SEO Tips And Tricks To Grow A Website From Zero To Hero to Be In The Future in 2018

SEO Tips And Tricks To Grow A Website From Zero To Hero to Be In The Future in 2018

SEO Tips 2019 –   Search Engines Optimization (SEO) can play an important part in making increased exposure of a blog and ensuring a high ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) as a mark of good traffic. Here we are discussing some SEO tips 2019 to boost traffic and conversion.

All bloggers and webmasters are aware that SEO techniques are constantly changing and they need to update fast with the latest techniques.

Beyond the basic operations, SEO engineers are also called upon to use comprehensive analytics to gauge demographic information and glean other vital metrics concerning visitors who have interacted with a website.

Such a broad analysis will expose the paths users take in completing a sale, as far as E-commerce sites are concerned. It will also bare the keyword used for search before making purchasing decisions.

For executing an effective SEO strategy, good knowledge of On-page SEO and Off-page SEO is essential in ensuring high ranks for targeted keywords in the SERPs.

Double Your Traffic with Latest SEO tactics

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According to renowned web and digital marketing expert Neil Patel, SEO is crucial in lifting traffic and brand awareness.

The bulk traffic of a website comes from search queries. The stats by HubSpot put that traffic volume to be 80 percent stressing that SEO is indispensable for websites.

But SEO calls for a lot of research and experimentation. This is because algorithms of Google undergo regular updates. Staying tuned to the latest buzz is more important.

On a day, Google conducts over 3.5 billion searches. In the United States alone there are close to 80 percent people using the web to research products and services prior to buying.

Once a website start ranking in the first pages of Google SERP, there is a guarantee that visibility is assured. It also reassures good traffic, more conversions, business and higher revenue. But appearing on the first page of the search results is a hard work as 75 percent of users will never want to see the second page! This calls for working out an SEO action plan in concert with an exhaustive SEO guide.

Huge Close Rate from SERPs

It is estimated that the first three organic search results of a SERP will carry 60 percent of all traffic from a web search. The close rate of leads coming from a search is a huge 14 percent, compared to 1.7 percent from print or direct mail advertising.

Surefire SEO Tactics

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There are so many advanced SEO tricks to increase search traffic. But getting more visitors is the only way to convert more people into customers.

Other conversion optimization tools accompanying traffic are a clear lead capture form, a sales page, and descriptive product pages. Some curative steps for any website in getting better traffic will have these steps.

  • SEO Audit of the website
  • Learn what users want
  • Make SEO optimized landing pages
  • Make website mobile-friendly
  • Grow traffic with infographics
  • Optimize content for RankBrain
  • Link to external sites of high Domain Authority
  • Use competitors’ SEO keywords
  • Revise old articles to bring more organic traffic
  • Use AdWords copy in on-page SEO
  • Play up multiple keywords in SEO page titles
  • Regularly updated old content
  • Have content of words up to 2000
  • Post valuable content on social media
  • Advanced SEO internal deep linking
  • Offer link juice to lower ranked pages

SEO Audit of the website: W

a website audit is crucial in assessing what all SEO tips 2019 and tricks need to be applied if there is a lag in search traffic, ranks, and sales. All SEO companies offer this service but if it is done DIY, a lot of money will be saved.

In general terms, auditing is a systematic examination for looking into the current position to make smarter decisions to go ahead in the future. Google search will also throw up similar niche blogs with link building opportunities.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the oldest link building technique for off page SEO. You can easily build high-quality backlinks through blog commenting and finding similar blogs is not so tough. The following format will help.

  • Keyword “comment here” (e.g. SEO tips 2019 “comment here”)
  • Keyword “submit comment”
  • Keyword “Powered by BlogSpot”
  • Keyword “Post a Comment”
  • Keyword “leave a comment”
  • Keyword “Powered by WordPress”
  • Keyword “add comment”

Using third-party tools also help in tracing niche blogs with the following URLs.



In this analysis of latest SEO technique that hikes traffic and conversions, the views of Brian Dean as the CEO of Backlinko is very pertinent.

