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Importance Of Business Analysis In Digital Age

In business analysis, you take into account every factor whether it is the targeted market or customers to make a marketing strategy. It is the pin with which you hold the process together. Without analysis, you will run the business on intuition. The analysis shows where your business stands in comparison to rivals. You can also analyze the previous marketing campaigns. It is only after analysis that you can determine whatever you achieved is great. If the results aren’t satisfactory, you can relook at the strategy. It will be analysis of strategies and results.

Why is business analytics important?

As a responsible entrepreneur or investor, you should know all that you are going to do. You need data to support your objectives and that reflects vision of the company. Before taking any decision, always ask yourself, if this decision makes any sense. And for this, you need doing business analysis.

You will be encouraged to make the investment, if you see high returns but the low return will discourage you from making any further investment. With business analysis, you can understand what your customers want and provide the product or services they want.


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Allows company to control their cost & identify efficient ways

Poor financial management or lack of planning is the reason for failure in business. Development and careful implementation of a system for finance and management is vital for success in business. Consider following points while reviewing your financial system:

  • Liquidity3

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  • Investment4

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  • Costing5

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  • Lending6

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  • Progress7

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Faster and better decision making

Maintain a fine balance between your ability to take quick decisions and the strategy. It will help in determining whether the decisions are appropriate. Also you can see whether any factor is affecting the decisions and if so, you can find ways to remove that factor. There are various factors like facilities, workforce and technology that matter.


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Conducting a complete analysis

Having a clear idea about how your competitors are doing will be helpful in many ways. Even any piece of information about rivals could be of great help. Get this information by asking questions like who, where and what. Also analyze strength, weakness, opportunities and threats in the business. This analysis will give a preview of your performance in comparison to rival and market in general.


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Conducting a customer and market analysis

With the marketing strategy that you made at launch of the business, you developed a process to meet your business goals. When it is time to review performance, you need accessing your customer data and assessing market positioning of your business. Updating marketing plan with business plan is also helpful. A quick review of business performance is an opportunity to review your strategies. Keep following factors in mind when reviewing your business plans:

  • What changes you made in business process?
  • What is the latest in your business?
  • How demands of customers changed?
  • Other factors like economy and technology

Get feedback from customers as it is only customers that tell whether improvement in service is needed. You can tweak product deliverability, service by customer care executives and the procedures according to feedback. Also the feedback tells about hobbies, interests and demographics of customers.

Reviews or customer feedback are crucial for any business as they provide flexibility with which a business can get an edge over its rivals even in a short time. It is important you take into account all the implication of any changes made in business. But what you need most is careful planning of finances and resources.


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Breaking down strategic review

It is better to review performance at regular intervals. Areas you need reviewing are:

  • How the market is performing?
  • Performance of your business in relation to market performance
  • Factors affecting operations
  • Financial planning
  • Business process and the workforce

When you find that all the above factors are favorable, it is time to build a strategy to take your business to next level. But if the factors need improvement, it is better to pay attention to the business process and everything that affects performance. There are ample opportunities for every business provided you are able to make factors favorable.


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Business analysis is a technique to see what is supporting your business and what is holding it back. It is a way to strengthen your business process and make concrete plans to achieve success.



Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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