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Integrated Search Engine Optimization Training In & Around Tilak Nagar

Welcome to ETI, the best SEO course training institute in Tilak Nagar! The experts at Expert Training Institute promise to give in-depth course knowledge to the aspirants from diverse departments such as business, household, academic, etc. The education culture of ETI is a perfect combination of professionalism, innovation, ideology, and convenience that makes sure that none of our students get disappointed from us in any way.

We came into existence in the year 2012 as an SEO course institute in Tilak Nagar, Delhi and today we are leading the industry because of our student-centric attitude and approach. Our excellent SEO course training has pulled in thousands of pleasing reviews in our court. We are gleaming across the country with considerable industry experience. It is our determination, hard work, and all-round course knowledge that we are today trusted by more than 12,200 students. They are highly satisfied with our SEO training and this becomes evident when they refer us to their friends and family members. We get a number of new admissions every year through the reference of our ex-students.

In addition to this, our determined faculty always keeps in mind the strengths of ETI while imparting the SEO course in Tilak Nagar. Our commitment along with constant efforts enables us to enrich your skills with extremely dependable SEO course training. Expert Training Institute comes out as the most reliable Search Engine Optimization Institute in Tilak Nagar and also gives its best performance in the field of internet marketing.

Our Sole Goal: Excellent Search Engine Optimization Course in Tilak Nagar

We are easily accessible from all four corners of the city due to the well-established and fully operational SEO institute in Tilak Nagar. Our SEO course includes basics to the advanced conceptual and practical knowledge, which is necessary for a productive training experience. Our institutional approach is one of the biggest reasons for our success in the industry. Also, it has made us the providers of the best SEO course in the location.

Advanced & Explicable Modules of SEO Course

We know the value of conceptual clarity in our industry and this is the reason we provide you with the superlative SEO training in Tilak Nagar with the assistance of the highly experienced trainers. They analyse all the aspects of the SEO field and make efforts to find out the most effective way of teaching SEO course. We are confident about the competency of our proficient trainers and believe that they can turn even the most complicated task into an extremely sorted one.

Our trainers thrive to raise the quality of the SEO training program with 12 advanced modules. We realize that teaching only theoretical topics not only eliminate interest from the training sessions but also make it unproductive and useless. Students may develop a feeling that they are wasting their time, energy, and money if SEO course classes are uninteresting. We never let this to happen at our SEO training institute so we have added case studies in the modules to develop interaction in between both trainers and trainees. Furthermore, it makes the course modules explicable for all students irrespective of their aptitude.


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SEO Fundamentals

This module will explain to you the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization, the scope of SEO in 2020, how it is done, best practices, and more. Our module of SEO fundamentals in the SEO Course leaves no scope for any doubt as it states everything clearly. This makes us the best Search Engine Optimization institute.

1. SEO Fundamentals
What is SEO and how it works?
How important is SEO in 2019?
Is SEO necessary?
How SEO is done?
How does a search engine work step by step?
Can I do SEO on my own?
Is SEO a good career?
What are the best SEO practices?

Black Hat SEO

ETI has made a comprehensive module on Black Hat SEO that includes a detailed explanation of the website promotion ways using this SEO technique. You’ll also learn about toxic backlinks, the effectiveness of Black Hat SEO, keyword stuffing, etc. We have explained every point in simple words so you can understand better. This is why thousands of our students review us as the top-notch Search Engine Optimization course institute.

2. Black Hat SEO
What is Black Hat SEO?
What are the black hat SEO techniques?
Does black hat SEO work?
What is clocking in SEO with example?
What is a toxic backlink?
What is keyword stuffing in SEO?

Keyword Research

Any website or blog gets exposure on the search engines only because of keywords. Therefore, the choice of keywords is of the utmost importance when doing SEO for any website. This module includes information about keyword research i.e. advance and basic techniques that are crucial for finding out the best keywords to boost website exposure and conversions. Our module is detailed, clearly explained, and easy to comprehend. This makes us the best SEO Institute.
3. Keywords Planning and Research
What are Keywords?
What keywords should I use for SEO?
Keyword or Search Query Types
How to research Google Keywords
Keyword Research Using UberSuggest
Keyword Research Using Google AutoComplete
Keyword Research Using Keyword Planner

Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free-of-cost tool that assists in the evaluation of the website’s performance in the SERPs. We’ll make you learn how to set up this tool and submit your website to it for further use. The way how we teach students to use Google Webmaster tools and other mandatory aspects of this module makes us favourite of thousands of students. This is also the reason why they recommend us for the best SEO course.
What is Google Webmaster tools in SEO?
What is the use of Google Webmaster Tool?
How do I set up Google Webmaster Tools?
How do I submit my website to Google Webmaster Tools?
What is Google Indexing in SEO?
What is Google Webmaster code?

