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Launch And Grow Your YouTube Videos In 14 Days

If you know why YouTube is the best platform to market business videos, you’ll certainly be interested in knowing how you could take advantage of this platform. YouTube gets more than 4 billion views daily and it reaches more 18 to 49 years old viewers than any other cable network in US.

Videos are made in HD and businesses now own high-end videography equipment like lighting umbrellas and they don’t settle for anything less than perfect. These reasons show that it is quite difficult for one to establish his business on YouTube. How could one make an impression on YouTube with so many professionals out there?

This article will show you how.

Day 1

Do a competitive analysis

Analyzing what your competitors are doing could be helpful in understanding what works for the business you’re doing and what doesn’t. Since your competitors have similar audiences and goals, they can teach you many things about your business.

Check out competitor YouTube channels and see type of content uploaded. Also look at the number of views and level of engagement (likes, comments and shares). Y1ou’ll get ideas on what viewers like and how to create engaging videos.

Day 2-3

Create a content strategy

Once you’ve an idea on who your targeted audiences are and what they like most, it’s time to plan a content marketing strategy for YouTube. And the major components of your strategy are:

  1. Goals – If you want to drive traffic to your site then you should include CTA in the description and also provide link to your site in the description box.
  1. Content type – Determine the type of videos your audiences like most. For instance the videos could be about product demonstration, testimonials and how-to.
  1. A publishing schedule – It’s important you make a schedule for publishing videos and stick to it. Your audiences would know what to expect and when to expect. They’ll wait for the content.

Day 4

Set up your YouTube channel

Now you know what your goal is and how to achieve the goa. The time has come when you should setup your channel. Here is the step-by-step guide on setting up a channel.

Upload existing videos

YouTube is a video hosting platform and you’re launching a new channel. Keep your videos ready to be launched and open your channel in the following steps.

  1. Sign into your YouTube account
  2. Find the video upload button on top right of the screen and click on the upload button
  3. Select a video to upload. Here you can prioritize the videos according to your needs
  4. Enter video details like title, description and tags while it is being uploaded in the YouTube
  5. Click Publish to complete uploading the video for public

Now you’ve your content on YouTube. It could be a humble beginning to a bright future on the web.

Day 5-8

Create and publish new content

There are various ways to create content. For instance, you can follow the trend of creating short videos as it is more popular than long videos and many channels use short-length videos of professional quality. But it doesn’t mean that you should blindly follow the trends as the content strategy should be formed while keeping your needs in mind.

The best content strategy is one that interests audiences and also helps in achieving the marketing goals. Depending on interest of your audiences and goals, it isn’t necessary that your videos should be of a particular length or professionally produced. Keep your needs in mind as you’ll need creating more videos to keep your channel running.

Day 9-13

Grow your audience

Try expanding your reach to targeted audiences. Considering the high level competition on the YouTube, you might take some time in growing your audiences but if you effort in right direction, you’ll certainly get benefits.

Post helpful quality videos – Keep your content unique and focus more on quality. The videos should engage the viewers while conveying the marketing message.

Pay close attention to video titles and descriptions – Title attracts and description interests viewers. Visitors will determine usefulness of your videos from their titles and descriptions hence the titles should be clear and descriptions understandable.

Include a CTA – YouTube has built-in features that will help you add CTA to your videos. For instance, you can add a CTA button to the video or guide the audiences regarding the next step.

Stick to a schedule – Never miss a deadline as it will affect your reliability. Your audiences expect you to publish the videos as promised.

Analyze your audience – After launching the channel and getting viewers, see who the viewers are. Here you can take advantage of YouTube Analytics that can provide a wealth of data regarding your viewers. The analytics will give details like gender, age and location of your audiences.

You need keep working to grow your audiences as success of your business depends on popularity of the videos.

Day 14

Promote your YouTube videos and channel

Videos need to be optimized and promoted like websites. It is a constant process that keeps going on and on. Video SEO could be a great help for highlighting your videos but you should also try driving viewers from social sites like tweets and posts. Why not make a tweet and FB post prior to launch of a video. Similarly a teaser of the video can be shared on Instagram to prepare ground for launching the video.

Finally, you should keep in mind that like any other platform, getting started on YouTube and getting popularity could take some time.


Video marketing isn’t a new thing but it has caught attention of marketers and viewers. While some products can be best promoted with videos, other businesses can also explore opportunities on YouTube. Videos can be created with mobiles and also you can hire professionals for creating HD marketing videos. But you should keep need of your audiences and marketing goal in mind while creating videos. Also keep the other factors like title and description in mind while uploading videos on YouTube.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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