How To Start a Blog – Easy to Follow Guide for Beginners in 2019

How To Start a Blog – Inspiring stories of bloggers making six-figure incomes continue to excite people. The surprise doubles when it is known that most of these “rich” bloggers started off on blog writing as a hobby.

How To Start a Blog

Regarding thoughts on how do I start a blog or How To Start a Blog, the important step is to maintain a mental vision of the content you will write and how that can connect with a target audience and spray interest in a potential audience.

The value and efficacy of blogs have been further reinforced by digital marketers who use blogs as a top tool in the promotion of products and services online. That has certainly upped curiosity on its dynamics especially the paradigm, what is a blog and how does it work.

Surging online readership has catapulted blogs into unprecedented prominence and established itself as a great

">tool for digital marketing

Knowing the origin and evolution of blogs can be interesting. Basically, blog stands for “weblog” meaning an online journal. It all began as personal mini sites where people started writing their opinions, personal stories, observations, shared photos, and videos.

How to Start a Blog?

Now more people want to write blogs. There is obvious curiosity on how to start a blog as umpteen success stories are bombarding people kindling blogging passion and anxiety for fame and good money.

That raises the quest on knowing the possible avenues of monetizing a blog. Before thinking of money, a blog must discover its audience and keep cultivating new readers.

There are strategies to promote, market, and grow blogs. A leading blogger claims that his blog traffic surged 2,052 percent in just a year.

Blogger Ryan Robinson shares some blog ideas on how to create a blog. He could earn thousands of dollars as passive income from blogging and also brought him closer to 2 million talented readers.

In his view, the journey to be a successful blogger involves learning new things and challenging oneself. Ryan shares many tips that gained him millions of readers within a year from a meager readership.

However, blogging experts also advise keeping undue expectations under check at the starting phase of blog writing.

Looking for rapid results will only breed disappointment. Today’s successful blogs do reflect the high passion of people on the subject matter. They treat blogs like an investment and their returns surge as they invest more in terms of value.

Why care is needed on Domain Name?

how to make a blog

Choosing a good domain name is the starting point of blogging and is the most important task as well. There are many blog name generators currently in use.

Taking the help of blog name generators is a fine idea in creating a nice blog/domain name.  But certain elements are worth considering before finalizing a domain or blog name.

The domain name must match the concerned business. Make sure the domain name is chosen well. It must be catchy, crisp, easy to pronounce and can be remembered fast. Avoid complex words else users will type the wrong spellings.  Panabee Blog is one of the top blog name generators.

There are lots of free domain name generators. These online tools offer names that suit the keywords offered for search. They also process preferred extension(s) for detailed search. One of the prominent domain name generators is Lean Domain Search ( Domain name search tools as in GoDaddy are also a case in point.

Domain Registration

The benefit of cheap domain registration is that it can stave off many pressure points on the costs. Getting a personal server will be a great relief to run a business on a tight budget. A cheap domain registration brings easy access to free services in the timely accomplishment of business goals.

Top domain name providers include GoDaddy and NameCheap.  Most WordPress hosting companies also come up with free domain names in their subscription offers.

Basic Preparation to How to Start a Blog

  1. Create a name for the blog and choose a domain
  2. Get a hosting provider
  3. Choose your blogging platform or content management systems
  4. Identify your niche and decide the topic to blog
  5. Design your Blog Page with a clear theme
  6. Create About, Contact Us pages
  7. Set up a Content Strategy
  8. Plan a Regular Publishing Schedule
  9. Use Free Photos and Designs
  10. Publish and Promote Posts to earn money

Types of Blogs

While learning how to make a blog also decide on where to begin—niche blogs or personal blogs.  Niche blogs are noted for their focus on specific topics and can have a broader range.

Equally popular are personal blogs as in the case of celebrities and influential people. Blogs written by influencers enjoy huge follower base.

how to start a blog for free

One example is Neil Patel’s blog. Patel is a globally famed digital marketing evangelist whose fan base is many millions of readers.

Subject matters of the blog can vary from single topics to a wide range of ideas. Common blog topics include.

  • Small businesses
  • Technology
  • Gadgets
  • Automobiles
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Parenting
  • Food and Recipes
  • Celebrities and gossip
  • Sports
  • Product reviews
  • Career advice

Where to Blog?

We come across many advice peddlers on how to create a blog for free. They advise people wanting to become bloggers to write blogs in free platforms. These blogging sites help in developing a readership base fast. Some of the free sites are.

WordPress ( To set up a blog, explore which is known as the king of free blogging sites. The benefit of free hosting can also be leveraged here though it is advisable to work out a long-term strategy and opt for paid hosting. This will give better control on the look and feel, and money making options on the site.

Wix ( Wix is another free website builder and noted for smart designs suiting both beginners and advanced users.

The blogger only needs to arrange the layouts or select templates. There are many free and premium themes and templates. Wix AI also helps to create a site based on the preferences of the blogger. If it is to be done personally, go for a selection of template and layouts via the WYSIWYG editor.

Medium ( Medium is the right choice for people who want to write and access an audience without bothering about having “my own site”.

Medium offers opportunity for all to open an account to write. The advantage is exposure of the writer’s content to a wider audience. Medium commands a base of 60 million readers a month.

Blogger ( As the oldest free blogging site, Blogger is popular for starting personal blogs. Just open an account and pick a default theme and writing can start. There are multiple appearance options and the site comes with many ad spaces.

Limitations of Free Blogging Sites

how to create a blog for free

Capturing email addresses from readers using tools like ConvertKit, running ads, affiliate programs and activities to make money will be restricted in free blogging sites.

Regarding how to start a blog for free and make money, let us understand that free blogs want user to upgrade. After growing the reader base, when a blogger tries to switch or upgrade to a better service, hassles crop up in terms of taking time to grow in another platform and losing the traffic already established.

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Making Money from Blogs

Making money with hobby blog or business blog is possible. Here we look at how to start a blog and make money.

Place CPC//CPM Ads: Placing ads on blogging site can be useful. Two popular types of ads are CPC/PPC Ads: These pay per click ads are mostly banners that can be placed within the blog content or sidebar. When a reader clicks on the ad, the blogger will be paid.

CPM Ads: Cost per 1,000 impressions is called as CPM Ads or ads that pay a finite amount of money based on the number of people who viewed the ad.

Getting a Google AdSense account will take care of these types of Ads. Relevant ads suiting the content will be offered by Google. Other PPC providers also include Chitika, Infolinks, and

Allowing private ads in the form of buttons, banners, or links can be another source of revenue. Money can also come from writing sponsored posts on a product or service of an advertiser. Other options include charging a one-time fee for placing a link within a post. Banner ads can be charged monthly.

Affiliate Links in Your Content

Affiliate marketing is a great way of monetizing blogs. Here an advertiser will be looking to sell something. A commission will come to the blogger from each sale if the buyer comes from his blogging site. A unique affiliate code tracks sale deals and informs whether a buyer has really used a link from the blogger during a purchase.

Amazon Associates and private advertiser partnerships can offer a dynamic affiliate programs.

Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products through the blog platform will also yield good revenue. The products can include

  • eBooks
  • Online courses
  • Images, video, or music
  • Plugins and Apps

Assess the reader’s demand first and create the right digital products. Blog as a content marketing tool offers indirect money via online sales at a business website. This is done by tapping a blog’s power to attract visitors and converting them into loyal customers.


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