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Useful strategies for enhancing traffic for your webpage

Content Marketing to boost traffic

Digital media is all about visibility and every business is opting for new methods to increase their visibility. From costly paid campaigns to simple seo sequence every effort is targeted towards one destination only – get more exposure to webpage and secondly attracting more traffic. There are so many forces that work behind the scenes to get you desired traffic. So  today we are going to discuss certain strategies which will prove quite useful in inducing traffic on webpage which in turn will have a direct impact on business. When dealing with traffic related issues, Patience is an exceptional virtue because every technique takes some time to show results. There are very few quick hacks in this subject but long time results are guaranteed if following steps are implemented carefully and strategically:

  1. Communication is key

It is a very fundamental principle, the more you expose your product, posts about it, discuss its features the more people will get interested in it. Get involved in different communities and engage in discussions because more interaction = more traffic = more business. It is actually as simple as it sounds. Just steer clear from some obvious mistakes like:

* Holding too many social media accounts- Every site works in a similar fashion hence choose platform which is best suited for your product. Start by one or two accounts and post your genuine, well thought content. Once you start gathering attention and followers you can diversify.

* Always answer the queries – Interaction is key to traffic flow. Answer all queries in an honest way even if some queries make you uncomfortable stand your ground and defend your product. This shows that you believe in what you are selling. I recommend not getting in altercation with anyone but being firm in what you say.

* Participate – Participate in different online forums as guest or after creating account. Voice your opinion, try to win some loyal customers and keep posting regularly. Only point of caution here is : Do not overdo it. There is no such thing as overnight success in digital marketing (exception is a rule of nature). Let’s not waste our hard earned bucks and grey matter on fantasyland rides. Steady performance and patience will bring you all the traffic you are looking for, just keep on posting and interacting religiously.

  1. Content is an undefeated champion

Everyone in the area of marketing understands the importance of advertising brand. There should be consistent efforts to put your brand into the market but what you need here is to focus on quality content that can help you put your brand on map something mediocre content won’t do. Create value of ‘being original’, being creative and new. There’s a lot of gimmick going on internet these days about how much articles one should post. Don’t fall to these ‘over the top’ norms. What you need is: To post coherently, keeping in mind the quality which is the only criteria that will set you apart from existing competition. Moreover try to glam the monotonous plain text because no matter how great it is people will get bored after few lines or paragraphs. A good idea is to add relevant pictures, graphs, some pop videos. This will ensure the undivided attention of the viewer.

  1. Target keywords

There are so many data optimization techniques going in market these days. Keywords is one such way where you can add certain most searched words in your content, make sure they are relevant to your site else you might get blacklisted by the service provider. Use keywords that are searched on your site to increase the traffic. Longtail keywords are more generally used now days. Its advantage flows both ways: users quickly get what they are looking for and relevant business attracts right customers.

Useful strategies for enhancing traffic for your webpage copy

  1. Link Blink and Clink

As the headline goes- more linking will bring more blinking, in our case more traffic. The concept is quite easy to follow: Start a post or write an article as a guest for some blog. Now in addition to the written content add a link with your text which will direct the user to your page. Hence your link bought you traffic. Apart from being a guest blogger, can use paid link service. Sites with high traffic offer this feature. Another way is to create internal links where one page will contain link to other but make sure that unnecessary internal linking for onlyincreasing traffic is unethical. Go for white hat link, quite popular these days. Just follow these few tips and you are golden:

* Go for only high paying backlinks. We need traffic not only jazz.

* Make use of link directories.

* Maintain affinity in your community (community of internet, not your neighbours)

* Keep updating your skills in field of SEO and related techniques.

  1. Response and Analyse

A responsive site is need of the hour because you not only get traffic from desktop users but from other device users also. This includes android based phones, Mac platforms, tablets etc. Make sure your site responds to all these platforms in an appropriate way, the items on your page should adjust according to the device. This is great for your business as it is user friendly. For example: If your website is about selling homemade jams and jellies, the icons should be able to adjust in small screen of mobile phones, the buy now, add to cart, compare features should all work in the same space for an efficient and professional outlook.

Next is Analyse. What we did before is to get traffic now we must analyse the traffic we receive. Are you happy with current flow of traffic, Is your marketing techniques paying off. Is your backlinks effective? Ask all this from time to time to know your current position. To have a comprehensive view use ‘Google Analytics’ it is fairly easy to use and extremely beneficial to see your rate of return. Other than that:

* Do not join every community or blog you come across.

* Analyse your most potent traffic drawing areas.

* Keep track of your webpage – check how quickly links open or respond to a query.

* Focus on key products that are drawing more traffic.

  1. Useful SEO tools

Search Engine Optimization is a very effective technique which can do wonders for your webpage if used correctly. Hence the market is full of various paid and free tools which analyse whether you are using the right keywords, check for content plagiarism and son on. Among all the current SEO tools available following are few which gathered good reviews:

* Google trends – Gives results based on volume of query i.e. number of times it’s being searched.

* Wordstream – It is a free service. Give your ideas for keywords to use for maximum result.

* Hootsuite –  Helps in efficient manoeuvring of different social media pages.

  1. Time to test

Whenever a website is created it often exists in more than one version. Whether you made it yourself or got it customized there is never one end product. It is an ideal way because testing becomes relevant and it is always better to have another option. As usual Google provides a very helpful tool – A/B split testing under Google Analytics. Run different versions of your site to see which one is better. Just get a basic learning of A/B split testing tool and you can get started right away. Moreover it can be used after the initial testing also.

This compiles my list of ways for increasing traffic. It is not an instant magic recipe so live with them for few weeks and you will definitely notice a positive change.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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