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Chumbak Success Strategy- Case Study

Chumbak is an designing company that plans alluring items taking motivation from India. Vivek Prabhakar and Shubhra Chadda began chumbak in 2010.They sold their home to encourage the underlying capital for Chumbak offering icebox magnets. The originators fulfilled that rich and created items with a touch of Indinaness could just catch on with the young of India. Chumbak has now ended up being an exceptionally mainstream substance both disconnected from the net and in online stores.

Business Approach

Vivek began to market online unique refrigerator magnets with an Indian touch to it. It became a enormous success and he expanded his smart Indian based design concept and was able to get his hands dirty and this is often why he has been therefore prosperous with Chumbak business. The success of the business conjointly need to be attributable the strong team that the founders were able to build around them. Investing their own money into the business made the founders of Chumbak to work harder with dedication and passion as they had put everything online to see their business succeed. Communication with the customers is addtionally key to the success of a business.

Business Strategy Adopted

Online promoting now plays a vital role in establishing businesses and offers them the advantage of having the ability to run favourably alongside their large counterparts. Chumbak has been active in online promoting through digital media and pro-social media & it engages with its followers & consumers across social networks.

Chumbak opted Facebook as a lead medium to reach its target audience. Chumbak also adopted strategies like Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM) for promotion of its brand & products. The brand blog is always active on twitter, Instagram & youtube. Chumbak prefers a ‘digital way’ marketing budget with the bulk of it spent on Facebook, Google AdWords, display and search ads apart from photos and videos for Instagram.

Each channel including the brand website showcase the brand philosophy #MakeHappy even while retaining their distinct role in the content strategy and overall brand communication.

As Founder Vivek Prabhakar mentioned in an earlier article to the media, Facebook talks about the products and new arrivals in the product range. Twitter engages with influencers and is used to make periodic announcements. The brand blog and Instagram are high on engagement and feature content that ties in with the brands’ philosophy of creating happy experiences for customers. On Instagram, Chumbak has cultivated a robust close knit community. User generated content with merchandise of Chumbak is encouraged of fans. The profile focuses on creating happy experiences for the community in keeping with the #MakeHappy brand philosophy and thus posts on food, travel etc and even Hugo, the Chumbak Dog are regular content fare. Videos, picture sharing and contests too have worked well and will continue to drive engagement on this channel.

As per the report published in 2015, Chumbak spent approx. Rs.15-20 lakh on Facebook during the year via promoted posts, ads in the News Feed section as well as mobile ads and generates 35% of its online revenue and 38% of its website traffic are through Facebook.

Chumbak has over 474,000 fans on Facebook with 1 lakh engagements in 2015 and has 66,000 followers on Instagram . The brand on Twitter is growing – the brand trended 5 times in 2015. The videos on YoutTube for the festivals and campaigns generated high viewership. The stores across Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Pune and other cities received over 3.9 lakh footfalls last year. The Chumbak loyalty program boasts of 1.3 lakh customers.

The brand is aggressively entering new product categories, expanding footprint and is eyeing annual revenues of Rs 400 crore in the next three to four years.


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