existing customers. You can take the help of the Instagram ads tutorial to understand how you can incorporate user-generated content to promote your brand on Instagram. The tutorials narrate the right methods in an easy to understand manner.

Another important factor would be responding to the audience’s actions promptly. You can like the followers’ profiles, reply to their comments, send shut out or notifications about your recent posts to your followers to let them view it, and take other useful steps to showcase your accountability with the followers on a personal level.

  • Explore Possibilities to Boost Your Instagram Marketing:

Instagram offers a wide variety of free tools and features that you can use to boost your marketing efforts on this social channel. Here are a few useful tips to make the most of these tools and features:

  • Through Instagram insights, you can get a break-up about the users and their details like age group, gender, location, and active hours. You can also understand the impact of your post in a week. 
  • As you get a precise overview of the responses from the audience on your content, you can adjust your strategies accordingly to boost your engagements.
  • Your participation in widely discussed topics would help you to get noticed on this social channel. That ultimately increases your audience.
  • Creating sponsored ads would also be an effective method to attract more audiences to your brand.
  • Collaborating with the influencers on Instagram would also help you to improve your reach as these influencers would already have a set of followers agreeing to their suggestions.
  • Clever use of Instagram Stories to post your ads would also improve user engagement, as the audience would love to get precise and significant information about your brand within a short span.

The Takeaway:

We have attempted to describe the top 5 hacks for better Instagram marketing in this article. We are sure that these hacks would be useful for you to create and expand your audience and following on Instagram. If you plot these ideas in a meaningful manner at the right time, you can attain a better conversion rate in terms of actual sales through your Instagram account. All the very best!


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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