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Success of BMW with Digital Launch of 2 series- Case Study

BMW 2 Series

Bayerische Motoren Werke is one of the top 3 luxury car manufacturers in world established in 1916. The Group which incorporates the Rolls Royce and Mini brands has history crossing 100 Years and has constructed an incredible Legacy in the Automotive space. The Logo of BMW speaks to the turning cutting edges of a propeller highlighting its adventure through 2 world wars being a plane motor producer to a regarded Luxury Car creator. Aside from Cars BMW likewise makes Motorcycle under the Motorrad vertical.BMW is additionally a dynamic member in motor sports since 1970s. BMW has more than 2.2mn clients sponsored by a strong 1.22 Lakh workers. BMW presently has generation crosswise over 14 nations. Having finished 100 years, BMW is outfitting with a forceful methodology focussed on manageable travel for the following 100 years. Advancement prompting Joy has been the center thought behind their correspondences procedure over the past Decade or so.

Objectives Digital Campaign

BMW planned an aggressive methodology by requesting that the gathering of people demonstrate that they are deserving of owning the 2 series coupe and get the chance to drive it for a year. This would require the gathering of people to take an interest in a progression of difficulties online and showcase their value of owning the BMW 2 Series Coupe. The team created a virtual Key for the people that tested them consistently on their Knowledge of the car and also different decision questions went for the attitudinal parts of the members exhibiting the qualities appended with the 2 series coupe. A key that would give them access to the universe of the New BMW 2 Series Coupe.

With a digital campaign the team at BMW Facebook shared content and redesigns about the car’s exceptional components along with upgrades about participants and their views. The group further utilized their YouTube channel to aggressively push the performance capacities and components of the Car. The BMW team generated Organic traffic through Search Engine Optimization with various online publishers to generate reach with audience. The team motivated customers towards downloading the multi platform APP and participating in the challenges. Users were engaged through content and waited after completing the weekly challenges to get live calls from Radio stations to tell them if they had been selected as finalists to compete and win the 2 Series Coupe for a year.


Campaign was a great success with more than 22 thousand downloads within the 1st week. By the end of 1st week 72% customers completed their challenges. By the 3rd week the App was among the top 5 list in Apple Appstore. The campaign reach was more than 7.5 lakh customers


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