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YouTube Marketing Strategy: 22 Actionable Tips That Really work in 2018

youtube marketing strategy

There are thousands of people who prefer to watch videos online rather than browsing any other channel. And to make your presence felt, YouTube is the perfect platform to promote your YouTube channel. If you want to rise above the noise of millions of people, then what are you waiting for? Know some YouTube marketing strategy and tips and stay ahead of the competitors. YouTube channels show interesting, educational and motivational content for the viewers. Being the powerful tool, it is booming and the study says that 80% of the traffic will be coming through videos by 2019.

Most people take YouTube as someSEO opportunity but this has come out spectacularly over the past few years with new opportunities for folks. The best part is YouTube enables marketers to show content in an amazing way that is easy for readers to share. As we all know video content is in demand and updating your own content while using genuine language can entice new generations. Though reaching to the front page of YouTube is not easy, understanding these useful YouTube marketing strategy and tips canincrease your ranking position and you will come within reach of the audience that is more important than before.

Be genuine to your audience

As more and more content taking over the internet, you need to be catchy and informative so that viewer shouldn’t ignore you. Andbuilding the audience doesn’t happen in a night. A lot of passion and dedication goes in to create ahigh-quality content. So, before writing anything, ask yourself what you are best at that can grab the eyeballs. When you speak about your passion and hobbies, you come out genuine. Then start reaching out to the audience you wish to contact. You have to socialize like any other social media platform.

 Optimize Tube content 

If you are not using YouTubeSEO optimization tips, you are missing out a lot on traffic. There are oodles of viewers who rather watch a video than read about it. Like any other content, this should be optimized so that users can easily come across through YouTube itself. There are some youtube marketing tips that can be used tooptimize your videos for YouTube.


youtube marketing strategy

When someone searches for videos, what matters the most is the attractive title, attracting the attention of the people. The title determines whether or not a customer will like your video content. So, it has to be catchy enough that works well for the video title. Research says that high-rank keyword in your titlegets more traffic to your page. Ensure your title is not weak and short.


youtube marketing tips

Your description should not go beyond 1000 characters. The viewers have come to see the video not read about your product.  If you choose to write endless stories, YouTube will only show the two-three lines. After that, they have to click on read more to further complete the information.

Great sound

The sound of your video is more important than your video. If there is any doubt, you can go see yourself at the comments. You can see the professional YouTube makers for your references. Your viewer is king so take a moment on a great sound video content looks like.


youtube marketing strategy

You probably know the importance of keywords and YouTube marketing strategy and tips. These are important to online visual content. Because of this, you can rank in the top searches of Google. Ensure your target comes in the title to boost visibility. It is the most vital thing that can get a huge amount of crowd and clicks.


youtube marketing tips

You must have heard that don’t judge the book by its cover. Thumbnails can either give you a good impression or bad one.  A superb custom video thumbnail can create a difference and enables viewers to have the control of doing what they want to see. You can also choose one of the thumbnails options by YouTube.  Don’t choose a thumbnail that can confuse your audience. It should represent the content of your video content.

Make your video short

Your video shouldn’t be long as the average video drops after 2 minutes.  Make it short and crisp, otherwise, you won’t be close to the first page of YouTube with a lengthy video. Use the introduction to present the topic during the first few seconds, moving ahead with solutions to end the video in a minimum stipulated time period. You can also give reasons why folks should go for these services or products among others.

Do homework

The best thing to start anything is to do research, how your competitors are carrying out in the market and how can you stand out from them.  Before you publish your content, start looking out what is trending in the same industry you are in and what steps can be taken for the betterment of your business. Once you have a good hang of your business, you are definitely going to succeed.

Create a channel layout

 Rank on first pages of YouTube is everyone’s target but how to pull it off needs a better understanding of YouTube marketing strategy and tips. You should know how to upload a picture, cover photo and steps to make your video live for the millions of people out there. To have a great layout, you should address about you and types of videos you have. If it’s on SEO, then the audience will learn about topics related to it organized in various categories. This makes it easy for the world to know what sort of content you have and what information they can fetch out of them as per their requirements.

 Connect with people by telling your story

YouTube is a powerful platform to tell your story. This way theyget more engaged with your videos and definitely seek new videos. When done in a proper way can lead to more connections. Moreover, a genuine content builds a bond and bring back the potential customer again and again. Your brand should be interesting for the people to gain engagement of the people. Another factor you can add to your video is a good sound, visuals, and informative content.

