What is a Landing Page?

What is Landing Page

Landing page a. k. a. lead capture page, lander and destination page is a standalone webpage created to receive visitors. It is where visitors land after clicking on online advertisements. This specific page is assigned a special task that is to capture information about visitors landing on the page.

Why is landing page so critical for online advertisements? 

Generally, websites direct traffic from advertisements,

">social media and emails to their home pages but the opportunity to convert the traffic into customers is missed. Having a landing page helps in providing customized information the visitors are looking for. It can also be said that a landing page is the extension of the advertisement it is linked to.

How to Make a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts | 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website (2018)

What makes an effective landing page? 

A landing page is different from the homepage in many ways. It is specially designed to receive and communicate with the visitors. Following are the important elements of a landing page.

1# Customized navigation

Provide complete information at one place instead of making the visitors scroll the page up and down or right and left for info.

2# Add value

It is the content that will add value to the copy. It should be interesting so that visitors stay on the page for a long time. Also, it should provide complete info so that the visitors have no queries in their minds.

3# Keep it short 

Lengthy content could be boring and also the visitors could lose interest in the offer in the middle of the content. But if it is short, it could capture the attention of the visitors.


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