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What Is Web Hosting? Why You Need Hosting For WordPress?

If you are new into blogging then you have to understand a lot of things that are required to build a perfect WordPress blog. the most common myth in blogging is that you only need to create a blog and start earning from it. but the truth is you have to first take care of many factors which affect the growth and performance of the blog.

For creating a successful blog, the most important things are web hosting. those who don’t know what is a web hosting, then I am here to tell you. A web hosting is a computer with high storage and computing power. It is also called as servers. a server is responsible for keeping the website live on the internet.

Web hosting is the service to build your WordPress website. you have to pay for the hosting on a monthly subscription.

Now, the most important thing you need to understand.if you want to build a successful website then choose the right web hosting. the web hosting is like the pillar of the blog and it needs to be of the best quality so that the blog can stay strong.

Why You Need Hosting For WordPress?

Why it is necessary to buy hosting for WordPress? you have to buy a WordPress hosting because every hosting companies and plans vary in the hosting plan and compatibility. for getting the best results from a blog, you need a suitable web hosting that can fulfill all the requirements.

E-commerce needs different web hosting while a simple blog needs another web hosting. so just like that WordPress needs a different web hosting to run effectively. A WordPress hosting is designed to provide minimal and sufficient resources along with many feathers. These features will help the WordPress blog to grow and increase performance.

Why Choose A Right Web Hosting?

It is very important to select the right web hosting for WordPress. on the internet, you can find hundreds of WordPress hosting but most of them are not genuine and provide low service.

In the beginning, most of the bloggers try to save money on expensive web hosting, by using cheap and free hosting. but the don’t know that it will only waste their efforts and steps to get success.

In some time, they will start noticing that their blog is not online all the time. the blog is getting frequently unavailable for a long time. it is call server uptime. when choosing the right web hosting the server uptime should be of 99.99%. so that there will be no probability of getting down.

So, do to cheap quality services and getting stuck in the same place, it is recommended to choose the right and best web hosting to get the optimal results. every professional blogger will give the first advice to get the best web hosting for your WordPress blog. it is because they have a lot of experience and they have tried many webs hosting throughout their blogging journey.

Cloudways Hosting For WordPress


Cloudways is managed cloud hosting. it is one of the best web hosting for WordPress. They have been providing services for many years and is considered as the best web hosting. Cloudways is a premium web hosting that comes at an affordable price. the hosting plan is scalable and is compatible with all kind of platforms like WordPress, Joomla, woo-commerce.

Cloudways uses CDN system to boost the data transfer speed between server and users. the CloudwaysCDN system allows the user to access the blog data with lightning-fast speed from any part of the world.

Cloudways is loaded with a bunch of features and services that are very beneficial for building an attractive website. Cloudways assures that the blog will never become slow. Because they implemented SSD storage drives on their servers. this makes the processing speed increase up to three times.

Now, let’s get deep into the Cloudways hosting features for WordPress.

Cloudways Hosting Key Features

1. SSD drives

It is very rare that a web hosting implements SSD drives and also providing it at an affordable price. this is the uniqueness of the Cloudways. they have promised to provide high-quality service for everyone.

SSD drives are used to boost the processing power and performance of the device. Cloudways uses it for the server so that the servers can work three times faster.

2. Free SSL

Cloudways provides free SSL certificate with every web hosting plans. the SSL certificate is used to verify if the data is being sent safely to the server or not. It is important to get because google has said it. Google search algorithm gives higher priority to the website which has SSL.

3. Free Site Migration

A migration fee is charged when you need to move your website from one hosting to others. But when you want to move to the Cloudways hosting then you don’t have to pay any charge. The migration process is free for those who are moving to Cloudways.

You only have to tell the migration team and they will start the moving process. they will move all your data blog safely to the Cloudways servers.

4. Cache Plugin For WordPress

A WordPress plugin called “Breeze” it is offered completely free with the Cloudways hosting. the plugin is offered pre-installed. The cache plugin will help you to make the WordPress blog run faster.

In the cache plugin, all the required data will get stored, so that user can enjoy blazing-fast page loading.

5. One-Click WordPress Install

Cloudways offers a quick WordPress installer. The installer installs the WordPress within a few seconds and then the user can start managing or editing their website content. the WordPress installer is very helpful for those who want to use WordPress as their content management tool.

Final Words On Cloudways For WordPress

We have tried and test Cloudway for WordPress and we can say that it provides great services. Cloudways is the most compatible web hosting for WordPress blogs.so if you are serious about starting a WordPress business then start using Cloudways.



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