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Social media managers should prepare for the 7 trends in 2017

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What’s your social media strategy for 2017 and how’re you working on the strategy? Experts have made 7 predictions based on past performance of social media. Know what experts have to say about social media in 2017 and optimize your social media strategy according to expert opinion.

Let’s discuss the predictions

1) Live Video Content will become even bigger

In previous year 2016, 14% businesses experimented with video content and in 2017; approximately 43% businesses are expected to use video content. Periscope reported that viewers watched 110 years of live video every day and Facebook videos reached record breaking numbers on New Year’s Eve.

So, what’s your strategy for social media in 2017? First of all, you should find on which media your customers are spending most of their time and you should try connecting with the targeted audiences on that media. The strategy should be to engage customers by streaming events they otherwise can’t attend.

2) Brands will lean on messaging apps more than ever

Messaging apps are great for communicating one-one-one and there are more than 4 billion users that use messaging apps worldwide. And messaging isn’t limited to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat. There are many apps that provide, convenient and cost effective way of communication.

3) Social media commerce will become a powerful avenue for sales

Players like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are offering apps for buying products. Others are also following suit for instance take Snapchat that entered into ecommerce through apps in 2016. This trend with gather momentum as more people are following brands on social media. According to a survey this approximately 56% people follow brands on social media.

4) Virtual reality will find its way into more and more marketing experiences

Virtual reality is no longer new to marketing and in 2017, it will become more popular. Its advantage is that it offers an immersive and memorable experience that encourages engagement. Also brands have started recognizing the value of virtual reality.

5) Ephemeral content will continue to find its place and purpose

Disappearing content could be a great way to tell the other side of the story. It is a way to reveal a brand’s personality with authentic content that is unscripted and unpolished with flowery words. It isn’t that traditional photography will no longer be useful but the ephemeral content will also be used in marketing.

Social media managers should prepare for the 7 trends in 2017

It can include:

• How to videos
• Contests
• Interviews
• Live events
• Announcements
• Video series

Being human is the most valuable part of the ephemeral content and it should be taken as an opportunity to reveal the human side of your brand. So, don’t be afraid while showing a humorous or even a flawed piece of content on ephemeral video.

6) Many brands will make the shift from Snapchat to Instagram for Stories

When Instagram introduced its stories feature, it didn’t know that the number of daily active viewers on Stories will cross 100 million. This figure is two-third of total user base of Snapchat. It is for this reason that experts believe that brands will abandon Snapchat for Instagram.

7) Mobile advertising will grow more competitive

Last year, Facebook generated more than $7 billion in ads and more than 80% of the revenue was from mobile ads. Similarly Twitter also reported increase in its mobile revenue. The trend is expected to continue this year.


Social media is changing fast but it will be more appropriate to call it evolution. New technologies and features are introduced and the users are also becoming used of the new features. Now it is time for media managers to optimize their strategies keeping the changes in mind.

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