Advance On Page SEO

On-page SEO is a technique of Search Engine Optimization, which involves web page optimization for higher ranking and driving more organic traffic. We’ll explain the best ways to conduct on-page SEO and attain the 1st-page ranking in SERPs. We have made this module of our SEO course comprehensive and sorted for quick understanding.
5. Advance OnPage SEO
Competitor Analysis
Initial Site Analysis
Analytics & Webmaster Code Integration
Site Map (HTML & XML)
Internal & External Linking & Its Benefits
301 & 302 Redirections
Speed Analysis

Advance Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO is an SEO technique, which involves indirect website optimization through link building, social media, and Local Search Engine Optimization. We’ll take you through how you can create high-quality and relevant backlinks, optimize a website for local SEO, etc. We ensure that our SEO course is effective and engaging by making them elaborative.
Off-page SEO
Types of Links
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Article Submission
Guest Blog Posting
Blog Commenting
Press Release
Business Listing & Classifieds
Profile Creation
Forum Posting
6. Structured Data Mark Up (Schema)
What is Google schema?
How important is schema markup for SEO?
How do you make a rich snippet?
What are Google rich cards?


Detailed information regarding the Schema.org is provided to you through this module. You’ll get to know about how you can add the schema or Microdata to the HTML of any website to enhance the way of web crawlers to read and display that website in SERPs. We have made this module interesting for quick and easy understanding. The easy learning approach of ETI made it the best SEO Course training institute.

Structured Data Mark Up (Schema)
What is Google Schema?
How important is Schema Markup for SEO?
How do you make a rich snippet?
What are Google rich cards?

Google My Busines

Listing your business on Google is one of the most important aspects of any online business. Google My Business is an easy-to-use tool that comes absolutely free of cost. It helps business owners to manage their digital presence across Google. Therefore, we will make you equipped with relevant information about “Google My Business”, including how you can confirm and edit your organization information online. The reason why we are rated as the topmost SEO training institute is our in-depth knowledge and easy way of teaching.

8. Google My Business
What is Google my business?
What is the purpose of Google my business?
How does Google business work?
Does Google My Business Help SEO?
How do I optimize my business on Google?

Private Blog Network

A Private Blog Network or PNB is a bouquet of high-authority websites, which you can control by yourself and you have got a backlink from each one of them. Usually, they are built from websites that are designed on the expired domains, which have high-quality backlinks earlier. We’ll teach you everything about this concept in detail. Our clear explanation will surely impress you and you’ll also recommend us as the best SEO course institute.

9. PBN(Private Blogs Network)
What is private blog network PBN )?
What is PBN backlink?
What is blog network?

SEO Tools

As you know that SEO is a critical part of digital marketing, it cannot be overlooked. To have a successful SEO outline for your website, there are several SEO tools that help in researching the best keywords, formulate engaging content, form great links, etc. We will let you know about the different tools of Search Engine Optimization for better rankings in SERPs. Our “SEO Tools” module is not only elaborative but also straightforward that can be easily learned. Due to this reason, we are the leading Search Engine Optimization institute.

10. SEO Tools
Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool
KWFinder: SEO Keyword Tool
Ubersuggest: Keyword Tracking Tool
Woorank: SEO Ranking Tool
Google Trends: SEO Checker Tool
Keywords Everywhere: SEO Keyword Tool
Screaming Frog: SEO Tools Online

SEO Algorithms

SEO Algorithms are imperative to Search Engine Optimization as the search engines use these algorithms to determine the web page ranking. In this module, we’ll explain the Google SEO algorithm, how it works, frequency of change of algorithm, and the types. This full-fledged module of our SEO course will surely help you to gain knowledge about the way of Google to rank the websites.

