Best Ways To Generate Quality Backlinks For Your Business

Link building to generate traffic for your website is one of the most effective SEO strategies. You need organic traffic to rank high on google so be careful with the quality Backlinks you are generating. The more backlinks you get, it keeps on adding credibility to your own web.

However, with the emergence of many black SEO tactics, it has to be built with white or ethical methodologies. Otherwise, if Google finds out that there was something fishy, it might sink your rankings. And there won’t be another chance given to raise the ranking. Remember quality backlinks are not for sale. 

Why Backlinking Holds Value?

Basically getting quality backlinks is kind of certification of credibility for your site or a product you are promoting through your site. If someone is citing you it shows to Google that you are offering something trustworthy. Your site’s worth is defined by its domain authority.

It means that your domain authority is built up by your site’s links, popularity, age and credibility indications. In order to rank on the first page of Google search, you need 100,000 quality backlinks but no need to be scared. One always starts from lower ranks to raise above. So let’s discuss how to obtain quality backlinks?

Be Original and Produce Quality Content

Be ethical and don’t spin or reproduce ideas generated by others. Repetitive ideas or wordy blogs brings no value to your site. Whatever method you adopt to create quality backlinks, it’s your content that will take a lead. Low-quality content, plagiarised stuff or something offering redundant ideas will not sell your product. Be imaginative and boost creativity levels. Also, the word count of your content does matter but dragging it for the sake of increasing word limit and adding useless stuff may not convince anyone to accept it. 

Adopt a Catchy Strategy For Your Content

There are some people who are programmed not to read lengthy stuff. Or else those who hate reading so creating an infographic might help. A colorful, informative or brief piece in the form of an infographic may grab the attention of many. It would be easier to gather quality backlinks for your infographic than a traditional blog post. Publish it on your website and then request others in your niche to share your stuff on their sites.

Never Underestimate The Power of Social Media

Develop profiles on every popular social media site, try to gain followers, run it efficiently and then link it with your website. This way you are networking with a larger base of the people, especially those of your industry. You might come across a valuable contact who can be helpful in generating quality backlinks for your site. Of course, it’s not possible to build social media presence with equal effort on each and every platform of this kind.

Target the most important ones first. For instance, if your product is about fashion or travel, Instagram is best. If it’s related to news media Twitter might be more appropriate. So don’t go around wasting time on irrelevant places when you can gain more from specific targets. 

Contact Influencers

Social media influencers can be one source of advertising for you at much cheaper rates than broadcast media. They can spread the word about your website which can generate traffic thus quality backlinks eventually. But do remember to contact the ones in your own niche. If you belong to the tech industry don’t outreach those in the fashion industry. Well, known bloggers shall work too. 

Guest Blogging

When you publish a blog upon the well-reputed site, it adds to your own credibility and worth by generating expanded readership. Not only it gives you quality backlinks but also improves the reputation of your site or product. It improves the rating of your own site and might bring new social media followers. 

Broken Link Strategy

It’s one of the most interesting strategies to acquire quality backlinks. Look out for broken links, report to their webmasters and try to recommend replacements that would obviously include your own site. There is a high probability that your favor shall be returned in the form of a link. Don’t appear desperate for links though, if some refuse no need to be disappointed others will approve.

Don’t Waste Links on Spammy Sites

Make sure that site you are targeting for backlinking has high domain ranking. If you chose a lowly ranked site, creating backlink with it shall drown your own site’s ranking. Also, do keep more images as they help in SEO matters. Enhance word limit but with quality content. Find creditworthy sites for guest blogging. As when they publish your content with quality backlinks it shows google that your product is credible. 

Stay Away From Black SEO Strategies

Black hat SEO strategies can provide temporary benefit and long term damage. It uses unethical practices like stuffing keywords, cloaking or others means of deceptions to search engine. Cloaking means providing one thing for search engine and another for user. Another sneaky method is to redirect a highly authentic site to a totally irrelevant one.

Google isn’t gullible search engine to be fooled by these strategies, in fact, it finds out and penalizes strictly these suspicious sites. Another method is paid or poor quality content that again finds out. So be vigilant. 

Keep An Eye on Rivals

Try to research the backlinking strategy of your rivals and how are they generating traffic to their sites. Stalk their social media pages regularly. Look out how they are marketing their content and earning organic traffic. 

Reviews, Testimonials or Comments Are The Other Ways Around

Search for sites with high traffic rate in your niche. Give reviews for products even if they are your competitors but it can always be used for backlinking. Likewise commenting on authentic sites and blogs with your link can enhance your traffic. Content marketing is another such tool. For instance, if you work on Quora, don’t appear spammy and get blocked. Rather post on various topics including your niche and then backlink to your site in an educated and smart way. You shouldn’t seem like marketing your product though. 

Don’t Waste Your Content

If you are posting into a high ranked web domain but its totally irrelevant to your industry expertise. High chance is that you have wasted your material. Likewise using anchor text smartly is another trick. If you tried to stuff in your hyperlink forcibly it may render your content useless as well. Also, try to add your anchor text with the keyword if it looks natural. Again don’t make it appear stuffy. If your anchor text was applied on your ranked keyword its best possible situation in your content then.


SEO strategies don’t demand training or educational degrees it requires smartness and how intelligently you handle it. Even though it requires patience to build ranking for your site but eventually it’s worth the effort. 


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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