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Google Payment – Google Makes Wave By Making Entry To Mobile Payment Market

Google payment is the news of the hour. Google payment as confirmed by Google is a payment service that is designed to help customers with an easier payment and faster checkout experience when making an online purchase. You can pay for items with any cards that are in your Google account. It could be a debit or a credit card.

With the use of Google payment, you can allow customers to go through checkouts and provide merchants with payment and shipping information. Here there is no typing needed by the customer or the user. People, who have android phones, will also be able to use Google Payment for any kind of in-app purchase through one of their most favorite pizza delivery service or while booking Chrome or Firefox browser.

Merchants are happy to know that through Google Pay that does not charge any kind of transaction fees. Developer doc has been created and charted out that shows how to work with Google payment or how to get started. Google has been able to rope in a few well known payment providers with more payment providers to come in the near future. They support Braintree, Stripe, Vantiv and Adyen.

In case your transaction is processed by any one of the following listed popular payment providers, you can do so by using the Google Payment app immediately. If you are not using any listed payment providers, then stay tuned for more updates as we look forward towards the service as it matures.

This peer to peer payments system, also called ‘Google Wallet’ service was created by Google itself and allowed people to send and receive money from their mobile device or from their desktops at zero cost, either to the sender or to the receiver. Google wallet is designed to allow patrons to receive and send money from one person to the other. In order to send money, the wallet user, enters their email address and phone number of the person to whom you are sending the money or the recipient. The recipient has to link their details with the bank account to be able to receive any such funds. If you, the recipient have a Google wallet account as well, then receiving funds is easier that way.

One can link up to at least 2 bank accounts while the Wallet account link is being created. You as a receiver will receive the money in Google Wallet and the balance will be added up to the main balance until the user decides to withdraw money from the linked account and spend it directly through the use of Google wallet card. You can download the Google Wallet app from the Google play store or the App store. Create a 4 digit pin once the app is downloaded. This helps manage your account within their Google wallet account.
The pin will help you verify access to your Google Wallet app on the user’s mobile device. This was launched in September 2017, with its first major payment service right out of the United States with the name called Tez.


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