Backlinko is a case study in the science of attracting huge traffic. It turned two years in 2018 and the site surpassed the goal of targeted 30,000 visitors a month. In reality, it got a traffic growth that is humungous at 85,000 to 90,000 a month.

In his view on the current trends in SEO, Dean says it is a throwback to the best practices in the past. Google’s Penguin updates of April 2012 targeted link spam and wiped out millions of sites marking the search giant’s war against blackhat SEO that was thriving on spurious links.

Before Penguin, thousands of site owners used black hat SEO to get huge ROI. Google figured this out and kicked out falsely-acquired search rankings and sites saw rankings nose diving.

Old Formula for Quality Traffic

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In the past, the right formula for quality traffic was building a great site, writing content around targeted keywords, using email outreach to yield backlinks to the site.

Dean says this is demanded even today. Barring the short interval that let some manipulative people cheat the system via link spamming things are going back to the good old days.

A lot of VC money is coming into AdWords, notes Brian.  But he warns Adwords as a quick fix for big traffic while SEO still undoubtedly the horse for a long haul marathon. While SEO scales with people, Pay Per Click scales with a budget and they are totally different things.

SEO for Long-Term Benefit

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Pay Per Click is like throwing something into a fire. Once the throw stops, the fire dies out. But in SEO, the benefit stays longer and dividends will last for many years.

In building quality traffic to a quality piece of content, Brian’s rule of thumb is spending 20 percent of the time in writing the content and devoting 80 percent time in promoting it.

So, on an average, he spends two hours in writing and 8 hours in the promotion. But for a more competitive keyword, the promotion may still go up.

A priority area for Brian is sending at least 250 emails for each post that he publishes in addition to the stock email list.

He admits a lot of hard work in it plus tricks to scale up.

Using BuzzSumo a few keywords related to niche pieces of content are searched to know what content has done well in social media and he will trace the shares.

Sorting those Twitter shares and the names of people who shared a piece of content similar to the one to be promoted will do rest of the work.

An assistant can trace out the email IDs and send them to people with a simple email text,

“Hey, I noticed you shared [this], I have [this].”

The email list that he built over six months boosted the traffic. Now he is taking 200 e mails a day.

Parallel to the email outreach for new content, Brian did upgraded content on his site for making a bonus piece of content related to the blog post he has attached. Readers could receive that bonus piece free for exchanging their email address.

Google Ranking Criteria Blog

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Dean’s most popular blog post was on Google ranking criteria that had email conversion rate of 0.4 percent. After the content upgrade, it went up to 5.5 percent.

He also leveraged skyscraper technique. “Before I this I really struggled with content marketing,” he notes.

The ingredients of this technique have three main steps

  • Discover content in a niche already performed well
  • Use the base of a well-performed content and improvise it
  • Promote it with outreach to people who shared the content

Backlinks created a post called Google’s 200 Ranking Factors. Before penning this post, Brian studied posts speculating 200 factors but no one compiled all 200 most and stopped at 120-150.

So reworked the content better by writing all 200 including speculative items and reached out to people who had early shared blogs that contained 120-150 factors.

Brian’s post earned 250 quality backlinks and generated 15,000 unique visits a month on its own. That made him so popular that he was invited as a speaker at a big conference in London.

Brian says getting quality traffic need not be a grind as in a timetable of publishing every Thursday to get high traction.

“I think you can completely transform your rankings, your business, and be perceived as an expert with one post.”

SEO Trends Outlook

In Brian’s outlook SEO will not change much in the next 12 months. He insists there were no big changes in the last 12 months and link spamming is gone. The Hummingbird update was not so drastic and Penguin update was a refresh of the existing one.

Dean says the promotion of the content will be the key and it makes a huge difference on the ground when combined with SEO.

SEO Tips And Tricks To Grow A Website From Zero To Hero to Be In The Future in 2018
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SEO Tips And Tricks To Grow A Website From Zero To Hero to Be In The Future in 2018
Search Engines Optimization (SEO) can play an important part in making increased exposure of a blog and ensuring a high ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) as a mark of good traffic. Here we are discussing some SEO tips to boost traffic and conversion.
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