What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of digital platforms for marketing and there are many platforms where businesses can be promoted. Digital marketing is a set of marketing processes that involves business promotion on various digital media platforms.

Scope of DIGITAL MARKETING for Business | Career Opportunities and Salary in DIGITAL MARKETING


Media channels used for internet marketing

Search engines:

Google and Bing are the biggest and also the leading platforms for searching information on businesses. Information is provided in form of search engine result pages where websites are ranked according to their performance.

Social media:

Social networking sites are media channels used for marketing. There are many channels where businesses can be promoted using social marketing. Facebook, LinkedIN, Pinterest and Twitter are some of the biggest social media channels. Facebook is so big that it has started working like a search engine.

Email marketing:

A part of digital marketing, it involves mass mailing to potential clients. An interesting mail message is drafted and a link to the landing page is placed in the message. The message is sent a number of recipients.

Paid marketing:

Also known as Pay Per Click, it is the most expensive and also the most reliable form of marketing. The process is to publish advertisements on search result pages and other pages. Social media channels are also used for paid marketing.

Affiliate marketing:

A business publishes its advertisement on affiliate sites and gives them commission according to agreement. There are many affiliate networks that help find affiliate sites and also in running affiliate marketing programs.

SMS marketing:

Today links to websites can also be shared using text messaging service. A marketing text is drafted and link to website promoted is placed in the text. The message is sent to targeted mobile numbers. SMS marketing is the most affordable form of digital marketing and its advantage is helps in targeting specific geographic areas.

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