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Advance Link Building Strategies to Capture Top Position in Search


In SEO operations, link building strategy is very vital. Unlike the past, it is a hard job now as days of easy link building are the pass.

To improve ranking, precisely “organic ranking,” high-quality link building from authoritative websites are a must.


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This hard work requires creative approach and a readiness to venture out of the comfort zone. That will give a stellar edge in organic search campaigns.

There is always an opportunity to build plenty of valuable links which many competitors will not be chasing because of passivity.

Content is King

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Here we will be discussing some tactics that will help in effective link building strategies.

The announcement of AndreyLipattsev, Google’s Search Strategist in March 2016 is fresh in everybody’s mind. He said there are no two opinions that what matters is nothing but content and links in determining good ranking.

“Yes; I can tell you what they are. It’s content, and links pointing to your site,” Lipattsev wrote in his blog.

So the quest for good ranking boils down to applying the right resources intelligently to build quality links by executing link building strategies. That happens when visitors gorge stimulating content of great staying power and has good value for the readers.

On the other hand, if content irritates and repels readers they will leave hastily and there will be no chance for any sort of link building.

Alan Bleiweiss in his article World-Class Link Building Is More Than Links again asserts the role of content quality in producing quality links.

Alan advises the need of content being powerful and good enough to be shared socially for high-quality links.

To harness smart ideas on how to develop good content refer to the popular article How to Create Sexy, Interesting Content for a Boring Industry.

Tap Cryptocurrency

One smart way to notch up some instant links will be jumping into a current fad. An example is, just mention that your website will accept cryptocurrency. It is a metaphorical way of inviting those having crypto-friendly business articles to come on board by linking to your website. Although capital gains will not come, you can expect high-quality links as the biggest profit.

Build Interactive Data

Thanks to higher engagement and information level, interactive data has become the new star in content and is more popular than the erstwhile infographics.

Interactive data can give incredible links and all bloggers will love to link them in their topics. The broad outreach offers many quality links. It is also cost-effective and easy to develop. All you will need is a good idea and the ability to offer a creative treatment. Some examples of interactive data are given below.

 1.A Guide to Who Is Fighting Whom in Syria
2.Marijuana Legal States
3.Why do Buses Bunch
4.Daily Routines of Famous Creative People

“Listicles: are smashing when written around good topics with wonderful inbound links to follow. In a list of top 10, 20, 50 of a person, place, or thing there lays a great way to create valuable content which people love to read and link.

Bloggers are active in connecting marketing places, things or people with target markets. They will be happy to link such interactive stuff in their posts.

Some more examples are here
• Best SEO blog posts of 2017
• Top social media experts to follow on Twitter
• 9 Best SEO tools for digital marketing agencies
• 7 Best WordPress plug-ins to improve page speed

Making the Ultimate Resource List

By compiling a comprehensive list with a power to lure any person in an industry for in-depth, all-inclusive information and images, authentic links are assured.

The mighty list can contain category wise information backed by the table of contents with amazing jump links.

Providing resources that are specific to an industry is most important in this exercise and can include

  • Regulatory bodies
    • Top publications
    • Data sources
    • Industry Laws
    • Training Schools
    • Top podcasts
    • Politicians/legislators in the industry
    • Top YouTube channels
    • Industry leaders
    • Employment/staffing firms in the industry
    • Industry associations
    • Tools
    • Industry events
    • Facebook/LinkedIn groups
    • Top Books

Such a massive list could be a 5,000-word post and the link’s authority will make people linking to it.

Become an Influencer

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We know the value of an influencer in any industry, who is held in high esteem in important markets. Their views carry immense weight and they enjoy high visibility. They will be abundant in top publications, social media, and industry websites.

Most people would like to be on the radar of an influential person for opportunities in reciprocal linking.

The advantage of influencers is that they are fortunate too in getting too many links after a post because of the star status.

An influencer will also have privileged access to others and can draw powerful links. Becoming an influencer is no easy job and the process takes hard work of many years.

Host an Event

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Everyone likes to party. By hosting an event a business can make a great opportunity to get the attention of local media and industry organizations which will start talking and linking to the business website.
In fact, these days many events are being announced in advance with obvious luxury. Rented yachts may be cruising hundreds of executives and huge media glare will also follow.

But make sure the event is newsworthy and beneficial to the participants and organizations associating with it.

If a local charity is campaigning for a good cause, joining them is also a good way in having the local media involved.

Using Press Release as a Link Building Idea

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Even though the era of submitting press releases for building links is over, there is still some potential left in press releases for strong and effective link building techniques.

In the past, press releases were used for embedding links. However, with no follow backlinks becoming common, they have become useless as Google has castigated the technique algorithmically.

Generating press releases for link building after conducting an event and publicizing it makes sense. This will help media outlets to write about it and can yield links.

Cultivate Editors, Scribes and Contributors

Be proactive in developing the friendship with contributors and journalists by engaging them and solving their problems. This will unveil opportunities for good exposure and link building.

Instead of expecting favours, keep helping them. The important part is trying to network with journalists and contributors not only in your niche but also befriending those who are a good fit for your personality. Engage fervently, track them on social media, comment and share their posts.

Become a Contributor in Trade Media

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Contributing articles in top publications will boost credibility and fame but your clients may not read them.

So, it is worthwhile to figure out publications that are read by your clientele and start appearing there as a contributor. This tactic is very rewarding for excellent link making besides positioning as an industry expert.

Curate Content and Publish

There are many content curation websites allowing users to pick topics. They can curate topics and publish articles in social networks. The rapidly sharing quality links will be very useful. One such site is where you can create an account and produce good content.


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