How to Install WordPress Plugins Tutorial – Step by Step for Beginners

WordPress Plugins are PHP contents that expand the usefulness of WordPress. They upgrade the highlights of WordPress or add totally new highlights to your site. Plugins are regularly created by volunteers and are typically allowed to people in general.

Plugins are accessible through the WordPress Plugin Directory. In spite of the fact that plugins you find here are completely tried and thought about safe to utilize, they are of changing quality and are frequently works in advancement.

How do they relate to WordPress core?

The WordPress content management system code, or WordPress core, provides the first practicality for business enterprise content and managing users. every WordPress plugin is a further piece of code which will be simply put in to increase the practicality of WordPress core.

This allows you to customize your WordPress web site along with your desired practicality. Since such a lot practicality is provided through plugins, WordPress core is full-featured and customisable, while not having to incorporate everything for everybody.


How to Install WordPress Plugins Tutorial


1. Click on Plugin which is the right side of the Dashboard


how to install wordpress plugin


2. Then click on add new button to add new WordPress Plugin


how to install wordpress plugin - Add new


3. Search your plugin that you want to install in your WordPress


how to install wordpress plugin - Search bar


4. Then find write plugin after the search, click install Button and then Activate.


how to install wordpress plugin - Install plugin


5. Now Your WordPress plugin is Ready To Configure


how to install wordpress plugin - Configure




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