Put up a quality video

If youwant to beat the competition and stay on the top of the competition, Put up a quality video which will bring you one step closer towards YouTube’s front page. You can take a help of video production company and some amazing YouTube marketing tips that can aid you to make a video as per your expectations.  People don’t bother to look at crappy videos rather look for a high-quality video has good views. Never forget that these marketing videos are going to be visited by your audience and some reputed firms.

Use long tail keywords

It is indeed a fight to get on the first pages of YouTube. But by using long-tail keywords you can drive traffic in a perfect way.  This has longer phrases with your keywords stuffed in, helping your video to rank under that keyword. You can use these keywords in descriptions, titles, tags, etc.

 Emphasize on audience retention

If you see people are closing your videos within 10 seconds, this is a serious problem and you need to consider some interesting videos to get their attention. Your title should be catchy to attract someone in the first place. Then video content which must show how focused you are on your topic. This will show how better your content is among others. 

Call to action in the video

youtube marketing strategy

After spending some time on SEO understanding, it’s time to take an action that will give actual marketing results. This button can catch the eyeballs andmake your video stand out from the crowd. You can place thecall to action, in the beginning, middle or end. But placing at the end of the video content can be helpful. If it’s clicked by the viewer, then that means he/she is interested in your content.  One can customize their CTA’s depending on the platform. Don’t use the same Call to action on every video. YouTube proffers three superb features like overlays, cards and end screens to decide for your marketing goal.

Team up for greater views

YouTube SEO optimization tips

If you are a travel brand, focus on collaborating with others in your niche. Find top channels in your domain and feature them on your channel and check if they can do the same. This will not only give you exposure but expand your target audience matching your audience profile. You can even team up with influences and request them to add videos around your playlist.

Content buckets

youtube marketing strategy

YouTube is a platform where you can send your message to the world and in return attract enormous traffic. Pick your favorite area where you can believe deliver true content to the audience. For example, if you are selling clothes and you are using YouTube to send more clothes. Then you need to educate folks on the same and tell them why your clothes are good in quality than others. After this, you can direct people to where they can get them. Once you start getting good reviews, you will see putting up quality video fulfilling your YouTube market strategy. So, know you have a new list of content buckets and you easily know what can make well.

Build the customer journey

 If you are new on YouTube and are thinking to build a following, your viewers will come across you through search. So, start with a youtube marketing strategy of who is your target audience and what keywords you going to use to rank on Google and YouTube. The aim is to think about the main path for your consumer is. If you want your audience to follow you, start creating interesting topics they are actually looking for. The best thing is to find out entertaining video content with keywords.

 Content cadence

 You can’t build a loyal customer until you are consistent. Plus, posting quality video content is a right investment. Get into posting the right video content or don’t carry it out at all. The set tone from the beginning as the first impression is the last impression. Make your introduction engaging then decide what type of content you will be posting for the audience. Don’t put videos every day than later on a routine of posting once every month.

Use unconventional video

People don’t like boring video and if it is followed the same way end up losing interest. They might spend few seconds but hold your audience for longer is only possible with the original and informative story. You must have seen video content, which left you puzzled about the organization. If you don’t want this to happen, use video that relates directly to your products or services. Come up with fantastic ideas, successful content and then promote your product.

 Add subtitles

youtube marketing strategy

This is important to pay attention. Adding subtitles is one of the best trends to drive traffic to your video content. If people can’t listen due to any reason, at least they can read the subtitles anywhere. This option works for most people in public while watching on phone with no sound. So, considering this option will be the best solution for you.

Don’t increase the time

 Unnecessarily increasing the length of the video wouldn’t work. Nobody prefers a long video content until some interesting topic or good reviews are there. A 40-second video ranks better than a few minutes. The key to engaging people is by posting video your audience wants to see. So, don’t get fooled by increasing the watch time. The online platform is the place where you can build a large fan base if right Youtube marketing strategy and tips are being used.

A great source of entertainment, YouTube is increasingly important for enabling the business to promote the content. It is indeed the most effective way to connect with people and famous channels to boost your own credibility by picking the best YouTube marketing tips. All you have to reach out to the



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