Advance On-page SEO
SEO Algorithms
What is Google algorithm for SEO?
How often does Google change its algorithm?
What is Panda in SEO?
What is PENGUIN in SEO?
What is Hummingbird in SEO?
What is Pigeon in SEO?
What is Rankbrain algorithm?


A part of Google Search Console, the DISAVOW tool helps you to prevent any website from linked-based penalisation by letting you discount an inbound URL’s value. We’ll make you understand how you can recover already penalised websites, about Google manual action, etc. We are sure you’ll enjoy this module. You won’t regret joining ETI, the prominent SEO institute.

12. Recover penalised website (Disavow Tool)
How to recover a penalty from Google website?
How to recover from Penguin penalty?
What is Google manual action?


WHY WE NEED SEO IN 2020-2021



As per the case studies and upcoming jobs in 2020-21 it is found that the SEO is the fastest growing industry. There are many companies looking for SEO marketers world-wide.


Yes, it is true that in this digital era every small or large business needs SEO to reach their potential audience.


Through SEO strategies it is very easily to target the right audience by selecting age, gender demographics etc. Targeting the right audience on particular platform gives more appropriate results.


As compare to PPC, SEO is not at all expensive. Strategies like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performed in digital marketing is completely organic i.e free of cost .


SEO for entrepreneurs is a very good option for promoting there business / brands online, reaching the target audience and generating leads.


Google Adsense , Affiliate marketing and Youtube are the platforms through which one can generate their online income.


Writing content , Website designing providing SEO services to clients working from home is a very good opportunities for freelancers.


SEO is a useful platform for content writers. Content writers can deliver/share their SEO optimize content either by writing blogs or presenting it on Youtube through video marketing.


SEO gives the ability to reach a global market place. Small or Medium scale business owners can generate lots of profit through SEO at low cost.


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FAQ 1. What kind of practical experience will I get in this Course?
Our SEO course will give you practical knowledge of the necessary concepts of Search Engine Optimization, including On-page and Off-page SEO. We’ll give you an opportunity to work on the live projects under the guidance of our trainers. This will surely give you exposure to what kind of work you will be going to do on the job.
FAQ 2. Do you offer placement assistance in this Search Engine Optimization course?
Yes, definitely! We offer 100% assurance for job placements once you complete your SEO course from our SEO institute. Furthermore, we’ll assist you in getting prepared for the interview so you can know about your conceptual clarity. We work to make your practical base stronger so you can be an asset to any company.
FAQ 3. Do you provide any free trial SEO class for student satisfaction before joining the Course?
Yes. We have a provision of two free demonstration classes for those who want to enrol for the SEO course at our SEO institute. Additionally, for a demonstration, you will be allowed to join the regular on-going lectures.
FAQ 4. Can I offer SEO services as a freelancer after completing the course?
Yes, of course! In order to provide freelance SEO services, it’s imperative to have first-hand knowledge of SEO. Once you know how to practically implement each and every aspect of SEO, you can be an independent provider of SEO services. Through our SEO course, you can attain practical knowledge of SEO techniques.
FAQ 5. I am not an Engineer and don't know Programming. Will I be able to do this SEO course?
Yes. For Search Engine Optimization course, you won’t need any Programming knowledge as it is a certification course that is solely based on the skills and creativity. You just need to have the basic computer knowledge to get started with this SEO Course. We’ll train you on how to shortlist keywords, use different SEO tools to optimize a website, and SEO algorithms.
FAQ 6. I am a Web Developer/Designer with 5+ years of experience. Why should I learn this SEO course?
Being only able to design or develop websites is not enough as it’s important for any business to get exposure online. Every business person wants to have more leads and sales, which will help them to achieve their organizational goals and this is only possible through Search Engine Optimization. You can be an all-rounder expert who knows how to design and develop a website along with optimizing it. The SEO course will enhance your skills, improving your career opportunities.
FAQ 7. Who should do Search Engine Optimization Course?
There is no eligibility criterion for joining the Search Engine Optimization Course. Be it students, working professionals, homemakers, retired people, new entrepreneurs, and business persons who have the willingness to learn SEO course can enrol for it. With this course, you can improve your career opportunities, start your business, or improve the sales potential of your existing digital business.
FAQ 8. How can I trust that Search Engine Optimization is the best course in the Industry?
First of all, you must know that Search Engine Optimization is a way to enhance the performance of any website by optimizing it as per the search engine guidelines. Website optimization increases the chances of ranking on the topmost position on the search engine results pages, which will then bring organic traffic to the website.
As you know that these days almost all businesses have started operating online due to better sales opportunities, all business owners need a website. Now, until it’s exposed on the search engines, no one will get to know about its presence eliminating the sales probability. Therefore, to make a website visible online, SEO is needed. In this way, it has a wider scope in the future and website owners are looking for a certified SEO expert for improving their business that makes SEO course the best in the industry.




