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Google Rank Brain Algorithm: A Complete Guide To Google Machine Learning

Google Rank Brain or Machine Learning, has launched four years ago, and it sought to cover many languages. Google Rank brain update’s or Machine Learning, the intent was to help Google provide accurate results and improve the search experience for users.

Google Rank brain

Google Rank brain update or Machine Learning, has been a paradigm shift in the sense that prior to RB, Google’s engineers had to manually alter the mathematical algorithm(s) to adjust search results. The problem was such algorithm changes would stay static until the next update comes.

Google Rank Brain algorithm uses machine learning with the capability to learn from data inputs to give best to search engine queries.

Using machine learning google Rank Brain processes massive data that appear as written content by changing them into quantitative data such as mathematical entities or vectors that computers understand.

Google’s integration of Google Rank Brain or Machine Learning to core algorithm has made search results reactive to real-world events beyond the algorithm update.

To the question—“what is Google Rank Brain or Machine Learning” the answer is google Rank Brain internally interprets searchers intent using external factors such as location and history. After the intent is understood Google tries to give the most relevant results.

Now let see how AI works via Google Rank Brian update or Machine Learning in handling a search query “dench”. The English term has three different meanings or contexts—a slang, a type of clothing, name of actress Judi Dench.

So the term is ambiguous for the search engine as it does not know what exactly the user is looking for. So it seeks to analyze external factors including location.

What is Machine Learning?

The rising buzz on AIO (Artificial Intelligence Optimization) is also connected with the Google Rank Brain update.

According to Arthur Samuel who defined machine learning in 1959, Machine learning is something that gives computers the ability to learn without prior programming.

As an application of artificial intelligence, Machine learning helps computer systems to learn automatically and boost customer experience without asking to do so.

In Machine Learning, user behavior is paramount in deciding what works and what will not.

Machine learning makes Google Rank Brain distinct from other updates. For better results, Google Rank Brain algorithm or Machine Learning takes data from a slew of sources. Cues from a variety of data sets improve results.

Google Rank Brain uses a series of databases on people, places, and things to improve the answer to the search query.

To process an unknown query, Google mathematically maps relationships and processes best results and related results.

By analyzing recurring patterns and behaviors machines excel in predicting and delivering content and that matches the user intent almost 99 percent.

Machine learning is already in use for spam email filtering, optical character recognition (OCR) and intruder detection.

How to optimize for Google Rank Brain or Machine Learning?

Google Rank Brain or Machine Learning SEO update impacts all existing concepts and practices of good SEO outlined by Google’s guidelines.

SEO Experts must know Google Rank brain SEO is different from Panda and Penguin.

The former two are classic algorithms. To avoid Penguin penalties and applying Panda remedies there are some common methods.

But Google Rank Brain or Machine Learning is totally different as an interpretation model and will not yield to readymade optimization formulae.

According to Google’s Gary Illyes optimizing for Google Rank Brain or Machine Learning will show results when the content is written in a natural language that sounds more human and gives a better user experience.

So, the way out to be friendly with Google Rank Brain or Machine Learning is making the text natural so that it is true to life and does not sound artificial.

Latest Google Rank Brain or Machine Learning update

On October 26, 2015, Google Rank Brain update had the formal launch after testing since April 2015. Google Rank Brain filters search results to give users the best answer to their query.

After the latest Google Rank Brain update, the Google algorithm update joined the mainstream from the fringes after handling 15 percent of queries to started handling every query in Google.


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