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Categorize Roles Of Employees In Content Marketing For Better Optimization, Control And Returns

What roles does an organization need to be successful with a content marketing strategy? Could content marketing roles be categorized? Since there are many moving parts in content marketing approach, it becomes mandatory that team members involved know who is responsible for which task hence categorization. Categorization ensures that all the essential tasks are documented in the strategy.

Traditional content marketing is focused on creating and growing owned audiences and it is clear that this strategy isn’t going to work in a high competitive environment over the next decade. Some businesses have started developing content-focused marketing teams but still, a large number of businesses are still using the traditional method.

While there is no perfect structure for a content-marketing-team; companies are developing their content-marketing-team into publishing organizations. We’ve categorized the marketing department according to competency of the team members involved. Here it is necessary to mention that they aren’t job titles.

  1. Chief Content Officer

The person is the chief storyteller and responsible for determining mission statement for content marketing. The responsibilities include maintaining consistencies in approach and making sense to the audiences. In addition, the COO must keep a watch over results like driving sales, saving costs and creating more loyal customers for the business.

  1. Managing Editor

Junior to COO, the Managing Editor will look after the execution part of the strategies. While COO is responsible for making strategies, Managing Editor takes the responsibility of executing the policy decisions regarding tone, style and scheduling content for publishing.

  1. Chief Listening Officer

Job of a Chief Listening Officer is to interact with groups and maintain a conversation on social media and other channels. The job includes notifying team members concerned with the conversation like customer service and sales. CLO creates a mechanism for getting feedback and also keep a tab over performance of content on owned media sites like a blog and update the Managing Editor and COO about feedback.

  1. Director of Audience

The person is made responsible for building subscription assets that can be grown and also segmented for expansion of content-marketing. The assets are direct mail list and social media. The DoA will execute the assigned duty by coordinating with content creators. They should be familiar with likes and dislikes of targeted audiences.

  1. HR for Marketing

Every employee becomes a stakeholder in marketing process as the ultimate aim of business is to make sales. Here it becomes necessary for the marketing team to work closely with human-resource to make sure that the employees understand roles and responsibilities of marketing departments.

  1. Chanel Master

Job of a Channel Master will be to get most out of each channel where content is published. Also the person will guide the team on questions like what works best on SlideShare, when to send emails and who should keep track of mobile strategies.

  1. Chief Technologist

Considering the role technology can play in marketing, it makes sense to appoint a Chief Technologist whose only responsibility is to leverage technology for Internet marketing. The person will be on top of the marketing process and manage jobs like calendaring submission, getting approvals, interacting with freelancers and incorporating emerging technologies in the process.

  1. Influencer Relations

Formerly media relations officer is now an influencer. Role and responsibilities of the person include maintain hit-list of influencers and establishing direct relationship with the influencers. Also the person has to look for ways to integrate the influencer in the process in the most impactful ways.

  1. Freelancer & Agency Relations

As demand for content grows, businesses start looking for sources for getting quality content. Here an officer appointed with the aim of cultivating a team of freelancers to meet the content demand can help. The officer will negotiate with freelancers and agencies and ensure that the content demand is met as expected. It is like a procurement process but here focus is more on quality than price.

  1. Return-on-Objective Chief

ROO is equal to COO as both sits over the process and looks after the execution. But COO can’t be assigned responsibility of ROO. Return-on-Objective Chief will determine return-on-marketing investments and the person will be at par with COO. An analytics person can be promoted to ROO, if the person understands the core objectives behind content marketing.

The way businesses are introduced and products/services offered is changing fast. It’s time that marketing departments be evolved to work in the changed atmosphere. Categorizing the content-marketing department will certainly help in evolving content-strategy matching with the technology.


Content department should be categorized and roles of every person involved in content creation and marketing be defined to achieve success in content marketing that has become need of the hour. Each employee should perform a specific task to become moving parts of content marketing. The above mentioned roles are created on the basis of common needs but the roles can be modified to suit to individual needs.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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