Q 1. What is SEO? What are the kinds of SEO methods?
Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of improving the quality and amount of traffic on a website by enhancing the exposure of a website/webpage to visitors across the internet. Basically, it is the enhancement of unpaid outcomes and doesn’t include direct or paid traffic. I have learned about all the techniques of SEO during my SEO course training that is On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.
Q 2. What is Webpage SEO? Does it differ from internet SEO?
Webpage SEO is nothing but is an attempt to improve the ranking of a particular webpage on search engines whereas internet SEO is the process of optimizing the whole website. Internet SEO is much more complicated and time-taking activity than Webpage SEO.
Q 3.Is it possible to rank your website in one day?
Search Engine Optimization is something that involves a lot of research on different factors and an SEO specialist has to make several attempts to create a good SEO plan. So, it’s evident that website ranking in just one day isn’t possible. From keyword researching to image optimization and content development, it includes many elements that an SEO professional has to take care of.
Q 4. What can you intend by the expression “traffic”?
Web traffic is defined as the number of visitors who visits a web page. It is measured in “sessions” or “visits” and it the easiest way to analyse the effectiveness of online business to attract the audience. During my SEO training, I understood that website traffic is crucial for increasing brand awareness but it’s not the only way to keep up the performance of any website.
Q 5. Do you know the several methods of creating traffic to a web site?
Yes, I have learned about various methods to generate traffic for a website during my SEO course training such as:
1. By participating in relevant SEO campaigns
2. Keeping the content of the website updated
3. Ad posting
4. Adding new attributes to the websites
Q 6. Is it possible to adopt different strategies for SEO at the same time?
Yes, precisely. As SEO is an important aspect of improving the website ranking but it’s not the only approach, we can always use a combination of strategies for the best results. It’s good not to rely on just one as there are several approaches that can improve the website ranking without cutting the edge of each other.
Q 7. What can you intend by the word “Backlink”?
When any website owner gets his/her website URL linked with another high-authority website then this is called having a backlink and the process is termed as link building. Backlinks are created to improve SEO and are one of a kind off-page SEO methods. This brings relevant traffic to the website. In my SEO course, I was taught about the best ways to create backlinks that are relevant and high-quality from the SEO perspective.
Q 8. What is the importance of keywords in Search Engine Optimization?
Keywords are the phrases that visitors use to submit a search query to find any information, product, or service. These search terms hold great importance in Search Engine Optimization as they help in website ranking improvement. This is why the search engine’s guidelines for SEO include having keyword-rich content that means the content must be optimized with the right keywords. This will increase the probability of your website ranking on the top of the SERPs. I have gained a deep knowledge of keyword researching through the SEO course.
Q 9. What is link building in SEO?
Linking building is a technique in which we promote our website back links in other webpages with high domain authority. Basically, you have to look out for the websites of your same niche to make the high-quality backlinks.
Q 10. What is On-site and Off-site SEO?
On-site SEO is a collection of techniques that are implemented on the website or directly on the web pages for improving the ranking of the web pages. On the other hand, Off-site SEO includes those practices that are not directly implemented on the site rather it’s indirectly optimized through link building, blog or article submission, etc. I have been explained all the On-site and Off-site practices during SEO training.
Q 11. Why SEO is important for new websites?
Search Engine Optimization is crucial for improved visibility and searchability. The new websites need higher exposure so people get to know about their business. New online business owners face high competition as there are already other brands in the market, which are offering the same product or service to the clients. SEO is crucial for increasing brand awareness amongst the target audience.
Q 12. Do you know about the kinds of meta tags in Search Engine Optimization?
Meta tags are the short snippets of text which are used to describe the content of a page. They don’t appear on the web page itself, but just in the source code of the page.
There are four types of meta tags, including
- Description
- Meta Robots
- Meta Crucial tags
- Name tags




Quick Ways to Do SEO for WordPress Website

Most of the people prefer to get their website or blog designed using WordPress. The reason is simple- it’s easy to manage, integrated with the latest features and themes, and looks attractive. It is one such kind of content management system that can be conveniently handled by a person having negligible to no knowledge of coding and website designing.

