How To Get Followers on Facebook and Social Media in 2019

In business, products will sell only if people know about the existence of a business or a brand. That shows the importance of businesses and marketers to reach out to places where their potential consumers are hanging out. That is where social media marketing is scoring high.

How To Get Followers on Facebook

Welcome to Facebook! This social outlet opens a direct channel to all relevant demographics of a business to be visible. Instead of consciously seeking Facebook followers, here the efforts must be to build a loyal fan base comprising online consumers.

Before we think hard on how to get followers on Facebook the rising importance of Facebook in business marketing needs to be recognized. A Facebook account for businesses can serve as a great social Media marketing channel.

Business Facebook pages differ from ordinary Facebook. In the latter people share images, updates, emojis, and banter while networking with ex-pals from school, college, town or with relatives and friends. These days, people also use the Facebook lite app for enhanced interactions.

Revenue Engine


Building a business Facebook page that transforms into an enterprise’s gateway to market, leads, customers, sale, revenue plus relationships calls for a strategic approach in attracting thousands of followers every week.

A Facebook Business Page offers the following benefits.

  • Easy business presence
  • Leads
  • Expansion of brand loyalty

Facebook Follower Concept


Facebook follower concept gained traction from the limit imposed on a number of friends an account can take. Since Facebook has restricted maximum friends to 5000 the alternative is adding followers who are not on friends list but get feeds from the FB user.

This is very effective in the case of celebrities and businesses looking to build a global or national following. On Facebook, posts, status, profiles, picture or messages get shown to three kinds of people—Friends, Public, and Only me.

The Benefit of Doing Marketing With Small Budgets


Today, a business need not have the size and affluence of Apple, Microsoft or Starbucks to build a loyal community to support its brand or business.

The emergence of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has annulled the need to spend a fortune on traditional advertisements for sending marketing messages to the potential audience. All they need is a smart Facebook marketing strategy.

Facebook plus some other social media have matured into ideal platforms in building communities where businesses can connect with potential consumers for making a  strong online presence.

Facebook Business Manager


how to gain followers on Facebook

We know Facebook business manager app is being used by companies to manage their Facebook Pages and ad accounts effectively.

This free tool is helping businesses to securely manage pages plus plugging login information loss to outsiders by making connections secure. This has addressed several pain points and is helping accomplishment of important promotional objectives.

Steps to create connections and followers in social media must be treated as a prelude to building a target audience for hard marketing efforts.

Smart business owners have learned the art of talking to consumers unlike talking down to them in an impersonal way via billboard ads and TV commercials.

Before figuring out how to increase Facebook followers we have known how businesses are focusing on social media and online activities. It is a smart way at looking for marketing strategies including email newsletters and banner ads.

As we know, modern consumers are distancing themselves from commercials and have little interest in catchy jingles. Millennial customers need to be wooed differently—heavy engagement with good content that tells stories, initiate conversations and showcases videos are the way to go.

How to Attract Potential Followers


Many online tutorials teach how to increase Facebook followers.  But ace marketers have their own tested tactics on how to gain followers on Facebook. Here we will look at some of them.

Download the Facebook Follow Button


how to increase Facebook followers

This paves way for seamless access for Facebook users to the relevant FB page by installing the Facebook Follow Button. First download Facebook Follow Button. That will show Facebook presence upfront and avoids the hassle of a user having to search for the brand.

Two steps can configure the button on a website. Just put your Facebook account URL and design the button as you like it.

Try Facebook Ads

One comfortable way to get Facebook followers is Facebook ads. Engagement” ads can boost visibility.

For that matter, any ad run by a user on Facebook can result in an expansion of followers and “conversion” ads not excluded.

Facebook users who like the content of an advertisement will obviously react the post and follow that Facebook page.

The goals can vary from store sales, or increase Facebook likes to the page.

Invite People to Like Your Page


If you are figuring out how to get followers on Facebook fast one way is inviting people to like your page. Once you start creating ads for Facebook notifications come asking to invite people to like pages. Engagement ads can enthuse a big number of people who like the page as well.

However, care must be taken while manually inviting people as a daily limit will be a barrier, crossing which can attract penal action including blocking of the account.

Create Viral Content


how to get followers on Facebook fast

The business Facebook page can share memes, funny videos, and relatable quotes to increase tagging to expand engagement and outreach on Facebook.

Try posting likable content by using inputs from Facebook trending topics and Facebook trending hashtags. Also look for trending words. We know how Twitter trending has been able to build a massive audience.

The puzzle of how do you get followers on Facebook was demonstrated by “Chubbies” –a brand selling shorts. It used funny video content via to comically highlight how wearing pants lead to problems and embarrassing moments and indirectly built up demand for its products.

By dramatizing the scenarios, the brand was able to rouse reader interest and boosted social shares.

In case businesses do not have that kind of in-house artistic resources, they can still create viral content by sharing viral niche content that resonates with the target audience.

Plan a Giveaway


Planning a giveaway plan on the business website using tools like Rafflecopter will also solve the anxiety on how to get Facebook followers free. That news must be shared with niche Facebook groups, giveaway websites and on the Facebook page itself to drive likes and followers.

Use Facebook Live


how to get free Facebook followers

Considering that bulk of the viral videos in Facebook has been live videos, businesses must leverage the Facebook live platform to the hilt. If new products are being added to an online store set them on Facebook Live for a wider display.

Increase Facebook followers by telling customers and followers by making a weekly live stream. When viewers increase on a Livestream higher visibility to the feed will follow and Facebook likes will automatically increase.

Target Big Groups


By identifying an audience group with significant numbers it is easy to slice away a substantial audience. One example is a Facebook page for dog owners. A dog-food making company can tap into the huge crowd of dog owners with a Facebook presence. However, targeting a group of hairless Chihuahua in New Jersey will be a mistake as that will not yield big numbers.

As a first step, identify the target fans and make a saved audience on the Facebook ads platform for making followers from that group respond. Also, create at least a dozen versions of the audience to target them in multiple ways.

Examples include targeting people loving pages on dogs. Make sure to reach out to people with a taste for popular dog pages; buying habits and aspiring new dog owners.

Post Visual Content to Get More Likes


Always remember the simple principle behind how to get Facebook followers. Image posts return maximum engagements via likes, love, laugh, shares, and comments.

Majority of Facebook users are using mobile devices to see news feeds and primacy goes to visual posts. That is why marketers answering the question how to get likes on Facebook as photos generate engagement from fans.

The first step at increasing Facebook followers is loading all the key information on the Facebook page. If an Instagram page is created side by side many collateral benefits can be drawn from the action on Facebook. This has been acknowledged by many users who have claimed their Facebook follower mark having crossed the 250,000 mark and Instagram page follower numbers reaching drew 30,000 during the same period without making any extra effort.

Pay Focus on Creating Viral Posts


As a significant step to boost Facebook followers keep in mind the characteristics of the audience being engaged with. Watch pages that speak to your target audience and study the viral posts that are getting maximum likes and shares.

To increase Facebook followers free a posting calendar will help by picking up vital points from viral posts. Elements such as people engaging more with cute images of dogs will work as a source for such posts. Training tips are also the staple of dog owners and draw immense likes for such posts.

Post 4 to 6 times a day and spend populating FB page before starting promotional activities.

Spend a Bit to Boost FB Posts


Boosting is an indirect way to gain Facebook followers free. So, plan to boost every single post that is to be published. Budget a tiny amount for every post. Spending $5 to $10 to boost posts experimentally can get some exciting results before moving further.



Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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