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Affiliating marketing – Examples and Success Tips

What is affiliating marketing?

It is a type of performance based marketing that involves affiliates bringing visitors or customers with their own marketing efforts and getting rewards in return through a business.

Core players
Affiliated marketing is a relationship between 4 core players of the industry. They are:

Known as a ‘retailer’ or a ‘brand’

Network is important as it takes care of the payments and also contains the offers for the affiliates to choose from

A publisher is also known as ‘the affiliate’

Customer is the king of the industry

Popular examples of successful affiliated marketing

Though there are many examples, here mentioned are a few successful Amazon affiliated websites that have recently gotten popular.

The unique thing about this website is its logo and the quality graphics used. Due to its internal linking structure, it allows the site to rank higher for more than one keyword. It is popular due to its well-organised content and useful information provided for buyers to have a look. This website uses a private blog network (PBN) to get backlinks.
This website is also a PBN having no affiliate link on the homepage. It includes review articles on the sidebar.

Some of the PBN sites are as follows:

• http:/
• http:/
• http:/

Interesting is that each of these PBN sites have one article on the homepage with single link that points to the money site.

This website has been around for now almost 2 years, having a nice structure with quite a few internal links on every page. It was built on an expired domain. The interesting and creative thing about this website is that it contains long keywords.

This will increase its ranking due to the increase in the relevancy score. In order to avoid any duplication, this website has marked all the category pages as “no follow, no index”. It is also easy for the visitors to navigate the website.

It has backlinks from various sources but Web 2.0, PBN, Blog comments, Links from other money sites are the main ones.
It has been for built for almost 2 years now. The anchor text profile of this website is quite diversified.
It gained popularity recently as it was sold for $60,100 on Flippa. It is that old but is already earning huge profits. This website also uses a PBN hidden from backlink checkers.

How to build a successful affiliate website

In order to create a successful affiliate website, you need proper guidance. The tips are as follows:

It is important to do a proper research on the keywords. Using Long Tail Pro is highly recommended.

Success is not a piece of cake, so one must understand that it takes time.


Although it hides the backlinks from the backlinks checker, it plays an important role in increasing the rank of your sites. One must keep in mind that it can be risky as well.

SEO & Internal link structure
One must have a good SEO and internal linking structure as it enables less usage of links and efforts to make a structured site.

WordPress theme
A good theme at the wordpress can make you earn good money on less traffic.

Expired domain
If you find a clean profile, you can make your website on an expired domain.

You must provide good quality content with real value.


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