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Do you know Google Instant Search is stopped?

Google Instant Search has become a thing of past. The facility is removed but nobody knows about it. Or it will be more appropriate to say that searchers are little bothered about Google removing the Instant Search option. Started in 2010, the service was aimed at improving speed and quality of the search.

More information on Google Instant Search

When a search query is entered into Google search box, the largest search engine starts providing suggestions matching with the searched query. User can go through the suggestions and choose the best. Objective of Instant Search was to reduce search time and provide matching searches.

Google calls it “search before you type” and it takes less than 25 seconds in giving suggestions. The process works on the theme of “faster search easier search”. It is claimed that “Instant Search” saves 11 hours of total time spent on searching. While announcing the rollout, Google called Instant Search a “fundamental shift” towards bigger search results.

The search results are provided in a drop-down menu below the search box. Also, the largest search engine tries giving a couple of options instead of one or two results. Users can easily find and click on the matching results or continue with their search query. The Instant Search will modify the searched query.

Reason for rolling back of the Instant Search

Google will continue to provide suggestions but it won’t load results until the users select result and press enter. It seems Instant Search was for desktop searches only as Google decided to roll back the facility when the number of mobile searches surpassed desktop search. According to Google, the Instant Search was removed due to searches taking place on mobiles and also Google wants to focus on making Search easier and fluid on all devices.

Instant Search has little use on mobile searches as most users enter direct search instead of looking for options. Google is working towards Mobile Search and it wants to help users in getting quick search results on all types of handheld devices from phones to tabs.


Instant Search is rolled back but most Googlers are unaware of starting and stopping of this facility. It is so because Instant Search could never be made a mark on users. Also, it was of little help in SEO. Sometimes the suggestions provided are funny or offensive. Some people would come to know about Instant Search for the information regarding the closing of the search.


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