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Top 11 SEO Strategy Trends That Will Dominate Digital Marketing in 2019

SEO Strategy Trends 2019- SEO and digital marketing have come a long way with new tools and updates that help craft better strategies, optimize techniques and improve performance. There are top 11 SEO trends for this year.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone of brands for online presence. SERP attempts to rank high and take time – and with that trend,s it becomes even more challenging that changes without notice of a moment. Google is an amorphous search engine, which is popular (and notorious) for frequent changes in its search algorithm.

The year 2019 has brought fresh updates from Google – in the past, some fundamentalists decided to ensure a quick departure from the general SEO efforts by professionals. With V (Video, Voice, and Vernacular) to emphasize local questions, Google is bringing a lot of changes to Internet consumption.

Let’s take a look at some of SEO Strategy Trends and what they mean.

1. Content is still the main factor

According to SEO Strategy Trends, To provide authentic, detailed and complete information to users, Hobson will continue to be happy to promote website content SEO efforts. Digital marketers and SEO stalwarts need to emphasize unique content that appeals to readers. The content should be within the scope of the reference and should not deviate from the main line of industry events. It should not be smuggling devoted to highlighting self-esteem and limited property of the business.

Apart from this, the content needs to be expanded so that a promising content cluster will be visible to those readers, who are looking to gain from the wider information given in the subject and all aspects of it.

2. Mobile applications complement SEO strategies

According to SEO Strategy Trends, Sterling Mobile Apps, which offers a variety of features, which are accelerating business objectives among target customers, will call shots from this year. However, a slight change in Google ranking factors will be an element of importance and popularity. Such apps have been developed to collect users through social media and online forums.

A head-up for SEO community: emphasis on building specialized business apps, fine with commercial ads. These apps should enable easy lead generation and sales full throttle.

3. Google My Business to increase local questions and results

According to SEO Strategy Trends, Google wants us to come forward in age and wait for local business interests with intent. For a small business or for a SMB with the limited scope of business, it is necessary that ONGL Maps can be registered. Having a business profile with Google My Business adds another level of authenticity and results increase with local search queries.

4. Many languages to provide information on the website

According to SEO Strategy Trends, As a last source of information worldwide, Google has gained credibility. In order to promote the idea of globalization, websites displaying information in many languages are given preference in geographical quarters.

In other words, the translation of the website should be friendly to meet the global audience. Therefore, to address the number of clicks and users’ priority, SEO Professional Should considers tweaking their websites to enable many languages.

5. Search through video, voice and vernacular

According to SEO Strategy Trends, Since the estimation of users hunting for specific products or services is more than 320 million worldwide, Google has decided to make progress in this area. As a strong signal for our ever-inquisitive SEO executives, websites will be placed on the set of keywords spread through industries through voice search through given keywords. Websites need to program the lines of code according to understanding and processing voice-based questions.

In addition, according to a recent study, there has been a huge increase in internet users in local languages. More than 70 percent of Indians prefer surfing the local language. There is a similar story to tell in the video and 75% of the total mobile traffic in India is responsible. More than 95 percent of video consumption is in online oral languages.

The entire digital ecosystem is focusing more on the 3V of digital media: video, voice, and vernacular.

6. Simple reviews with online forums and communities

According to SEO Strategy Trends, Businesses and websites are manipulated for ranking through real-time user reviews. Working on such a principle, a clear algorithm is written where the metadata user targets the product range or service. Such an idea is very broad; it gives the opinion of recording on or against any particular product on the online forums.

Here, as an assumption for SEO efforts, we need to keep in mind what people think about us in the forums and what perceptions our company or website enjoys. Enough steps should be taken to gradually refine it.

7. Image Optimization is Important

According to SEO Strategy Trends, Google searches are viewed extensively with images, SEO professionals (especially those working for ecommerce websites) are forced to get immense luck from such an approach. In addition, Google also taps learning the machine to highlight images; we need to make pixel-perfect, actual post-products.

8. Repeat the most important ranking parameters again and again

According to SEO Strategy Trends, In general, Backlinks is considered a major effort to affect searches. Since they have a significant impact on the searches, they are highly exploited and they are one of the most prominent black hat SEO practices. Thus, for this kind of danger, users’ behavior on any shipping link is kept under the constant scanner.

For engineering of SEO, such an aspect can hardly be ignored. In a given context, crafted content is important for the cluster, from which websites are searched against a given query.

Similarly, the link needs to be created from a website that dominates in a given location, not in another way. In addition, unwanted traffic should be avoided at all cost. A content strategy should be completely aligned with the demands of the target audience. Good content strategy will be what gives solutions to the customer’s questions and at each stage of the purchase process.

9. Video that brings the next shift

According to SEO Strategy Trends, While looking for information, generally a solid and widely integrated knowledge develops through video rather than reading data versions in the form of representation of text. In other words, Google is ready to manage the data by placing a number on every aspect of video interaction. The number of views likes or dislikes received video sharing, comments and further will be calculated.

This tectonic shift in favor of the video should alert SEO executives to sympathize with video explanations that highlight any process in a given industry. In addition, items discussed in the media content are usually captured through Advanced Machine Learning as Google has been deployed for such an underlying cause.

For SEO, videos that are the second version of the content should be given priority, after which a brief description of the information will be given.

10. Quick results and fast ROI through optimized search

According to SEO Strategy Trends, User’s priorities and previous actions play a decisive role, because someone’s conversations against a given keyword are manipulated. As such, the evergreen SEO ocean are required to touch sufficiently to negotiate at least (and best) solo with all the customers / customers classified as a hot lead in a specific geographical area.

In such an effort, PPC campaigns should be implemented so that any industry can click on the website to promote Facebook ads among the crowd. The underlying benefit is that when a search is for a keyword or such a query, the relevant website pages for keywords or search queries will appear systematically in the SERP.

11. Put copyrighted and third-party multimedia content on the rest

According to SEO Strategy Trends, Google music and video are getting better in all types of multi-media contexts. To ensure a great fortune and a draw of luck for our websites, we have to comply with the tide of originality and restrict the videos and multimedia that are owned by copyright or others. For best results, proficient graphic designers should be planted to carry out images and stock with company name and logo.

In the same way, artists can be contacted on platforms such as SoundCloud for agreeing to use their work. They generally agree as it crosses them. Finally, the ensuing cast and talent should be given a thumb by including their work on the website. In essence, in all the circumstances and in all seasons, the originality is required to assimilate and should be discouraged from mimicking and suspicious play in Google’s eyes and eyesight.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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