How To Increase Facebook Post Engagement Rate In 2019

In recent years, Social media marketing has influenced the business more than ever, especially for small business firms. There are many social media platforms that allow these businesses to put their ads by charging a few bucks.

These ads can be very useful for attracting customers by clicking on their respective ads, Which can reflect positively on their sales and businesses and for more sale, you have to choose the right time to post on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Facebook: Perfect Social Media Platform For Business

Facebook is another social media platform and it has over 2.5 billion active users worldwide, that is the most by any other application and platform and is way ahead of any other social media, which doesn’t seem to surpassed by any other platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.

Advertising your products and services in such a platform which holds the capability to reach the maximum number of people would be of great use as it can also create brand awareness among the community or group of people around the globe and also drive enormous traffic to your website from where you can carry out your exchange of services.

There are more than 40 million small businesses that seek the help of Facebook to create brand awareness and drive traffic to their respective websites.

How to Increase Facebook Post Engagements?

Every organization would wish that their product reaches to maximum engagements such that more people are concerned about it. Although the Algorithm of Facebook limits this to the very low number, that doesn’t mean everything is over here it can be increased up to a certain limit by considering the following points.

1. Get Connected With Other Pages

Reaching out to more people does not only means to engaging people who comment on your post but also including those people who are present at other pages of the same niche.

Prepare a list of Pages who belong to the same niche and visit one by one, like and comment on their posts using the page’s ID.

Don’t forget to add humorous content to your comment that makes your comment different from others and also in a respective manner which must support the motion of the post. 

Making a bad joke or comment can also result in a ban, from that page.

2. Always Use Influencing Images

Images have always been very influencing over the texts. To make a strong post which is aimed to reach maximum people, it must contain strong images that describe the brief essence of the post.

Using images that make eye contact with the audience can make the post more effective and also the post must contain the image of the product/service you are selling/offering.

It is strictly recommended to use premium stock images as it brings professionalism to your work at a very reasonable cost.

3. Optimize The Content

Just like optimizing your article before making it post on your website, it is recommended to optimize your content for SEO before doing so on Facebook.

  • Add Keywords that are relevant to your niche and business. By doing so, not only helps your brand to identified while searching through Facebook but also helps you to rank higher in search engine results.
  • Copy the code of top performing post from your Page and embed it to your website. Any visitor to your website will click on it to know more about it and also eventually like your page too. This can also work better if performed on many websites of the same niche. 

4. Share Personal Opinions and Daily Lifestyle

Facebook is all about sharing emotions, joy, love, and compassion with friends and families. The same goes for pages as communication requires both to exchange their thoughts and opinions.

But that doesn’t lead you to give a diplomatic or political biased opinion which often leads makes a certain community offensive.

Just like other celebrities, actors and actresses share your daily work by sharing a flash on your stories in the form of images and videos. Going live on Facebook is also another great option to meet new people and make new friends that can support and boost your business.

Sharing your daily lifestyle not only makes your followers feel more good about your personality but also lets them know more about you, your friend’s families and the products you use in your lifestyle.

5. Add Humor to Your Content 

Adding humor in your content is a modern way to boost your post reach. Humour is the only thing that people search for in social applications to share with their friends. 

It is not very hard to relate your business with the latest humor/meme trend. All it needs is a perfect social media team which shares the latest content with their product. If all goes well and the content is humorous then it can go viral in no time.

Such contents don’t even require any investment to reach out to more people. All it needs a firm fanbase that having a good sense of humor and is capable of sharing your content and make it viral in no time.

There are many pages that have built a great fanbase and reach out to their audience by promoting their content with the latest humor trend.


Making out a small business successful using social media is not a big and expensive task, all it requires is time and dedication to work to reach out to the huge audience by increasing post engagements implying few bucks.

Sometimes, it requires an extraordinary brain to increase your page likes, so that it reaches more people like reaching out to other pages and sharing positive views and concerns about their post along with making SEO optimized posts that make your brand go up in results of search engine and Facebook also. 

Making your content richer by adding humor to your post with the latest trend and your niche can also be a great way of inviting free likes to your page.

There are many successful pages which enjoy great fanbase due to their amazing Facebook managing staff. It is a very easy way to outshine your competitors and make your brand more known to the people out there.

Naveen Kumar (Guest)

Naveen is the marketing head at MightyThemes by profession and a blogger by passion. He loves to write about WordPress, Joomla, Digital Marketing and Blogging. Apart from this, in his spare time, he loves to play games, watch Netflix and do product research. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter