What is Do follow and No follow links?

What is Do follow and No follow links?

Whenever, we talk about SEO in details, we tend to talk about things like do follow, no follow, do index, no index, Meta robots, and much more. How sites treat links is quite crucial since it has the potential to determine how the search engines will treat those links as will. No follow link is one of the HTML attributes that are used to interact with search engine bots, where a hyperlink should not help change link’s target ranking in the search engine index. This helps reduce search engine spam, thus improving the quality of your search results and prevent any kind of spam indexing from happening in the first place.

The No follow links does not allow search engines or the search engine bots to follow such links, which means that, you are being linked back with no follow attributes. This does not pass on any kind of link juice. Only we humans can follow the links. Using the no follow link attribute to such links where you do not want to pass any kind of link juice. This is also a good practice, while link building and should be followed religiously. Here is an example of the no follow link:-

<a href=”http://www.abc.com/” rel=”nofollow”>abc</a>

Do follow links on the other hand allow Google and mostly all search engines to follow and reach our websites. This gives you link juice and also provides a backlink. If you or any other webmaster is linking back to your website with this link then both human and search engines can follow you. This is for obvious reasons a good practice and a good way to provide someone with does follow link juice through the keyword in the anchor text. Thus this mostly means that when linking to any website or a page, the targeted keyword should be utilized as an anchor text. Here is an example of a do follow link:-

<a href=”http://www.abc.com/”>abc</a>

The hyperlinks here are by default do follow links. There is nothing that you need to do to produce a do follow link.

Try and don’t use the no follow link, as you will be building authority and giving back to your community. There is a downside to being one of the do follow sites as spammers may spam a do follow blog with links and comments. If you want to be a do follow site, then you must be aware of the fact that there will be an increasing number of spammers who will be attracted towards your blog with a rise in spammy comments and this may take more time filter out the spammy content.

If you are looking to ditch no follow tags, here are a few links that will help you change your blog to do follow blog. They are self-hosted word press, type pad and blogger. Not all links are created equal. All sites have a link that are of lesser importance and link to static pages. Using no follow tags for such links would be a good idea. Apart from low priority links, it is recommended that you use no follow tag for any kind of untrusted content and any paid links. Any kind of text links on your website should be tagged as no follow.


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