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10 Important Tips to Make SEO Optimized Content

Optimizing is not only important for the search engines but it is something compulsory for the audience too.

It is pretty clear that you cannot grab more audience if you don’t optimize your content but how is it possible?

There are some factors that are considered important when it comes to the optimization of your content.

We can say that there is no rocket science in content optimization as if you focus on the right steps, you easily make your optimization strong.

But if you don’t focus on the right steps or factors then it can be pretty difficult to optimize the content.

So, the very first thing is to understand and get to know about the important factors that play an important role in search engine optimization.

Once you are done optimizing your content, you can surely grab more audience and ultimately, your worth and credibility will be improved.

So, let’s have a look at the tips that can be really helpful in making SEO of content strong.

1.    Find right keywords

Keywords are one of the most essential things to focus on and we can say that if your preference is to rank your content, you need to focus on the right keywords.

What is meant by the right keyword?

It is pretty simple that you need to concentrate on the relevant keywords and when you focus on the relevant keywords, you can surely rank your content.

And it is quite obvious that by using the right and relevant keywords, we are ultimately making the search engine optimization strong.

Keywords help the content to be reachable by the relevant audience and if you’ll not use keywords, your content must not be reachable to the right audience.

There are many tools that are specifically created to let you know about the keywords that are relevant to your topic’s intent.

2.    Go for attractive titles

As soon as a reader comes to your site, the very first thing the reader will notice is the title of your content.

And when you have an attractive title, you can easily grab the attention of your reader and you can engage the readers from the top to the bottom of your content.

But how can we make a catchy or attractive title?

The Internet is full of content and there are millions of people who are writing on the internet, you can easily take ideas from the content published on the internet.

But taking ideas doesn’t mean you are allowed to copy-paste a title, you just need to take an idea and that’s it.

The second thing which is also very important and the thing is, the title must be a reflection of your content.

What does that mean?

It means that a reader must be clear about the main idea of your content just by reading the title and it is not that difficult.

3.    Check duplication

If you just have an option of correcting one thing only then we will surely recommend you to make your content duplication-free.

Having plagiarized or copied text in your content is very disgraceful and you need to avoid it at any cost.

Sometimes, you may get unintentional plagiarism and you may don’t know about that but it doesn’t mean that unintentional plagiarism is good for your content.

You need to avoid or remove every type of plagiarism whether it is intentional or unintentional but how can we check unintentional duplication or plagiarism.

It can only be possible by using a Plagiarism checker as it is designed to let you know about the duplication in your content whether it is intentional or unintentional.

But we are not done here! If a checker highlights a duplication, then it will be time to remove that highlighted duplication.

4.    Attain uniqueness

As we have mentioned above, attaining uniqueness is very important and there are many steps to follow if you are willing to attain uniqueness in your content.

But what if we let you know about the easiest way to remove all the plagiarized text?

If your preference is to attain uniqueness and make your content free from every kind of duplication then we can use a Paraphraser.

A paraphraser is dedicated to rewording the content just to make it unique by removing all the plagiarism from the content.

If you are willing to remove duplication manually, you can do it too but you have to take some steps in which writing your own words is the top priority.

And there are many more steps that can be helpful in making the content unique.

5.    Use heading tags properly

Heading tags start from h1 to h6 and we need to add these tags according to the intent of the content.

It is pretty clear that headings are very helpful in making the reader clear about what you are writing about or what is the parent’s topic and what is the child’s explanation.

Most of the time, h1 is used only once in content and then it is not a good choice to use h1 again and again.

After h1, we can use h2 headings and then h3 and so on. Same as other factors, using proper headings is not difficult.

You can use them according to the need in the content.

6.    Focus on the readability

The more readable your content will be, the more you can grab the audience. It is quite obvious that we as a reader love to read content that is easy to understand.

A readable content means the vocabulary used in your content must be easy as any reader can understand it.

There are many more things that are considered as important while we are going to set the readability of the content.

Formatting is also very important and again, there are many factors that are needed to be focused on while setting the formatting.

7.    Write precise paragraphs

As we all know, it is really very attractive to read precise paragraphs and it is pretty clear that if you want to engage your audience, you need to write short paragraphs.

But keep in mind that precise or short paragraphs don’t mean you can ignore important points.

It is important to add all the necessary information about the topic but focus on the length of the paragraphs.

It is recommended to end a paragraph after two lines so, you need to end a paragraph after 2 lines maximum.

8.    Optimize images

Images can be a great choice to engage the audience and if you want to make search engine optimization strong then you need to add images.

But it is not something that you think and it happens, there are some factors that must be considered while adding an image.

What are these factors?

The basic factor is speed and space so, we need to compress an image before uploading it in the content, and compressing can be done by using an online image compressor.

And luckily, there are many online image compressors that are specifically dedicated to compressing the size of the images.

But is it important?

It is definitely important because if your content takes much time to load, the reader will ultimately switch to the other website and in that case, the bounce rate will be increased.

9.    Make it mobile-friendly

Most people prefer using mobile phones over PCs and other devices so, when you are going to upload something, it is compulsory to make it mobile-friendly.

Sometimes, we upload content and we don’t make it mobile-friendly. Ultimately, the audience who prefer mobile phones will not show interest in your content.

All you need to do is, set your content in a way that it can easily be visible on mobile screens and PCs as well.

10.Make the ending interesting

Some people ignore the importance of the ending but it is totally wrong, same as the top of the content, we need to focus on the end too.

And we can say that the conclusion must be the reflection of the whole content which means a user must understand what you have discussed above just by reading the conclusion.

It is quite difficult for many people to include all the important points in the ending, so they can use an online tool named a text summarizer.

A text summarizer can include all the important points and it can be difficult to add all these important points manually.


Writing content is not that difficult but making it search engine optimized can be something big to deal with.

But if you follow the right steps, you can easily optimize your content for search engines and for the readers as well.

And we have shared all the required steps or tips above so, have a look above.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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