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Secrets To SEO Hacks No One Talks About

Are you looking for SEO hacks that can make quickly make an impact? Are you tired of changing algorithms? Figuring out SEO without much expertise is like going on a fad diet. Fad diets promise fast results, but most of those results are never delivered. Moreover, you can’t keep using the same hacks for years.


Chances are, most of those tactics are outdated by now. Additionally, it can be a pretty big possibility that some trendy new hack fails to provide you results. What if we told you that there are several trendy hacks that actually work? You have to keep reading to find out more about secret SEO tactics that can make a real difference.


10 Secrets SEO Hacks No One Talks About:

On difficult days, you might think SEO is like figuring out a complex puzzle. You might also get the idea that you need a lot of money to figure it out. But all that’s not true. Simply scroll down and read about the top ten secret SEO hacks that will impress you with terrific results.

  1. Use Videos and Optimize It 

At the moment, visual content is killing it on all platforms. Consumers can’t seem to have enough of watching video after video. So naturally, if you are going to use videos, you must optimize them for maximum reach. Moreover, you have plenty of options for creating content, from motion graphics to actual videography.

  1. Prioritize User Intent 

When you are conducting keyword research, focus on search queries that are user-intent in nature. Then, once you have a fair idea of your customer’s pain points, start combining these queries or pain points with questions and relevant phrases – this move acts as a catalyst for displaying support to the customer’s pain points.


  1. Create User-friendly Content: 

One of the most creative SEO hacks is generating user-friendly content – content that’s relatable. There are two ways to go about this. You can either generate content that induces major FOMO (fear of missing out) in your audience or take the help of emotional triggers. While creating your content strategy, understand that powerful search engines favour user-friendly content.

  1. Go Beyond The ‘Exact Match’ Keywords

It’s an entirely inaccurate assumption that Google or any powerful search engine for that matter favors sites with keywords that exactly match. A powerful search engine like Google understands concepts, relationships, and entities. As a result, you have to go beyond the exact old keywords and prioritize authenticity.

  1. Build Trust and Authority 

If you are just starting out, naturally, it is almost impossible to compete against websites that have existed for an entire decade. For instance, when high authority sites like Forbes publish any content, the trust and authority of these sites are so good that Google simply ranks them. Thus, one of the best SEO hacks out there is to publish content that showcases your expertise consistently.

  1. Migrate To HTTPS

Firstly, if you have not moved to HTTPS from HTTP, do it as soon as possible. Secondly, while you are moving to HTTPS, avoid making any additional changes to the website. Google knows you are making changes because of protocols but might fail to recognize any extra change that you make – this, in turn, will affect your SEO rankings.

  1. Incorporate Visual Search 

The popularity of visually appealing content is a good reason for e-commerce businesses and retailers to start considering visual search as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Pinterest’s tremendous success with visual search has convinced Snapchat, Bing, and Amazon to incorporate the same on their platforms, proving that this is one of the SEO hacks people don’t talk about enough!

  1. Avoid Unethical Link Building Tactics

If you have been playing around with SEO hacks for some time now, you must have heard about the risky hacks of building links. You might have been tempted under desperate situations to try all those tactics out, but stop right there. This is because a powerful search engine like Google can easily detect mass manipulation and devalue your links.


  1. Do Internal Linking Logically

While doing internal linking, it will do you much good if you choose not to go overboard. Several people, in fact, use internal linking for keywords in their content. However, that is something you need not do as well. Instead, use internal linking for those sections of your content that are related to the keywords.

  1. Keep Track of Your Old Content

One of the most popular organic SEO hacks is tracking your old content. Sometimes, old content pieces continue to receive traffic. In this case, you need to do two things. Firstly, create fresh content that is related to the topics still getting traffic. Secondly, revisit your old content pieces, and add required modifications.


Search engine optimization is not something you can master overnight because it might take you several years to completely understand how it works. However, in the meanwhile, you can take the help of SEO hacks for effective results. The hacks mentioned above are all well-researched tips that can nail your SEO strategy if applied accurately.


Moreover, there’s one search engine optimization hack that will never fail you. If your content strategy focuses on creating 70% of content that’s evergreen and 30% of content that’s topically trending. After all, Google believes in the power of good quality, well-researched authentic content. So should you!



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