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New Carousel Format For Mobile Search Result Sitelinks

Google has officially confirmed to rolling out the new design for Sitelinks for mobile search results. The largest search engine has been testing the new design for over a year. It is carousel format and the new links will be in carousel-based design. Testing is complete and the design is ready to be rolled out. Google is waiting for the right moment to introduce the new design.

What are Sitelinks?

These are hyperlinks to important pages of websites displayed in featured snippets. These links are displayed under featured snippets. Searchers are provided the quick answer to their search query in a featured snippet and also the snippet carries a hyperlink to the page of the website from where the snippet is taken. These links are shown in blue color for quick recognition and their objective is to help searchers find more information by visiting the hyperlink.

What is carousel format?

It is a block or card format of showing hyperlinks. Until now, only one Sitelink is displayed in blue color under featured snippets but with carousel format, multiple hyperlinks could be presented in box format. The new design is tested and found to be working well with mobile Google search results. It will soon be rolled out to replace the existing Sitelinks format.

What is the advantage of the new carousel format?

The searchers would have more options than a single hyperlink. In addition to visiting the web page from where the featured snippet is taken, searchers can visit more web pages relevant to the search results. Whether the new Sitelinks design would impact the present site rankings isn’t known but Google has assured that it will help both the websites and the visitors.

While Google is certain that rolling out of the new format won’t impact search results, the search engine industry is jittery over rolling out of the new design format. Some enthusiastic search engine watchers have posted screenshots for the new carousel format. It shows multiple hyperlinks in blocks.


Google is continuously experimenting with new ideas to improve its search results. Introduction of the new carousel design for Sitelinks is a welcome move by the largest search engine. It is a great effort at improving the search results but like other moves, this change will also fuel the search engine war among websites. But the ultimate benefactor from this design change will be the searchers.


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