What Is eCommerce Marketing? Importance of eCommerce Marketing Explained

What is E-commerce Marketing and How it Works?

E-commerce marketing is an approach of making sales by creating as well as improving the awareness about an online store’s product offerings and brand. It is nothing but an internet strategy that uses an existing E-commerce market for promoting a business’s services, brand, and product.

The same strategy of traditional marketing can be applied to E-commerce marketing as it allows business organizations to reap the benefits from those individuals who are in the mindset to buy.

E-commerce is nothing but an online shopping service. It promotes your store to potential customers through a variety of marketing channels. The strategies of E-commerce marketing are defined as the ways you can market to your customers these days. It refers to the commercial transactions which are conducted online. 

E-commerce marketing is used in many ways. Right from small companies to market giants, everyone is capitalizing on the E-commerce industry, and there is no going back from here. Online business works on the same principles as a retail store does. The whole E-commerce process works on the basis of three components. Such as;

  • Receiving Order – This is the first step where all customers place the orders through the E-commerce platform like an online portal, website, etc. and then the seller makes a note of it.
  • Processing Order Information – This is the second step where all the processing of the order is completed. Now, it is ready to deliver.
  • Shipping – This is the last step where the delivery process is carried out. Here, all the components play a vital role to deliver the orders to the customers in the given time period.

 Why is E-commerce Marketing Important?   

E-commerce Marketing is very much important for the following reasons;

  • It is more convenient – 

An online retail store is available every day, who can visit your store at all times, no matter what their schedule time might be. Nowadays, people don’t have time for offline shopping. So, almost all people choose online shopping. In this way, it is more flexible as well as convenient.

  • It gives you lots of marketing Opportunities – 

Your website is considered as one of the best marketing tools for your business. The use of Search Engine Optimization, at the time of building your site, leads to more chances of your businesses in search engines. There are a huge number of marketing techniques that can also work alongside your website such as; e-mail marketing, pay-per-click, Social Media Marketing, etc.

  • It can broaden your brand

E-commerce is the only way to expose the brand of your business organization. It can provide 24 X 7 hours services including online customer services, social media, blogs, etc. It allows you to fully expand your product ranges without having the moving locations. 

  • It is more scalable – 

As your business grows, ultimately your product range will grow. E-commerce marketing helps in developing your business for your customer requirements along with customer demand. It provides a whole range of opportunities from marketing the product to generating more sales to your business organizations. 

How E-commerce Marketing is Done?   

E-commerce Marketing is done through various channels. Some of them are described in the following points.

  • SMS Marketing – These days, SMS marketing is becoming an important tool for marketing for an individual and business organization. Previously, these were used for communication with relatives, friends, and colleagues. Nowadays, SMS marketing is important for all. 
  • Content Marketing – Content Marketing is that type of marketing, brand or business through the sharing of entertaining, insightful, educational information which will help the readers to improve the living style or lives. The information may be in different types such as in the form of a change in human behavior, or the hope of marketers, it could be in the form of the purchase decision, and so on.
  • Mobile MarketingMobile marketing is defined as the art of marketing your business to appeal to mobile device users. It provides potential customers as well as the existing customers using Smartphone with personalized. It is a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, whose ultimate aim is to reach a target audience on their tablets, Smartphone, other mobile devices, via email, MMS, websites, SMS, and social media and other apps.
  • Blogging – Blogging is the best way to share your thoughts and knowledge via a website or a blog. This is the way to share your knowledge in the format of text worldwide.

Is E-commerce Marketing a Good Career?    

Yes, E-commerce Marketing is very good for a career. And it is great for some of the following reasons;

  • E-commerce marketing might change your daily life gradually – 

This approach of E-commerce Marketing helps in promoting your brand. It also helps to start your company as well as earning money. Being smart in E-commerce is very much relevant and practical.

  • E-commerce has a wide as well as long-term global growth future – 

In the digital marketing era, online selling is well established in all over India, but there are immense growth opportunities left in emerging markets. 

  • E-commerce learns you how to think like a General Manager – 

E-commerce helps in exposing you to product marketing, profit management, cross-selling, customer service, supply chain, pricing, customer acquisition, up-selling, and many more. 

  • E-commerce gives you access to real-time results data – 

Some businesses do a lot of testing and learning which takes a long time to accumulate actionable results. It gives you the chance to do testing.

Scope of E-commerce Marketing in India: Current Scenario and Future 

E-commerce is one of the best platforms where you can buy as well as sell products through the Internet. The scope of this marketing is growing day by day. The drastic growth has increased the E-commerce business opportunities in India.

The current, as well as future opportunities of E-commerce business in India, are higher than any other country in the world. And it is because of the reason that India is the youngest country in the world, and fast-growing economy, the purchasing capability of the population increasing day by day. 

Some products that are getting a high response are such as electronic products, fashion accessories, mobile and gadgets, etc. By the payment methods as well as the policies of E-commerce Marketing, encourages the buyers to go with them. For this reason, some of the E-commerce sites are becoming very popular these days. 


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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