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An overview and tips over Domain and hosting

Always having been linked together, people nowadays consider domain and hosting as the same thing. However, these are two different aspects of the same thing.

Domain name is the actual name of the website. It is the literal that is typed into the address box in a web browser. It is the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) by which the site is generally known as.

Hosting is the location where the actual site will reside. It is achieved by a web server.

Thus domain is the name of the site and host is the place where it resides.

Type of Domains

Top-level Domains: These are also referred to as TLDN. These are the terminating part of any domain name, e.g. .com, .org, .net and so on.

Second-level Domains: These are the literals appearing before the top-level domain. E.g. in www.google.com, the second level domain is google.

Third-level Domains: These are the letters which appear before the first dot in any website name.

Country Domains: These are the top-level domains held individually by a country. E.g. .co.in refers to India whereas .co.uk refers to the United Kingdoms.

Types of Hosting

Free Hosting

It is suggested for sites with low traffic like personal sites. Also, there are limited technical options and support. Pros: free. Cons: no domain names, limited options for software and security, and no support for a database.

Dedicated Hosting

The site is hosted on a dedicated server and it is the most expensive option. It is best suited for large and heavy sites where traffic is very high. Pros: good for large business and high traffic, multiple domain names, strong mail solutions, software and database support. Cons: pricey and requires advanced knowledge.

Collocated Hosting

This allows one to place his/her own web server on the locations of a service provider. Pros: high bandwidth, up-time, security and unlimited software options. Cons: expensive, requires skills and difficult to configure and debug.

Shared Hosting

In this type, one shares the server with other website owners. Pros: affordable. Cons: slow.

Expert Preference

Experts suggest that you choose a domain name that best describes your website. It should be simple, short and unique. It is advised to avoid funky punctuations and keep it completely formal. Also, try to avoid names that are close to already existing ones.

In case of which type of hosting you should prefer, normally set your preferences like what your requirements are and what price you can afford. Then accordingly choose from the above types.


The benefits of the various types have already been mentioned above. Please take references from there.
Which one should you buy or take

This is solely a user’s choice as to what his needs and demands are. So a person must choose wisely from the different types and categories available in accordance with the terms.


Thus we saw what domain name and hosting are, how they are different from one another, their different types, pros and cons and what things must be kept in mind when making a choice among them.

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