What Is Blogging? How To Become A Professional Blogger? Explained

A definition of blogging and overview of why people love it as a means to making money online, as well as tips for starting a blog and making money.

What is Blogging and How it Works?

Blogging is the best way to share your thoughts and knowledge via a website or a blog. Bloggers usually write their blogs and update them daily. This is the way to share your knowledge in the format of text worldwide. And updating blogs and then do online work on websites; this process is nothing but known as “Blogging”.   

To write a blog, you have to choose a Word Press. Write blogs regularly then do SEO(Search Engine Optimization). On-page SEO is done during coding while Off-page SEO is on to you. It might take months to generate traffic.  

What is Blog Marketing?

Blog Marketing is a process that advertises a brand, website, business or service via the medium of blogs. It is not limited to marketing via ads placed on blogs, reviews by the blogger, promotion due to the entry of third party blogs, recommendations, and cross-syndication of information across multiple blogs. Among all the digital marketing strategies, Blog marketing is the more popular one. It has many benefits. This includes the creation of textual, video, audio content on your website’s blog. Blog marketing allows a brand to improve their search engine traffic and visibility.

Why Is Blogging Important For Business?

The following are reasons for which blogging is very important;

  • Connect people to your brand

Building brand awareness is very important to all business organizations. Marketing and blog posting will allow you to show your followers the personal side of your business. It will give users a sense of the corporate standards, vision, personality, business character of your company.

  • Establish your business as an industry leader

Blogging is a good way to establish cloud and build trust in your business. It is very good for your business success. Posting blogs that are helpful as well as informative can make you expert in this particular field. It will subsequently lead to higher conversion rates.

  • Create Opportunities for sharing

One of the most powerful advantages of blog marketing is to create opportunities for others to share the link to your blog. It builds the potential for market growth and as well as viral growth. With the help of different platforms, visitors can help in sharing a link to the blog, or mail it to other people.

  • Make Good relationships

Blog marketing develops as well as strengthens relationships with existing and new customers.  

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How Blogging is Done?

One can do blogging by creating content by himself or by the help of others by publishing it on various platforms like blogger, Weebly, WordPress, Wix, etc.

What are the Steps Involved in Implementing Blogging?

Blogging is done with the help of following steps;

  • Unleash ideas within you

If you want to create a blog, you don’t require any revolutionary ideas. But your blog ought to be targeted on one thing. You want to make your blog a unique one. For that, you must have a unique personality, which will attract the audience. In case of choosing a niche of a blog, you have to focus on the following key question;

  • Are there others who are interested in the same things?
  • Do I enjoy about this topic?
  • Name your blog and get web hosting

This is a very important step. The reason is that your blog shows your brand name. First of all, you have to give a domain name i.e. the name of your blog. If you are unable to find a domain name, then only you can start your blog. You can change the name later also. And the second one is web hosting. It is defined as a service that allows your blog to be accessed through the internet. And if you want to buy one then check this article for “Best Web Hosting in India“.

  • Install WordPress

You can’t start a blog without any software. So, for this, you need to install WordPress first. The main reason to install WordPress is that it is free and user-friendly.

  • Design Blog

Once you are done with the installation of WordPress, now you will able to start designing your blog.

  • Customization and optimization 

There are many customizations which you need to make on a WordPress blog. Themes are the foundation of your design that includes the core functionalities. After customizing, you have to optimize your blog.

68 Ultimate Blogging Tips

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Is Blogging a Good Career?

Yes, blogging is a very good option for making a career. It can improve your technical knowledge, educational, health, relationship, etc. If you want to share any type of knowledge or thoughts, then Blog is the best way ever. It helps in improving personality development. By using this, you can promote products. You can express your thoughts, views, and opinions. As traffic increases, you will also start making a lot of money.

How Long Does Blogging Take to Start Working?

When your blogs will start indexing on Google, or when traffic comes to your website, then only your blogging task will start working.  Traffic on the website depends on how much you are sharing via social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on.

Qualification and Skills Required For Becoming a Blogging Professional?

There are some skills and qualifications required to become a blogging professional. And these are listed below;

  • A person should have excellent writing experience.
  • The person should have the certification of a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, English, or any marketing related field.
  • He/she must have exceptional writing, communication, or research skills.
  • For the requirement of a blogger, a person must have the quality of adaptability, and creativity.
  • Must be proficient with a special content management software, MS office, computers, SEO keywords, basic knowledge of HTML, social media platforms, etc.

Scope of Blogging in India: Current Scenario and Future

Blog marketing in India has better scope in the future than the previous as well as today’s scenario. As a blogger, you can earn a lot of money. Blogging, as a career, has a giant scope in India. As the number of internet users in our country increases, the demand for blogging will also increase.

If you want to build your career as a blogger, then you need to be innovative and diligent. In today’s growing digital world, a blogger in India can earn a lot of money as compared to the previous scenario. If you have an initial few thousand followers, you can make a few thousands a month. Like this, your future earnings will increase over time. 

How Much Salary Can I Get as Blogging Fresher?

For any job, the salary expectation depends only upon the candidate. Like this for a blogger, it depends on the quality of content. For a blogging fresher, the minimum salary expectation must be around 15K.

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