Best Payment Gateways (top 10 in India)

Payment Gateways are a crucial part of any ecommerce. Any ecommerce venture cannot be successful unless it is integrated with an

">effective payment gateway which promises secure transactions in a quick manner. Here is the list of best payment gateways in India that are being used:

  1. Atom: Atom in India is a trusted name in the field of online transactions. It is a Financial Technology Group Enterprise and offers more than 4000 tie-ups with companies and around 100 different payment options. It has associations with merchants from Government, utility, DTH, Entertainment and many other sectors. Atom accepts five different credit card options and more than 50 debit card options.
  1. CCavenue: It is one of the most famous payment gateways in India and one of the largest portals for online transaction in our country. There are 100 different payment options, and it accepts funds in around 27 different currencies. The user can extensively customize their payment page, and the transaction system is very user-friendly. The biggest advantage of using this gateway is that for every trade that goes bad, it sends a mail to its server which further helps in improving the system and rectifying the error. CCavenue has a timed session and analytic system for a safe transaction. It uses T+2 payment settlement policy.
  1. Citrus: It is one of the most commonly used payment gateway in India. In the recent time`s, it has acquired more than 550 merchants and set up a record by having 11,000 transactions per day. The company is backed up by Sequoia Capital. It offers many exceptional features like single-click checkout at no setup cost and less TDR charges. A matchless feature offered by Citrus is that if your transaction fails then the user will find itself on the payment page only and not on the fundamental information filling page.
  1. DirecPay: It is a TimesofMoney service branch. It offers many affordable and friendly payment options. DirecPay also offers Multi-Bank EMI option in major banks like HDFC, Citibank. This gateway work hand in hand with many SEO and PPC advertising agencies. It also uses T+2 payment settlement policy. It handles all the payment part for the online businesses and gives them the flexibility and time to focus more on their sales.
  1. PayPal: It is used mainly for cross-border transactions in our country and is a global leader for the online business transaction. It offers many unique features like one can send money to not only the companies but to anyone who holds a PayPal account all over the globe. It also provides you the largest platform for selling, that is, eBay. It accepts many different currencies and is quite flexible than other payment gateways. The only negative point is that it costs a bit more but is trustworthy and much safe than other gateways.
  1. EMVantage: The Company has a very high success rates and also one of the largest in India. It allows the merchants to sell through the Social Media websites like Facebook by converting the like button into buy button. It offers a range of payment options. There are many tools provided by the company like failure alerts, transaction alerts and many more.
  1. PayU: With fascinating and shocking satisfactory rates, it is one of the fastest growing payments in India. It has a conversion rate of 12% and it offers multiple payment options along with the 24X7 customer service facilities. PayU claims that they Go Live at the fastest rate at lower rates. Other features provided by the company are single click checkout, payment analytics, email invoicing and many more.
  1. EBS: It is one of the secured and safest payment gateways for the online transactions. EBS has a fraud management solution system. The international payments supported by Ogone, Europe’s biggest online payment agencies, and E-Wallet service that is supported by PayPal. The company has processed around 130Mn worth transactions till now.
  1. PayZippy: PayZippy, developed by the tech team of Flipkart works both on the web and mobiles. It also works like other payment gateway and cost almost same as them but the way of charging it is slightly different. It charges a bit more for the international payments and a bit more for crossing the free limit on domestic transactions.
  1. Zaakpay: Unlike other payment gateways, Zaakpay takes one time set up fees and annual maintenance cost. It works on both mobiles and web. It works through an app on different platforms like Android phones and iPhones. This portal targets at simplifying the payments in India. It has many clients online like Mobikwik, American Swan and many more


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