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AMP has entered into 2nd year & it is growing fast but it isn’t clear whether it will replace the responsive design

According to new Google research, in this cross-device world, mobiles hold more value in Internet marketing than any other device. Today, Google is celebrating the success of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that it launched a year ago. Data regarding milestones achieved and success metrics of the AMP is released to substantiate the claim.

Number of AMP pages has grown to 600 million and the domains with AMP pages are 700,000. The data further shows more repeat traffic and better CTR for AMP pages. Data according to leading newspapers and portals is as follows:

  • Washington Post: Number of returning mobile users within a week is increased up to 23%
  • Wired: AMP publishers show 25% increase in CTR in search results and 63% increase in CTR in advertisements
  • The Miami Herald: Visitors landing on AMP pages spend 10% more time than those landing on regular mobile pages
  • In a DoubleClick study: More than 80% AMP publishers reported increased visibility; Around 90% AMP publishers saw improvement in their CTRs through visitor engagement; one publisher got 600% increase in CTR

  • AMP has entered into 2nd year & it is growing fast but it isn’t clear whether it will replace the responsive design copy

AMP pages were rolled out in the main mobile search results last month. Sources pointed that AMP won’t be a factor for ranking but Google emphasized that links to AMP enabled paves v/s other versions of the same pages will be displayed in the search results.

Google had a difficult time convincing developers and publishers to adopt responsive design that can improve mobile user experience of the visitors. But responsive design and AMP pages are different in the sense that AMP pages load faster. It seems that Google will give more value to AMP pages over responsive design but there is no official confirmation regarding this assumption from the company.

According to Adam Greenberg of Google, AMP pages will override app deep links “for the foreseeable future”. He was speaking at SMX East. From his opinion, it can be summed that AMP will certainly help in improving the user experience.

Idea behind AMP is to enhance the mobile web experience of users. Accelerated Mobile Pages are open-source pages and it could be the reason for more and more businesses are adopting these pages in their development. But for Google, enhance mobile web experience is vital for its continued success in the wake of mobile apps that offer similar experience.

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