Another interesting thing about the WordPress website is that optimization as per the SEO practices is simpler than ever. Everything can be done in a few clicks! This simply means that you don’t need to be a Search Engine Optimization expert to optimize your site for great ranking on Google. You can upgrade the SEO for your WordPress website using these five tips by ETI SEO training experts.

Improving the speed of the website

The speed of a website holds a lot of importance for several reasons. People create websites for their audience so they can get the desired content. Visitors like fast-loading sites that take 3 seconds or even less otherwise they simply move ahead and click on other websites. We are sure you don’t want this to happen. So, make sure your website loads quickly and displays content on the screen within 3 seconds.

For this, you must do the following:
Install caching plugin like WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, etc.
compress heavy images
Get hosting from a reliable hosting provider like SiteGround and HostGator
We’ll teach you all these website optimization ways practically during SEO course training in Tilak Nagar.

Making it Mobile Responsive

Mobile has overtaken PCs for a long time when it comes to online browsing. The count of mobile users will keep on increasing as there are new updates in mobile technology and voice search. So, don’t cut your edges by not optimizing your WordPress site for mobile windows. Experts at ETI in Tilak Nagar advice you to make your website mobile responsive so you can reach a greater audience.

During SEO training, you will know how to make a WordPress website appropriate for mobile users.

Removing Thin Content

The very first thing that you should understand what does it mean by thin content? Content of 300 words or even less that does not give clear value to the visitor then it’s called thin content. Such content does not have any positive impact on your site’s ranking so it makes no sense to keep unnecessary content on the website.

If you have an E-commerce website then it may be difficult for you to analyze whether your content is thin or not as most of the product descriptions fall under the 300-word limit. So, you have to be careful before taking any action in this regard.

Putting Alt text in all images

You must know the fact that image search on Google accounts for approximately 10% of the total search traffic from this search engine. Google makes use of this specific text to determine the page topic of a website so image optimization is really important for good SEO.
Putting Alt text in the images is simple and hassle-free. To get some more traffic to your WordPress website, you must do this.
Mr. Udit Khanna, the founder of the ETI SEO training Institute suggests his students to make use of the Screaming Frog tool for identifying all the images that don’t have alt text rather than manually checking each image.

Permalink Optimization

Initially, when you install WordPress, you will notice that your pages and posts have a weird URL structure. The default URL structure is not at all SEO-friendly. Therefore, it becomes necessary to change it.
The most appropriate and SEO-friendly URL structure includes the “post name”. By optimizing your permalinks according to this structure, you can easily add the title of the page/post or even keywords. The keyword-rich URLs have more chances to ranker higher than others.

We will help you learn how to change the permalinks for your WordPress site’s pages and posts during SEO training sessions in Tilak Nagar.

Site Structure Review

The website’s navigation is ultimately important from an SEO point of view. In order to rank your WordPress website on the top of Google, you must create internal links on your site. Ensure that navigation is uncomplicated and never link to more than 5-10 most significant pages.
Our experts at SEO institute in Tilak Nagar will let you know how to create internal links in your WordPress website for upgrading its ranking.

Final Verdict for WordPress Website Optimization to Increase Organic Ranking

There are also many other ways by which a WordPress site owner can improve its SEO for better ranking but these are the easiest ones. We’ll be training you on all the other ways at our SEO course training institute in Tilak Nagar. You will be able to practically implement what we teach you verbally and theoretically. Our experts will help you get a hands-on experience on SEO best practices for WordPress website.

Enrol for the Top-quality SEO Course in Tilak Nagar at ETI

We, at Expert Training Institute, are always ready to provide you with guidance in regards to the betterment of your career through our outstanding SEO course in Tilak Nagar. Enrolling in this course is too simple as you won’t have to do much apart from just following these steps:

  • Get face-to-face consultation by contacting us at 9958-98-19-38 or 9958-38-40-20.
  • Take up two free demo classes to understand our training way
  • Ask your queries to our trainer during the face-to-face interaction session
  • Convinced with everything? If yes, enrol!