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5 Factors How Does Web Hosting You Choose Effect on Your SEO

5 Factors How Does Web Hosting You Choose Effect on Your SEO – When it comes to online business and its marketing, web hosting is the central and most significant piece of it. Without a web host, you can’t even have your website on the world wide web. Your website secures a place on the internet because of a web host. And it also impacts its SEO rankings.


5 Factors How Does Web Hosting You Choose Effect on Your SEO in 2019


The choice of the web host is critical. Just like the choice of your ISP is a critical one. If you choose an ISP with a lagging speed and poor performance, you know how it is going to affect all your online activities.

Although the choice of a web host does impact the SEO rankings, you don’t need to pick your web host with only SEO in mind.

Let’s see how and why a web host may impact SEO rankings. Here are the things which you should consider while choosing your web host.

Top 5 Web Hosting Factors Which Effect Your SEO

  1. Site Speed
  2. Downtime
  3. Failures in Database Connection
  4. Backups
  5. Shared Hosting Problems

Let’s elaborate on them.

Site Speed

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One of the major factors, which are officially announced by Google, is the website speed. Due to lack of knowledge and understanding, many people are trying to improve their site design without much focus on choosing the right hosting service.

Some people ignore all other factors and use huge images, redundant scripts, and different third-party elements, which further make the loading process slower. Make sure you design your site without using a lot of scripts.

 Also, choosing a fast web hosting service is essential to minimizing the loading time. It’s a good practice to have VPS hosting instead of shared hosting.


Have you ever experienced a thing worse than a website that loads at the pace of a snail? There is actually something worst. A website that doesn’t load! Like, AT ALL! Downtimes are usually related to the web host’s issues. Some common issues could be web host’s servers getting out of order or an exceeded limit of the bandwidth.

You should know that downtimes give a really bad impression on your visitors. It also affects your rankings on search engines severely. Also, if the downtime continues for days, Google will remove your site from its index altogether! And if you manage to get back online within time, your site can be marked as unreliable and flagged. This clearly affects the ranking.

Failures in Database Connection

Another common type of error message is ‘Internal Server Error’. When the users try to visit your website, it appears. It can have a number of meanings. For WordPress websites, it simply means that the database is not accessible.

In other cases, the message that appears with this error has more explanation to offer. Such as ‘Database Connection Failed’! This usually happens when many users try to access the database at the same time. That applies to viral content. A viral blog or a video. Suddenly, so many people are interested to catch them.


People seem to never think about backups. But, they are there and they are real! The possibility of encountering disasters is always there. And by a disaster we mean, losing data on your website! It can result due to a malicious attack or any other reason.

The actual catastrophe is for the website owners whatever the reason is. When data and rankings are lost completely and you have to start from scratch, for a small business owner, it’s the end. It always a highly recommended practice to keep backups of your data.

This will save you in such unfortunate scenarios. You should know that many web hosting services offer backup services too. By choosing to have one, you will have your data regularly updated. This can be your perfect solution!

Shared Hosting Problems


It is usually a rare problem but is a possibility. It can have a negative effect on the online presence of your website. When utilizing one of the shared hosting services, you are sharing your web space with different other sites.

This can lead to harming your site by the other users. Because not all of them are trusted. Therefore, it is recommended not to go for shared hosting because it will save you from spammy sites. Being linked to spammy sites means bad rankings. And you don’t want to hurt your rankings.

Last but not least, make your SEO efforts in a way that your site ranks organically.  I was amazed to see the utilities of the hackathon software page on the top when I was searching for this. Your keywords and their density are important factors to consider. So make sure the relevant keywords appear plenty of times. This will help in better ranking too. Good luck!


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