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What is International SEO? What Is Multilingual & Multination SEO? Explained

International SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can easily identify which countries you want to target and which languages you use for business. International SEO is the sum of activities whose ultimate aim is to improve an organic search of a website present in more than one country or language. It is not limited to SEO changes which indicate language targeting preferences, multilingual link building, content localization, etc.

What is International SEO (Global SEO) and how it works?

International Search Engine Optimization is defined as the process of optimizing your website for which search engines can identify the countries where you wish to reach. It helps in ranking your website for a specific country with the help of preferred keywords in different languages. It involves relevant and informative content for users in different targeted areas and time zones. 

It is the process of making the website a global one. It can help to grow as well as extend your reach to international customers. This global SEO gives you the power to drive a healthy amount of traffic from other foreign countries. It helps internationally operating companies for improving visibility, taking into account local aspects such as culture, and search engine ranking of their websites.

Why is international SEO important?

International SEO is important in numerous ways. And the importance of the global SEO is listed below;

  • It can able to connect you with a targeted audience around the globe.
  • It boosts the global profile of your website.
  • It improves the visibility of your website by raising the number of visitors to the site.
  • It also helps in improving the download time and speed of your website.
  • It can measure the efficiency of your content to attract users through your sales channel.
  • It also measures your return of investment (ROI) from the SEO channel.
  • It may optimize your website for all browsers. As a result, your site will be viewed by many numbers of visitors.
  • It can able to track and manage the results of your website by using analytics. That is used to determine how successful you are in receiving search engine users.       

How International SEO is done?

International SEO is done with the help of following steps;

  • Evaluate your potential in your targeted countries –  First of all, you have to estimate your international SEO potential by finding out how your website is ranked in your targeted countries. For this, the only solution is Google Analytics. And to make it work, in your Google Account go to Audience then Geo and then location or language, then finally you may find your solution.
  • Analyze the competitive landscape – You must know that the tough competitors in the country are. It doesn’t mean that they are successful or not. Here, you have to run a quick analysis of your competitors in the locations which you are targeting. Under the same Domain Analytics tab, go to Organic Research and then competitors.
  • Conduct international keyword research – Once you are done with finding your primary competitors, now it is time for determining keywords, they are indexed for in your target countries to select the best one.
  • Localize your brand – After collecting keywords, you have to create content in the local language. It is not that much enough to translate the original texts and stuff them with keywords.
  • Decide on the main technical aspects – Finally, after the entire step, you need to handle the technical sides of your Global SEO. Here some aspects you need to conclude are;
  • Choosing the right structure.
  • Deciding on the server’s location.
  • Ensuring the correct hreflang implementation. 


How to Target a Specific Country – How Do I Target My Country SEO?

For targeting a specific country, you have to use Meta tags for increasing traffic. The ranking of a website is not automatically going to improve. New websites are not having thousands of visitors instantly. It has been taken many times to make visitors. But there is a way which you can do about it.

There is the best solution named as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the help of this, you can increase traffic, sales, rankings, etc. It doesn’t take many efforts. 

It allows you to describe your site and also to persuade a reader that the link to your site is worth clicking. If you want to target some specific country then, you have to focus on some other Meta tags like geo.region, geo.placename, geo.position, etc.

How do I Promote My Website Internationally?

Following strategies are used to promote a website internationally;

  • Create a well-structured site for your target Country. For this, you have to purchase country-specific domains and then build country-specific websites got each targeted audience.
  • Host your website to your customer’s live location – 
  • Translate your content for the targeted audience.
  • Then you have to set up a phone number to recognize them.
  • Now, create a virtual number that has the same area code and local exchange.
  • Create a band-friendly bill of lading. That is a document that gives each shipment details. 

How Can I Get Traffic From a Specific Country?

Followings are the ways to get traffic from a specific website;

  • Google Webmaster Tool Geo-Targeting – It provides a geographic tool which can help you to target country-specific Geo-Targeting. By using this tool, you can select a country from the given list you want to target.
  • Web Hosting Server Location – It is also one of the essential factors for Geo-targeting. To specialize in your target, host your website within the country whose traffic you’re targeting.
  • Backlinks – Backlinks are used for determining the popularity of content as it is an important aspect of SEO. That’s why it is a very good idea for targeting a specific country backlink.
  • Domain Name – This is very necessary for your search engine rankings, online reputation, local search results, etc. In case, if you are using the country-coded top-level domain, it is already associated with a geographic region.

What Are The Hreflang Tags?

Hreflang tags are such technical solution for sites which have similar content in multiple languages. It is an attribute tag of HTML which tells the search engines about the relationship between pages in different languages on your websites. Google uses this attribute to serve the content regional URLs in its search results.

It is such a type of attribute that specifies the language of the linked document. It tells Google which language you are using on a specific page.    


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