SEO Is not Increasing Sales, let see how to fix it

Have you recently done SEO on your website and while the increased traffic at first was exciting…

It didn’t result in anything significant for your business?

These underwhelming results(and the disappointment that comes with it) is a common experience for many that implement SEO on their websites.

They pour hours of work or thousands of dollars into generating traffic, but even when their campaign is successful, they still have no sales to show for it.

If you can relate to this, then this article will be the best thing you read this week…

Because turning the dead traffic on your website into piping hot leads is very much possible.


We are turning lead into gold.

I’m Marvin Dominguez, founder, and head of growth of the expert SEO agency, Levelu. I’ve helped numerous clients turn dead traffic into tangible revenue.

So, it’s definitely possible to dig yourself out of an underperforming SEO campaign.

But first, you need to understand the number 1 reason why some SEO campaigns fail to generate sales.

Most SEO campaigns are throwing money away.

(all of your “well-spent” marketing funds)

When most people think of SEO… they are thinking organic traffic. Getting people from search engines to land on your website.

And that’s true, SEO is a fantastic option for generating organic traffic.

But, so many people make the deadly mistake of focusing purely on traffic numbers.

The problem is… this leads to optimizing your SEO strategies for getting more people on your site, instead of making more customers.

You see, traffic by itself isn’t worth a damn until it turns into a paying customer.

So the focus of your campaign should always be to bring the most customers to your business instead of creating an impressive graph on Google Search Console.

This leads to my next point, in order to maximize conversions, you need to:

Get the right eyes on your website(most important step)

Everybody is on the internet, but of course, not everybody is a potential buyer. The first step in developing an SEO campaign that automatically brings in customers is finding the right people.

Instead of appealing to a broad audience with your SEO efforts, aim straight for the money by going after the “Power 4%.”

If you’ve ever read the 4 hour workweek, you’ve certainly heard of the Pareto principle.

It’s the concept that 20% of your efforts give you 80% of your results. And that the other 80% of your effort only produces 20% of your results.

In the SEO world, you can apply this same principle. 20% of your traffic will produce 80% of your revenue.

But instead of just focusing on this 20 percent let’s go a little further…

Do the 20/80 rule twice. That 20% also follows a 20/80 rule.

As convoluted as it sounds, 20% of the 20% will give you 80% of the results(from the original 80%)

This leads to what is called the Power 4%.

Because 4% of your traffic will give you 64% of the revenue you make off of SEO.

Look for this power 4% and get THOSE eyeballs on your website.

In practice, this means Instead of targeting broad keywords, use long-tail keywords, which typically have higher buyer’s intent.

The aim of this tactic is not to accumulate huge amounts of traffic, but to boost conversions by targeting search queries that will actually end in sales.


Now that They Are on Your Website… Create ACTION:

Now, most businesses get this step wrong.

They do their SEO campaign effectively and get buyer-rich traffic… but they then try to shove the sale down their visitor’s throats.

This crushes your conversions because not everybody in your market is ready to buy.

Most don’t even know what you’re offering them(and won’t be on your website).

Some know but simply do not care enough(yet).

Some know and are researching the solution you can offer them

…and only a few are actually ready to buy right now.

With everybody on a different stage of their buyer’s journey, what’s most important is creating your pages with this in mind.

This means that if someone is on your blog… they are there most likely because they are in the research phase of their journey.

If they are on the service page, then they are likely to be closer to purchasing, and selling them on your service will be effective.

Now, this is the juicy part. Just because someone is in the research phase, doesn’t mean they’ll stay there forever. To create a client-generating SEO campaign, aim to create micro-conversions that fit where the prospective client is on their journey.

If they are on your blog, convert them from researcher to potential customer by offering them a free audit/ useful report/ or a content upgrade for contact information.

By doing this, you turn dead traffic into potential customers you can further nurture through an email marketing campaign.

But we can’t just dust off our hands and set off into the sunset.

While you may now know how to funnel your traffic into the next step in a buyer’s journey, you still need to make the opt-in conversion.

Lots of websites have opt-in forms for “bonus content” and far too many than acceptable have nothing to show for it.

This isn’t because high-value opt-ins don’t work anymore…

Or because they don’t have valuable content to share.

But because these websites don’t make their offer COMPELLING.

This leads me to my next point:

Magnetize Your Offer.

Most opt-ins simply take up space without having anything compelling to them.

“Sign up for our newsletter”

That’s great… but when I read that I’m thinking why would anyone want to do that.

But I’m a marketer, so I’m always thinking about these things.

On the other hand…

Your intended customer isn’t even giving it a moment of thought as their interest has already moved elsewhere.

Not only does this CTA fail to stand out because it is just like every other opt-in but it also doesn’t spark any desire.

You might have the most value-packed newsletter on the planet, but if your consumer doesn’t know this, well…

They don’t know it.

And if they don’t know that you can provide them epic value, they’ll never convert.

Therefore, it is your job to convince your consumer that you are offering something of value.

Something they WANT to pay attention to and opt-in on.

Now… how do we do this?

By using the power duo of magnetism:

Personalization and Persuasion

By using these two powerful strategies, Sleeknote was able to increase their conversions by 177 percent.

The first step is to understand who your target

is and how they interact with your content.

For example, Sleeknote saw massive improvements by not only repositioning their CTA shortly after the introduction but also changing the color to be more attention-grabbing.

These details were personalized to their user’s short attention spans(which is everybody on the internet) because most of the time, their visitors didn’t even see the CTA when it wasn’t highlighted or positioned at the bottom of the page.

On top of that, Sleeknote also uses persuasive copy to motivate the visitor into taking action.

An example of this is their introduction, where they created a sense of urgency and excitement by presenting a solution to the visitor’s problem.

And then quickly offering an irresistible “content upgrade” targeting the exact problem their visitor was facing and detailing a solution.

Here’s an example of Optinmonster using this same powerful one-two knockout:

Also, as you can see by their article title, they didn’t add anything new like a free report or a guide… instead, they just reformatted what was already there.

By doing this, they effortlessly give their user what they want without having to invest more into creating the opt-in bribe.

By implementing a similar strategy, you can easily turn the cold traffic visiting your website into customers.

And instead of wasting precious traffic, you create an automatic gain for each pair of eyes that lands on your site.

If you would like to learn more about SEO that increases sales instead.

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