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The COVID-19 Shuffle: How Businesses Embraced Digital Marketing to Survive the Pandemic

The pandemic has not been predictable to anyone in this world. While a few companies found a stable status, others have faced chaos during the early days of the pandemic. Still, the latter group has somehow managed to survive the businesses despite the COVID-19 outbreak. How have they done it? Most of them have started embracing digital marketing technologies.

The pandemic with the resulting lockdown has affected business owners financially and emotionally. They have noticed a change in the purchase pattern due to the loss of jobs and other effects of the pandemic.

However, organizations that have shown digital savviness have found some positive results. You know that brands and retailers have to learn about their customers’ preferences.

During the pandemic, consumers have tried to stick to only the essential items. Most importantly, they avoid buying products from the local physical stores. To maintain the social distancing norms, they have approached the digital stores. That is why several businesses have thought of moving to the online world to promote their business with digital marketing. You may also take advantage of digital marketing by hiring professionals from Brainvire Infotech. However, how does digital marketing help businesses in the COVID-19 situation?

Successful marketing increases your reach to several customers-

Digital platforms never set a boundary while you are searching for the target audience. You will find no limit on the level of growth of your business. Thus, small businesses have found the opportunity to reach different platforms and several potential customers.

With global SEO, your website will be accessible to every potential customer in this world. Thus, you may start digital marketing to promote your services and products. The best fact is that you do not need to pay a high amount to reach your target audiences. On the contrary, offline marketing can be a costlier choice for you.

Simply hire an experienced PPC agency to avoid further conflict between offline and online marketing for your business.

Make better business strategies-

The sudden outbreak of the pandemic has already hampered the set routines and schedules of several businesses. Businesses have cancelled their conferences and hosted webinars as an alternative. However, online marketing has enabled them to think in a better way and apply creativity.

Google Analytics and other digital marketing tools help businesses to understand what their potential customers anticipate. Thus, it becomes easy for them to take the right step and implement the most effective business strategies. The analytical tools help in calculating the number of visits, product searches, purchases, and some other information.

You can find affordable tools providing highly accurate data about the website visitors.

Digital marketing campaigns have simplified the way to develop strategies for a business. Based on the analytical data, you can adjust your strategies.

You can use different marketing channels to get benefits in diverse ways. For instance, email marketing and Social Media Marketing have shown noticeable results during the pandemic.

Email marketing makes it easy to reach several customers

You can nurture your leads and build relationships with loyal customers. During the virus outbreak, email marketing has been helpful to businesses in different ways-

●        Timely responses

When an unanticipated event hits the world, your potential customers think of hearing your response. To send them messages at the right time, you can leverage email marketing. It helps in retaining their trust.

●        Inspirational message

The pandemic has caused a disaster to almost all businesses. You can keep up connection with your customers by sending inspirational messages. Your messages will ignite the hope of your customers.

●        Response to queries

Although the pandemic has affected the corporate world, customers anticipate that businesses must retain the service standard. That is why you may leverage email marketing tactics to solve your customers’ queries about your products and services.

Social media marketing- Helping you to gain customers during the pandemic-

During the quarantined situation for the pandemic, there has been an increase in the usage of social media platforms. Modern consumers have started relying on social media apps to get information and entertainment. Thus, marketers have turned to these platforms to engage new customers and develop the brand identity.

How do you get value from your social media campaign?

●        Find the basic details of your target audience – You can learn about the interests, gender, and other information of your potential customers.

●        Know your customers’ thoughts – You can find your loyal customers using social media platforms.

●        Get responses from social media users- You may ask questions and check out everyone’s reactions. Make these questions related to your products and services. You can now start digital marketing for your business to maintain your revenues during the pandemic. Although the marketing program may need some adjustments, you will have the ultimate value. Do not let your competitors beat you in this challenging situation.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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