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Google June 2019 Core Update: All You Need To Know – Broad Core Algorithm Update

On this past Monday, Google June 2019 Core Update has arisen that was announced previously. It was announced and then started by the publishers, webmasters, SEOs, and site owners. It is unbelievable to talk about the true impact of this update. Some information was being come that we wanted to share the data as well as the industry conversation around this Google June Core Update. In this core update, the visibility of videos is 61% on SERP.


Google June 2019 Core Update


Google has announced its biggest algorithm known as Google June Algorithm Update which is also the latest one. Google asked what to do if the site is having a traffic loss due to its June 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update which is released in March. According to the reports, a trend analyst provides some amazing guidance on this latest Google Algorithm Update June 2019.

What is Core Update?


The Google Algorithm Update June 2019 is the second major change included in the core algorithm which is to be released in 2019. In its previous core update, Google created various significant updates in the global search results.

Core updates are basically Google updates that do not have a clear focus on a particular website characterization or a certain kind of search query. Instead of this, they have made more subtle changes under the hood.

This Google June Core Update also includes various major and well known Google updates like Penguin or Panda, which specifically target things like backlinks or content quality. Along with this, core update also tends to impact on the websites in a wide range of areas. These cores Google June Algorithm Update are released several times in a single year.

Any person, who is familiar with the SEO, is also familiar with the Google Algorithm updates. Google gives more prior warning to the SEO community, that Broad Core Algorithm Update was coming. Google released notice on twitter account by giving warning of the upcoming updates.

All these types of updates are not new to people. Google used to launch several broad core updates per year after releasing the last one in March. Due to the Search Engine Land, it doesn’t mean that there is anything important which is more significant or special about this.

They always want to be proactive for giving people advanced notice to eliminate any ensuing confusion. There will be some chances that it might be big. Initially, Google revealed that the update would be “definitely appreciable”.

A few days ago, Google modified its algorithm to publish that they may notice a shift. The company also gave the required information (tagged the Google June 2019 Core Update), that was not a huge one. Any updated algorithm will slightly affect the websites which depend on accruing search results.

Some of the key features of Google Algorithm Update June 2019 are given below;


  • As we know from the previous information, the Google June 2019 Core Update is being turned out from the data centers of Google. These are presented in different countries.
  • All the updated information is come from the Google Search Liaison twitter account to make the preannouncement.
  • The impact of the latest Broad Core Algorithm Update has been officially started to influence SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings.
  • There are two high-quality websites that have lost traffic from the Google June Core Algorithm Update.
  • The demerits or disadvantages of Google June 2019 Core Update algorithm challenge the conventional thinking which expertise the authoritativeness of the path to recover from an update.

Unofficial Google Updates of March 27th


Google has made some modifications after arising of the Broad Core Algorithm Update. This update method is very huge. Other algorithms have recognized more useful significant ranking fluctuation. It has happened after the launching of the Google June Core Update in 2019. The fluctuation was started on 27th March.

Official Google Updates


As we know in our earlier updates, Google has a history of names provided by the SEO for their Google June Algorithm Update. Without attributing any names to the algorithm update, its evaluation never ends. Officially, Google announced that it would like to call the Broad Core Algorithm Update of March 12th as “March 2019 Core Update”.

Effects of this June Google Update on Websites


Generally, Google updates its algorithm on a regular basis. Sometimes, they forget to announce the updates or the changes that have been done. These updates or changes are done by the SEO experts.

After receiving the issues about the changes, Google will confirm that. Google announced about rolling out of its new Google June Algorithm Update on Twitter for the first time. It was a broad update to many components of the Google June Core Update algorithm.

The Google June Core Update must be implemented for the first time. And it is located in different locations all over the world. According to the releases of Google’s official Twitter, it may take a few days for the update of the search engine algorithm. It will be fully implemented by having some concrete effects.

The announcement of Google Algorithm Update June 2019 was rolled out by 2nd June 2019. And before its two days, it had a new update announced by the publisher, it was also released the Google June 2019 Core Update.

What to Do If Rankings Collapse After a Google Update?


At the end of the year 2018, Google provided some explanations regarding its latest Google June Algorithm Update which state that there aren’t any specific errors that webmasters can correct and recover the lost rankings after this core update.

Instead of this, Google recommends the best way to improve rankings which can provide the users with the best possible content. The first step achieves this includes the Google search quality rater guidelines.

If webmasters are able to understand how Google evaluates various kinds of content along with the different requirements needed for the content which can be considered as high quality, then only they will be able to place themselves in a better position after losing their rankings when the Google update arrives.

E-A-T Rating


Here E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

E-A-T determines the value of a website. E-A-T is always considered by quality raters while judging how good a page or site provides what they need. This is the main reason, why users would choose your site over your competitors. It has also a direct impact on how Google receives it. Its ultimate goal is to rank your website.

Here are few tips to improve your website’s E A T ratings for Google Algorithm Update June 2019;


1. Add Author Byline to All Blog Posts –


Reliability of a person who is offering information to the users, that is known by Google. The sites which come under the YMYL category involve websites in the wellness, finance, and healthcare sectors.

The publishers might be the person who is an expert in that field. Google used to verify the trustworthy and certified authors draft that the users are being displayed. The unique content which is made by the content writers is a trend among YMYL sites. It promotes high quality as well as trustworthy content.

2. Remove Scraped / Duplicate Content –


Generally, Google estimates the E A T score of a website. And, it is possible by analyzing individual posts and pages. If you are scrapping or duplicating the content from some other website, there may some chances that you may get hit by an algorithm update. Some contents like Paraphrasing don’t make it unique. Google can identify these types of contents in a very easy way. It may ensure that the content is written by an expert for the YMYL websites.

3. Invest Time In Personal Branding –


You have to keep in mind that your website has a page named “About Us”. Some valuable inputs were provided to Google by you in the form of a scheme markup. In the case of customer reviews and positive testimonials, it can promote the trustworthiness of your website both within the site as well as outside the site. Google’s quality rater guidelines want to display the customer support details and contact information for the YMYL sites.

4. Focus On The Quality Of Back-Links Quantity –


Google search guidelines of the previous one encourage the websites by using high-quality backlinks for good E A T Score. Investing time in blog commenting and building the low-quality links via PBNs, may request Google’s wrath that can affect a website’s E A T ratings. It suggests using techniques like broken link building and blogger outreach as part of the SEO strategy to get high-quality links.

5. Secure Your Site with HTTPS –


The main priority of Google is its Security. It is because of pushing websites to get SSL certified. Nowadays, the main factor is HTTPS. It is also one of the best ways to improve your E A T rating of websites. There is a clear indication that how Google values the privacy and security of its users, Google Chrome shows all non-HTTPS sites as insecure. Google uses these factors which used to rank health websites.


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